How to get an ABSOLUTELY FREE FAST VPN for any device (2018) (Android, iPhone, Windows)

looking for a fast free VPN today's your lucky day keep watching hello people today I'm bringing you an absolutely free VPN service for any device if you use the link in the description you'll get extra quota for every month so make sure to follow that link to register okay let's get right to it first what you have to do is follow the link in the description to get to this page visit sign up insert the username and your password here as you can see the email is optional if you decide not to insert an email you'll only get two gigabytes per month I advise you to insert the email so you can get ten gigabytes each month okay let's check the desktop version first download the client using this link and install it when you run it for the first time make sure to whitelist the program in your firewall let's sign in to win scribe okay now we're logged in you'll see that the best location is selected at first but let's go for a manual location let's go with a Dallas IP done let's check the IEP to make sure it works perfectly let's look at some more info about the connection perfect you have some more preferences like sharing the connection as a proxy for other devices in your network okay now let's check the mobile version install the wind scribe app from the App Store or Play Store then log in with your account let's connect to a u.s. IP make sure to allow the app to create a VPN connection on your device let's check the IP here's my current IP let's try refreshing here you go let's check more info perfect your device will notify you when you're connected enjoy your free VPN that's it for this video people thank you so much for watching leave a like and a comment you can ask for more tutorials and questions don't forget to hit the subscribe button for more cool videos like this subscribers also can enter future giveaways on tech tack if you liked my video you can support me on patreon to buy me a coffee so I keep creating more cool videos like this links are in the description ok see you peeps in the next video tech tak out

2 thoughts on “How to get an ABSOLUTELY FREE FAST VPN for any device (2018) (Android, iPhone, Windows)

  1. THE LINK THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO GET ME EXTRA QUOTA DIDN'T WORK.  Instead it took me to a site that shortens url's.

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