How to Connect Your SmartPhone to Internet Only Using WiFi

i’m mike welcome to the smartphone without data plan online tutorial
In this episode, we’ll be connecting to the internet from a coffee shop with a smartphone
equipped with wifi
No dataplan is used, only the wifi from the phone.
So let’s get started.
you can now see the home screen of my smartphone
a Nokia E71
Even though you may not
own a this particuar smartphone, the concept remains the same. the The first step is to detect the WiFi signal. So in my case, I need to
Press the menu buttom Select
the connectivity folder
Select the WLAN Wizard
no we can finally see all the available hotspots
I’ll choose the first hotspot- since it displays the coffee shop’s logo and it is an
connection connections which are password-protected usually display a lock picture
next to the connection
We’re in!

All that remains is to type in your desired URL.
Keep in mind that if you use a public hotspot you will often be required to agree to the terms and service of use policy.

After you agree- surfs up! Thank you for viewing the online tutorial about connecting to the net with your smartphone
with no data plan required Please check out the website for more tips about using
using smartphone features, such as GPS, email and mapping – without paying for an expensive

data plan

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