How To Make Google My Homepage In Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet explorer

hey guys this is suresh from softwarebuzzertv so in this video we going to learn about how to make Google as your homepage either it is firefox Safari chrome and Internet Explorer so let’s dive into the tutorial right now at first we going to change the homepage for firefox so I already opened the firefox browser and on the top left corner you will see an option called Firefox so click on it and there will see settings called options so click on it a pop box opens and shows my home page so right now it was set as so we want to change to google so press back space in your keyboard to to delete the present address and type since we are going to set google as your home page and finally press ok so we have successfully set google as your home page now we going to change the home page to in the chrome browser so to do that open your chrome browser on the right corner you will see options click on it there you will see an option called settings scroll down to the bottom and see options called search now click on manage search engines my present default search engine is so we going change to Google
so here it is make as make default so now the default search engine is changed to so we are in a safari browser to change the default search engine to on the right you will see settings icon
click on it there you will see bunch of options and there is option called preferences click on it so right now my home page was set to just edit it I am editing to and thats it just close it and right now your default search engine in safari was set to goole so the final browser is internet explorer so now we going to change Google as your default search engine to get started in the url bar type okay so in the right you will see Settings
icon click on it go to the internet options in the home page you will see an option called use current it will change to since i from India it will change to you can edit as well so click on apply and ok so it will do is it will makes your current web page as your home page so you can make youtube as your home page or any other with the same idea hope you got the idea i hope you enjoyed the video have a great day

100 thoughts on “How To Make Google My Homepage In Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet explorer

  1. Thanks Rib Swash for your comment. Glad you liked my video 🙂

    Have a great day ! Do subscribe to channel. ..More amazing videos are on the way 😀

  2. Maybe you're using the old version of the firefox. so it must be present in the right side. There is a keyboard shortcut to open the options menu by pressing ALT + T+ O . so you can easily open the options menu and reset the search engine. If you still face the problem contact me on twitter please @softwarebuzzer

  3. Sometimes it may prompt you to restart the computer like removing the adware,spyware from the computer . For small things like Changing the homepage in web browser won't prompt that message.

  4. hi! I tried downloading a program and well it changed my homepage 🙁 I uninstalled the program and im trying to change it back to my old homepage but it won't work. I tried your way and I even restarted my computer. Could you please help. This isn't my computer, its the schools

  5. Hi Lucy Smith,
    Don't worry i will help you . Tell me which homepage you got in your browser right now? So that i can assist you well. Is it Babylon or some other ?

  6. Hi! Thanks! Its
    I was trying to update my youtube free downloader program and now that's the website that keeps coming up

  7. I can't find the search button for this step, Click “Settings” button in the “Search” area,open “Manage Add-ons” panel

  8. Also, I have another problem, but im not sure if you can help me with this. But referring to my original story above, on my mouse pointer; you know when the blue circle appears and it means that the program is still loading, well I have that blue circle constantly and my computer works fine. I really hope that it isn't a virus 🙁

  9. Man, I appled your instructions on Chrome but it did not make any difference. When I open it still dives into the Yandex page. I think that could be the reason. So could you please tell me how to remove Yandex from my browser.

  10. There might be some chrome extensions are added , so you have to remove them in order to remove that homepage.

    Remove the extensions and try to reset the homepage.

  11. Sometimes you need to do spyware check as well..there is a link in the description where you can find spyware remover FREE software. Download it and hope it works
    Let me know if you still get the problem.

  12. Thanks so much I got so annoyed with this app I downloaded and it changed my sarch thing and everything and YOU HELPED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. ok so when i open firefox my homepage is google again but when i open a new tab it's not google. can u help me out?

  14. why am I always asked to download internet explorer 8, 9 11 and so on TMI. want it easy do not want to read a book, just want to have the best home page. please help,  Thank you reply starting to hate my computer. Have to go back to college??

  15. i did the chrome one and got rid of all the other options except google and made it default then i went to a new tab and it still sent me to yahoo. i checked settings again and yahoo wasnt even there just google. How do i fix this?

  16. Hey Guys, 

    We Just launched a Google+ community so that you can get help from others instantly 🙂 Everyone gonna be super happy and helpful. 
    Join Here ==> 

    See you on the community 🙂 

  17. Hey thanks, it used to be easier to do. I didn't think it used to be on internet options; but I found it anyway by pressing F10 (using internet explorer).

  18. Thank you very much my friend. It was an easy thing to do but i didn't know how 'till watching your tutorial..jajaja

  19. it didnt work. when i open a new tab it first shows google as my home page to search in. and then it suddenly takes me to ' yahoo ' wtf anyone help?

  20. not the google one, i dont know how to change it, i want to change it from yahoo to google i did everything what u said but it wont work?

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