How To Apply A Button To Open Another Workbook In Excel

hello everyone welcome to excel 10
tutorial in this tutorial I will show you how to apply a button to open
another workbook in Excel this is an advanced tutorial and I will use Excel
VBA to solve this problem remember I am using Excel 2010 for this demonstration
let’s get started take a look at here this is the workbook I am working on and
I want to open this workbook from this one I want a button here and
when I click that I want it to open this workbook okay let’s get it started first
let’s insert a button let’s click on insert and click on shape no this is the
button, lets add text to it okay this is my button you can design it
according to your need this is just a symbol okay
I want it like this when I click here it will open the workbook which is this one
okay so I have the button now I am going to add the visual basic code so click on
developer click visual basic click insert and then module now you write the
code which is I have already written and you will get this quote from the comment
section just copy it from there I’m simply copying it and paste it here now
take a look at here this is where you will need to write the file path okay
the file you want to open just that file path in here so this is the file I want
to open this get the file path by clicking here copy it and paste here, add
the file name which is the remember okay okay so its done lets click save and click yes right click on the button you designed
and click on assign macro now double click on that so it’s done and you can
see I can click this button let’s see what if I click this part let’s click it
see I click that button and I just open the workbook and I get a dialog box with
“this workbook is open” ok so it’s done I have successfully apply the button to
open another workbook it’s real easy and thanks for watching if this video was
helpful give it a thumbs up if you need any now with Microsoft Excel you can ask
me in the channel discussion section share this video with your friends and
please do subscribe it means everything to me this is Kazi signing out from
Excel 10 tutorial thank you

12 thoughts on “How To Apply A Button To Open Another Workbook In Excel

  1. Siddeek from KSA, Please help me in this movement so this will help for many of them. I hope In Excel VBA can do that when ever opening excel application there has to open user form that user form consist Name ID No and login time while finishing work logout time has to enter automatically in a specific folder. further all the details should be hidden only allowed to see supervisor and that folder has to consist a password as well and the sheet has to be veiled I hope you won't distinguish this request Thank and God bless you Siddeek

  2. Thanks for your response, because this project would be helpful for me carry out my work and it will help many establishedment. please show your I begged many of them no body extend the hand
    Thanks and God bless you

  3. Can I open a specific workbooks by writing filename in a textbox and open it in a new window by pressing a command button?

    If you have solution please share with me.

    All of your videos have inspired me to learn ExCeL. Thanks a lot and waiting for your answer

  4. Hi Liked your video but its not quite what I am after.
    I have a user form with 12 buttons on it and I trying to attach a diffferent workbook to each button. Have trolled through countless videos but none of them put me on the right track to discover how ii moght achieve this. Andrew

  5. dear i have an error , when i assign the module code the result is opening the desktop file not the workbook assigned !
    why ?

  6. hi . I have form and am trying to open another workbook but when the workbook opened I can't use it without closing the form . can you support me in this please

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