How to Have Multiple Firefox Browsers/Accounts (Profiles)

hey guys,
in this video I’m going to show you how you can have multiple Firefox browsers, also known
as Firefox profiles. So why would you want to do this? The reason is that by having multiple Firefox
browsers, you can have different information in each browsers.
For example, you can use your main browser for general purposes and then set-up a second
browser specially for your Business or for your Studies.
That second browser will have store information and have different addons to your main browser. At this point in time I personally have 5
different browsers. One for general purposes
One for my Business One for SEO
One for Social Media and Forums and another one that I use to create all of
my training videos. So let me show you how to do this. As you can see my screen I currently have
three different Firefox browsers this is my default one this is the one I use for training
and this is the one I use for SEO now let me show you what my default one looks like
a good way to remember it is by all of the bookmarks up here okay let’s go ahead and
make a new browser right click on your Firefox icon and click on create shortcut I’m going
to need mine marketing if you double-click on the shortcut you will notice that your
default browser opens up to make a completely new browser we need to link that icon to a
new profile to do this we first need to make a new profile right click on your default
Firefox icon and click on properties at the end of the target filled at -P click on apply
and then on okay if you double-click your Firefox icon now the profile manager will
pop up click on create profile click next and then enter a name for your Firefox profile
and click finish when you get to the screen select default and make sure that this down
here is to act this will make sure that your default Firefox icon will continue to use
your default Firefox profile make sure that it’s your default browser that opens up and
is simply close it right-click on your default browser click on properties and remove the
-P we previously added click apply and then on okay if you double-click on your default
browser it should open up as normal now all we need to do is link the profile we just
created to a new Firefox icon right click on your new Firefox icon and click on properties
at the end of the target filled type -P space your profile name mines Marketing space -no-remote
I have also put this in the description below for your reference click on apply and then
okay now if you open up your new Firefox icon you will notice that you have a completely
new browser

37 thoughts on “How to Have Multiple Firefox Browsers/Accounts (Profiles)

  1. Thank you , i see you have a genious move, thank you ,i have made three firefox browsers and i say , thank you very very much i am following you , bravvooooooo peter , 谢谢谢谢谢谢 哦人THANK YOU MANY TIMES

  2. You're the master!! the only and easiest way to use multiple firefox browsers, this is the only tutorial you need!! Subscribed!!

  3. One for… "general purposes"… Heheheh. I think we all know what THAT means. 😉

    Kidding aside, this really is a very helpful video. I stumbled upon this while looking for how to run multiple VERSIONS of Firefox simultaneously on W7 (for those times when one of my add-ons won't work with the newest version of FF). It hadn't even occurred to me to use different browser profiles to split up my browsing purposes like you mentioned – business, social media, etc. – rather than using one single, bloated browser for everything, with thousands of intermixed bookmarks. Thanks for enlightening me!

  4. Thank you so much for such an information.

    I have a question about the "sessionbox" that is actually belong to chrome extension but we can install as well on firefox. I installed but the results are not as "multifox'. Do you have a video on it?

  5. hello peter, i'm trying to setup additional firefox profiles, i followed your directions but i cant get my firefox manager box to show up at 2.09

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