How To Make Internet Friends

Hey guys, so I’ve been thinking a lot about
internet friends lately because of Vidcon being in like three weeks, and just because
of how much time I’ve had to just sit around on the internet and just talk to people who
live literally thousands of miles away from me. And then I think about this time last year
when I was about to go to Vidcon and I only really had one YouTube friend to meet up with
there and hang out with, and I used to be really really upset that I didn’t have any
other YouTube friends or a whole group to hang out with at Vidcon. And then this year
I do! Which is so great, and I’m so so happy that I have all these great people that I
can meet up with and just talk to and have a really good time with at Vidcon this year. And then I’m like, Wow, 15 year old Mel would
not believe how many friends she’s about to make, and she definitely wouldn’t think that
I would have so many just a year later. And then I think about all the people who
are on YouTube and Tumblr and all these other online platforms where you can make friends
and talk to people, I think about all those people who don’t have those friends yet and
who really want them. And over the past year I’ve kinda figured out how to make friends
and how to talk to people online without really knowing them. I know from personal experience
that can be a very stressful and lonely situation to not have anyone to talk to or connect with
online. So I figured I would talk to all those souls out there who are looking for internet
friends on how to obtain the internet friend. So the first thing I would recommend is finding
someone who is kind of on your level. While it would be super cool to be best friends
with Tyler Oakley online, that’s not really a realistic goal, because he has so many people
flooding his tweets and Tumblr inbox with a bunch of different things that you’re not
really gonna get through to him at all. So try to find someone your own size. If you
have 200 subscribers, you know, maybe try to look for people with 100 or like 500 maybe. And then probably the hardest step is finding
a way to actually talk to them without being creepy or stalker-ish or just sounding generally
weird. And I feel like a lot of times people do not
know how to do that; I didn’t know how to do that for a really long time which is why
I basically didn’t make friends the first 2 years I was on YouTube. But I have figured
it out! So if you find someone you like who’s within
the same social spectrum as you, now you just have to branch out. If you’re on YouTube,
for instance, leave a comment on of their videos with some thoughtful ideas that reflect
what they were talking about in the video. But avoid adding, “Hey! You should check out
my channel!” because that just sounds really, really attention thirsty and like you don’t
actually care about them or their content, but that you’re just looking for more subscribers
or whatever. The part that I think a lot of people struggle
with is not really mentioning that you want to be friends with them. But I have found
that very beneficial in the ways that I’ve made friendships. Avoid leaving some expectations
for them to go look at your channel or to follow you some place. Just avoid that, just
put what you thought about their video and say that you liked it.
Contribute your own ideas to the conversation that that person’s having. But I think a lot
of problems that people have is wondering how to get across to them that you want to
be friends, but you don’t really have to do that. I know when I’m looking at comments on my
channel, if I see someone who is consistently commenting on every video I post with thoughtful
insights and I agree with the things they’re saying, and I just really like the contribution
that they’re making to my videos, I will go look at their channel to see if they make
videos. Like, that is something that I always do if I notice someone who is a huge participant
in the conversations on my channel. Likewise, if you really just wanna have a
one-on-one conversation with them about whatever, people have Twitters, or Tumblrs, and usually
they are usually linked in the description of their videos.
Maybe go on their Twitter and if they tweet something, don’t be afraid to tweet back,
because I also know when people tweet me back a lot, and I’m not already following them,
I look at their tweets and I’m like, I decide if they’re someone I want to follow. Again, you don’t have to be like, “Hey let’s
be friends!” Just talk to them like they’re already you’re friend. And then from this
point forward you just kinda let it happen. You know, you guys talk to each other, talk
to each other a little bit more, maybe start DM-ing. You know, it all happens really naturally
from that point on. So you can just stop worrying about it if they follow you back.
And if you’re not really getting through to someone, maybe just look for someone else.
There are a whole ton of people who are really cool on YouTube and Tumblr and things like
that, and I’m sure you will find someone else you want to talk to. And that’s basically all you have to do. I
hope this helped. I know this something I wish someone had told me when I was trying
to make friends a year ago. Anyway, that’s it, so thanks for watching
and I’ll see you guys next time I make a video. If you’re wondering about my nails – I don’t
know if you could see them throughout the video – um, I tried to go all rainbow for
the gay marriage being legalized in all 50 states, which is a huge fucking deal. Very
excited about it. But I didn’t have the yellow. And the colors weren’t all of the same intensity
level. So it just kinda looks dumb. But you know, whatever. Just gonna go with it. Yeah.
Okay bye.

21 thoughts on “How To Make Internet Friends

  1. Very insightful video, Melly! I'd definitely agree on what you said. The best advice I could say on this subject is if you find somebody you think you can really connect with and be good friends with, then approach them! I think the whole fear of rejection is really prevalent when it comes to being friends with somebody, it applies to dating as well of course. Being humble and realizing that if somebody doesn't want to be your friend or talk to you then that's okay, and to find somebody who will treat you as you treat them. I'd also say to not think too much about it, making friends online is no different than making friends offline, if not easier

  2. This is literally all so accurate and everything I would have said!!  I'm super happy that I went about becoming friends with you the right way despite having no idea what I was doing because I mean LOOK AT US NOW 😀 also you're really cute. also ily <33

  3. All the things! Less than Famous Youtubers connecting with each other and building future awesome networks. I agree with no self-promotion. My work speaks for itself, really. If I'm interested in what they do, they will return it if they're interested.

  4. This does make a heap ton of sense! it's so easy to assume that when you see other people talking on the internet that they've done something that you'd never be able to do and have miraculously found each other but really, it's not too hard at all. I can't say I have that much experience but it's always fun finding people on the internet who aren't afraid of talking to new people and having random conversations here and there 🙂 Also, I appreciate your nails and your end screen and just the entire video, much awesomeness! 😀

  5. I've found some lovely people online, I love how you can make friends with people that live so far away.. Yet you can have so much in common. I love it haha

  6. Thanks for this video! I've been on YouTube for a bit and I absolutely love feeling like I'm a part of the community but I definitely feel like I don't know how to go about making internet friends. Thanks for the tips. 🙂

  7. Such good point about making friends on YouTube! If people say "I have a channel too let's be friends!!!" it just seems obnoxious and like they just say it to everybody to get subscribers.

  8. This was a really great video! Although I've been on Youtube for years and years now, I've always found it hard to make Youtube friends. I guess I just really want to avoid seeming creepy? You know what I mean? Anyway, I really liked your point "just start talking to them like they're your friend" because that's just a nice way to treat people in general, and useful for making friends 🙂

  9. I was wondering for a long time how to make friends and I think I kind of over think the process of it because its really simple. Like you said it becomes easy after awhile if you just comment on someone's naturally unlike asking them to subscribe back because that could give the impression they just want subscriptions and not the connection. Love the video. It sums up the purpose and encourage people to go make friends. Love it 😀

  10. This was a great video, and it was structured so well, it's also made me realise I'm not the only one trying to make friends on here, which is reassuring! 🙂

  11. This is really good advice. 
    One other thing you can do is if you end up chatting with someone on another persons channel then see if that person has their own youtube/tumblr/twitter and follow them there and chat there. Often you can meet nice people in the comments section. 🙂

  12. thanks for this vid! I completely get everything you said Ive been trying to pick my brain on how to connect with certain youtubers without being weird lol its just the most awkward thing on earth sometimes.


  13. Really great video! This is something that I've struggled with quite often on YouTube. So, there are many people that I want to be friend with (we'll regularly leave comments on eachother's YouTube channels and favorite eachothers tweets occasionally) and we're close to "friendship status" …but I'm not sure how to "seal the deal", I suppose. Because I don't want to be too clingy, but I also want to let them know that I want to talk more.  I guess I'm just worried of scaring them away…

  14. thx for sharing this! I found people I really like on YouTube and think I might have came off creepy if I comment too much and what not. eh… still feels kinda awkward about Internet friends. but the more I youtube/watch vids… the more i realized… Internet friends might very well be the future! people move away, grow apart… need mew friends… etc. anywho! 🙂 I m gonna check out more of ur videos tomorrow. zzz time for me now. nice to meet u!

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