How to get your wireless adapters back in device manager if they are not being showed up there ?

hi guys I techno Dean and from this video and onwards I'm not gonna say hi guys is vastu 101 in the starting of the video it's because I opened my my website yesterday which is I tech new so don't wait to check that out and I'm making this video because I remember my first video and in that video I showed you guys how to manage your wireless adapters on your PC and you know many people have asked me that they're wireless adapters are not being showed up in the device manager and what to do so basically they have posted comments regarding this problem on that video and I've got quite a few comments regarding this problem and most of the people who are who have this problem are using a laptop and depth Y wireless adapters are the inbuilt ones so in this video I'm gonna show you how to fix that out so first of all under open device manager and as you can see there is no wireless adapter being showed up so the first thing is in many laptops there's a physical button that controls your wireless adapters you know what that button does is if you put that button on/off position what happens is the power supply to the to your wireless adapters is shut off it's cut off and if you put that on on position then the power to your wireless adapters is then turned on so in my case right now I am on a laptop and my wireless button is on the off position so lemme turn it back on to on position okay so as you can see the the wireless adapters came up as you can see here Bluetooth radios it's showing and if if this doesn't works then there's a chance that something on your PC might have uninstalled the why the wireless adapter from your PC now I'm not talking about physically and installing it I'm talking about uninstalling it from Windows so first of all let me uninstall – due to the wraptor so I have uninstalled my Bluetooth adapter and now if you have this problem what I recommend you to do is open up device manager and go to actions and hit this option scan for hardware changes ok so it detected my Bluetooth adapter and right now it's installing the drivers let it install the drivers and if this doesn't help Stan I'll show you how you can be installed basically your Bluetooth adapter if you did and you perform this step and you got your violin adapters back in to device manager but if they are still not working fine and I'll show you what to do okay so let's get going once again so you got your God so you have got your wireless adapters back and but they are not working fine now what to do now what you need to do is reinstall them so first of all you want to select the wireless adapter that you want to reinstall and hit click that adapter and then right click and select this uninstall option if the drivers of that adapter is installed on your PC then you will get our option here to delete those drivers I you check mark that box and delete the drivers but before you do that make sure you sure you make sure that you have the latest drivers for your wireless adapters okay if you are on Windows 7 then don't worry about that just delete the older drivers by checkmark in that box and you don't need to manually search and download the latest drivers for your adapter Windows 7 will automatically download and install the latest drivers to your dafter using Windows Update if it's connected to the Internet but if you are on this tower XP I recommend you to manually and get the latest drivers and you gotta uninstall you try and install your device and once again can for hardware changes and install the gig if n but if any of your wireless adapter is not working fine even after performing the steps that I showed you in this video then as it menu to take your laptops to the service center and ask your manufacturer to rectify the issue then there there's a good chance that there there are physical issues with your wireless adapter okay so that's it for this video thanks for watching comment rate and subscribe by the way don't forget to check out my website I techno my facebook page which is slash high tech 19 my twitter page which is slash high tech Nadine so bye bye and I'll see you in my next video

39 thoughts on “How to get your wireless adapters back in device manager if they are not being showed up there ?

  1. My adapter not reinstalling given error every time there is a yellow marked on network controller not solving by any way in Windows 8 .

  2. I was using hosted network but now when I am starting it….it is showing ……the wireless local area network interface is powered down and doe not support the required operation…… fix that i have already checked device manager and in that virtual adaptry power manament option that box is already enabled…plzzz give me solution @itechnoteen

    Simpler way/maybe same
    Go to uninstall or change a program in my computer
    Uninstall your wireless driver(previously installed)

  4. Stupidity of making this video, if there is no internet and there is no driver saved in disc then only we need help else why search your video?????????????, you put title wireless adapter and in video showing BLUETOOOOOOOOOTH ?????????????????, First you learn what is the difference between Bluetooth and wireless adapter., if you see your video likes and dislikes you will understand what i said is correct, the people like you stupids may liked your video.

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