How to Change Your Home WiFi Password | Rogers Internet

Here’s how to change or reset your home
Wi-Fi password in no time. First, connect a computer tablet or
smartphone to your internet modem wirelessly over Wi-Fi, or by using an
Ethernet cable. Then, open a web browser, type “” into the address bar
and hit “Enter.” Type in “cusadmin” as the default username. Enter “password” as the
default, or enter your current Wi-Fi password.
Once logged into the Modem Settings, select “Wireless” from the top menu and
click on the Basic Settings tab. Look on the right to find your current
Wi-Fi password for each of your home Wi-Fi networks. To change your Wi-Fi password, enter the
new password in the field marked “Password.” Keep it strong by using at
least 8 characters with a mix of upper- and lowercase letters, numbers and
symbols. Then select “Save Changes.” If you happen to get disconnected after you
save, just reconnect to your home Wi-Fi network using your new password. If you
still see the Modem Settings menu, click the triangle next to your username at
the top right corner and select “Logout.” If you’re connected to your modem using
an Ethernet cable, disconnect it so that you can now test your Wi-Fi connectivity.
Connect to your Wi-Fi network using your new Wi-Fi password.
And once your online, visit a few different websites to make sure
everything is working well. Don’t forget to update the Wi-Fi settings on all your
home electronics. Thanks for watching!

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