How to Apply to UC Riverside

– You’ve come to the right place. – You’ve made an excellent choice to apply to UC Riverside or another UC. The first step to applying is to complete the UC application. – Did you know that the
single application you submit, will be sent to all of the UCs you select. One application works for all campuses, so make sure that you
complete all parts of the app before submitting it. – And don’t wait until the last minute to start your application. – Let’s walk through the
process one step at a time. It’s not hard, but you
do have to make sure you complete everything. – [Group] Here’s how to
apply to UC Riverside. Go Highlanders! – [Richard] In order to apply to University of California campuses, you need to create an account at As we guide you on the general
steps of this application, remember, read all the
directions carefully. Hello, Dad? Can you send me some family information I need for my UC application? Like the family income,
first generation status, and your job information? Thank you, love you, bye. Before we get started,
you should have your high school or community
college transcripts, test scores, and even your parent to help fill out some family information. You’ll need to enter and report everything as part of the application process. Feel free to pause this video
as you prepare everything. I’ll still be here. (upbeat music) (knocking) (snapping) – Ready?
Let’s get started. – [Richard] Once you have
created your account, select which term you are applying for. Is it a Fall admission
or a Winter admission? Then, choose whether you
are a high school student or a transfer student. A transfer student is any student who has enrolled in a regular session at a college or university the summer after high school graduation. – [Chelsea] For the About You page, we’re asking for basic information such as your full legal
name, your birthdate, and where you were born. – Next is your home and mailing address, your country of citizenship,
and if you have one, your social security number. Your social security number will be used to match your UC Riverside application with the information you
shared on your FAFSA, so make sure it’s entered correctly. UC Riverside welcomes students of all backgrounds and nationalities. Our diversity is one of
many things we are proud of. Just ask any Highlander. – It’s true. (upbeat music) – [Richard] For the rest
of the demographic section, we need additional information
about you and your family. If you are unsure, ask them for help. – And once you arrive at the About You Review page, make sure all the information is correct. Now here’s the fun part. This is where you get to pick and choose your prospective campus and major. With so many welcoming students, amazing faculty, and a wealth
of resources at your hand, there’s no reason why
anybody wouldn’t wanna be a Highlander. The diagram shows all of the University of California campuses. UC Riverside is located
in Southern California between Los Angeles and Palm Springs. When applying to UC Riverside, you need to pick your first choice major. If you’re an incoming freshman, I know it may seem daunting. Take time to figure out
what major you wanna pursue. You can even choose undeclared for now. If you are a transfer student, pick the major you are currently pursuing. You also need to pick your
alternate choice major. If you’re accepted as a freshman, but your first choice isn’t available, you can be offered the alternative. (upbeat music) – I see the hard work
you’ve been putting in, and now those sleepless
nights are gonna pay off. – Now that you’re here at
the Academic History page, it’s a great time to pull out
those academic transcripts. – Please be careful though. Like every other section
of this application, make sure all your
information is accurate. If there is a mistake, it may
jeopardize your application. – [Chelsea] At this stage
we’re asking for everything. If you’re an incoming freshman, we need your high school grades and even college courses you’ve
taken while in high school. If you’re a transfer student, we need information
regarding college courses that you’ve taken. All the relevant information
you have, enter it here. – [Richard] If there is
anything else you’d like to add, go ahead and put it in this box. – [Chelsea] We also need your ACT, SAT, AP, and IB test scores. If you were taught in a
language other than English, we also accept TOEFL and IELTS scores. – Now it’s time to tell us
what you’ve accomplished outside of the classroom. This is where you can tell us about your extracurricular activities, including your work experience
and community service. Plus, any awards you may have received. But remember, quality over quantity. Within the UC application,
you can also apply to receive scholarships
based on your major, interests, and background. Choose whichever that
are appropriate for you. – You’re almost finished
with your application. Now, do some stretches before
starting the final step, the personal insight questions,
or the PIQs for short. – UC requires that you answer four personal insight questions to give us a detailed picture of the unique individual that is you. More than numbers and grades, we wanna see who you are. – [Chelsea] You’ll see that there are eight prompts given here. Take a breather and carefully
read through each of them to see which ones apply best to you. Remember, your responses should be between 250 and 350 words. – [Richard] One tip is
to use a writing program like Google Docs or Microsoft
Word to perfect your answers. Once they are ready, copy and paste them into your application. – This is another section
where you can fill us in with additional information about you, but you couldn’t find
the right place to add. Read the directions carefully. Do not use this space for your PIQs. Use the space to highlight
anything important about you that you weren’t able
to mention previously. – And I know you love UCR
and want to come here badly, but remember that other UCs you apply to will be reading your PIQs. Just be kind. – Were you able to best
reflect what makes you, you, on the application? – For the last time, go back and review every part of your application. Once you’re confident that it looks good, just submit it. – And then give yourself a pat on the back for completing your UC
Riverside application. It wasn’t easy, but you did it. We hope we get to see you on campus soon. – [Group] Go Highlanders!

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