How to NOT Be a Jerk on the Internet

– Please show this video in schools, and in hospitals when kids are born. Honestly, just even take an iPhone and slip it into the uterus, so embryos know what’s up. (horse galloping and neighing) What up everyone, it’s
your girl Superwoman, and recently I’ve been
noticing that more than ever, social media is being used as a weapon in some pointless world war
that doesn’t make sense. It’s like watching an
uncoordinated game of Risk, A.K.A. some people are heartless, irresponsible douches on the internet. Now before I begin, I need
to address a few things. First, do I think this video’s
gonna change the world? No, no I do not think this
video’s gonna change the world because the majority of
people who watch this video are gonna leave a sexist, racist comment and then continue their game of sudoku, so let me just save you some time and say, yes I have long hair,
I’m not gonna cut it, yes I have a vagina, I’m
not gonna make you sandwich, unless you’re nice and
you deserve a sandwich, and yes, I like curry, that
doesn’t offend me, you know why? ‘Cause curry is delicious. Some people are gonna watch this video, listen to it, be affected
for like five minutes, and then totally ignore it, A.K.A. treat it like Kony. And some people aren’t
even gonna see this video because they have no idea I exist, so do I think this video’s
gonna change the world? Absolutely not, but I believe you, watching this right now, have the ability to make some
sorta change in some small way and hey, that equals less jerks, so that’s a start. Second, who am I to be calling people a jerk? Well first of all, hi, my name is Lilly, I am a unicorn. But let me make something clear, okay? I think we all have jerk tendencies, so I’m not really
calling other people out, I’m calling everyone
out, including myself, so take your defense mechanisms and put them back on the shelf,
in the electronics section. Third, my entire career is based
off the internet, okay? I’ve been doing this for six years, have over 400 videos, I’m very passionate about it. I love the internet, I believe in the community
that it gives birth to, A.K.A. I know what I’m
talking about, okay? So when you hear me talking about it, don’t think I’m just talking about some crap I know nothing about, no, I know what I’m talking about, this video’s not about trigonometry, it’s about the internet, I know my stuff. So when you hear me talking, know this is coming from
a place of passion, okay? Not lecturing you, okay well, it might be
a little bit of both. Now that those addresses
are out of the way, just let me take this
GPS and put it to side, let’s get started, okay? Ways to not be a jerk on the internet. Number one, negative viral videos are not cool. Everyone seems to be so obsessed with this idea of creating
viral content for the internet, and to be fair, I get it, that idea has been validated
time and time again. You create a hit, suddenly people wanna interview you, suddenly people like
your Instagram pictures. Hey, if your cat falls off your sofa, in a silly enough way, Ellen will invite you
and your cat to her show. And that’s all fine and dandy, but the problem lies
in the fact that people are trying so hard to
capture viral content, that they’re willing to
capture someone else’s pain, to do so. People are confusing viral videos with simply being inhumane. And yes, for those of
you on the Twittersphere, I am referring to rest in peace Amy, and to be honest, a million other instances in which the exact same thing has happened. Hear me when I say, if you prioritize a video
getting on Worldstar Hip Hop, over helping a fellow human being, you have a problem. Dude, I get it, you wanna make a viral video
of a cat flying through space? Amazing. You wanna make a viral video of a silly dance that everyone’s gonna copy? Do your thing. You wanna make a viral hit by complementing your friend’s shoes? Dope, do you. But if you’re trying to make a viral video by recording someone getting
bullied or beaten up, I can assure you, that is not
going to take you very far. Like how do you think that’s going to positively impact your life? Ladies and gentlemen, I
have Pantygirl311 here, the girl that recorded the viral video of the girl getting beaten up, how are you? Fine. So tell us about this video. It has 5 million views. Fascinating, okay, and
Pantygirl how did you think this video changed your life? Ah, well I got 5 million views. Ah-huh, and after this video, did people throw jobs at you? Ah, no, but Worldstar Hip Hop emailed me. Interesting, interesting, and did people like you more
after you released this video? Ah, not really, but I
got a lot of comments. Amazing, amazing, okay, so when you hit 5 million views, did people stop you on the
street and shake your hand because of your brilliant cinematography? Ah, no. Did you win an Oscar? I don’t think so. Okay, what about a Grammy for
your amazing commentary of “Oh, damn, “s-s-snap.” Ah, no, but people shared it. Wait, so what you’re telling me is you didn’t receive any
type of plaque or medal for recording this? Ah, no, but I got 5 million views. Amazing, brilliant, okay final question. When you look in the mirror, do you see the reflection of a champion? Ah, no, I usually just take a selfie. And if you don’t believe me and you think I’m just preaching
some one love B.S., okay. Let me ask you a question, the last viral video you saw of someone getting bullied or beaten up, do you know the name of
the person who uploaded it? Take a second, can you name that person? That username? That profile? Can you name it? Chances are, no because things like that are
only relevant for 24 hours. So stop tryin’ to make
reality TV with your iPhones and make something that actually matters. Now I dislike talking about causes where there’s no practical solutions, so I’m gonna give you three ways that you, you watching this, can
directly help this cause. Number one, when you see someone in need of help, help them instead of pressing
record on your iPhone, and this can go from big
issues to small ones. Fights, people getting bullied, people in car accidents, remember that these
people are actual humans, not just actors in your iPhone video. Number two, I know it’s tempting, but when you see these videos
on Facebook or anywhere else, don’t watch them. This type of culture is
fueled by people watching it, it’s fueled by views. If people stopped watching
videos of kids getting beaten up, then people would stop being encouraged to make videos of kids getting beaten up. Number three, don’t share these videos, I mean it really urks me that I can make a motivational video, and it’ll probably get 300 shares, but if I upload a video of someone getting punched in the face, it’ll get 10,000 shares. Do you see the problem? See, it’s one thing to
recognize a problem, but I do believe that we all have to make a pro-active effort to also not contribute to the problem, which leads me to my next point. Number two, spread more of what you want. Yo, you like Nutella, right? Chances are, you like Nutella, so when you have a piece of bread, you’re gonna spread a
lot of Nutella on it, you’re not gonna spread kale on it, why? Because kale is gross. Treat the internet the same way, I mean yes, there’s a
lot of horrible things and horrible kale on the internet, but there’s also a lot of Nutella, spread the Nutella. Share the positive things, spread the things you believe in. Don’t share the video of that fight where people are
getting beat up and bullied, instead share the video of that athelete who spends every Tuesday in a children’s hospital giving back. If you want more people doing amazing things and
helping change the world, give those people the view, why don’t they get the shares? Why don’t they get the same traction that a high school fight would get? Huh, what’s that? Oh, because that’s human nature. Okay, yeah, I hear this all the time, well you know what? Then it’s time to change
the nature of humans, okay, stop making excuses and
let’s start taking action. We’re not bystanders of humanity, we are humanity. Does it make sense to use our energy bashing things we hate and that bother us, when we could be using that same energy promoting things we love
and causes we believe in? The internet is effing awesome, okay? But we keep thinking it’s horrible because we keep sharing
horrible things about it, the internet is standing
there, looking damn fine, okay. But we keep taking pictures of the internet from a low angle, now the internet has seven chins. So how can you help this cause? Share the things you want
more of in this world, all the positive content. It’s totally fine, to
wanna be aware of the horrible things that are
happening on the planet, but why dwell on those things, why not post solutions to those things? If you see a video about kids
fighting on a playground, don’t share that video and encourage that type of
content to be captured, instead share a video about anti-bullying, or talk to your kids about anti-bullying. Be pro-active. Speaking of promoting love,
and promoting solutions, we live in a time, a very crazy time where people can make a
living off the internet, like I make a living off
making videos on the internet. Unfortunately, with this amazing
wave of entrepreneurship, there comes a lot of people who try to make a career off the internet by bashing things they don’t agree with, or people they don’t agree with. But they also understand that
they need to be strategic, so there’s so many people
that use good causes as a vehicle to hate on other people. Pro tip, if someone is really
passionate about a cause, they won’t convince you to do right by bashing someone else. They’ll convince you to do right by talking about the cause
they’re so passionate about. For example, I’m very
big on mental health, I believe in it, I’m
very passionate about it, but if Kelly, standing right over here, doesn’t believe in mental health, in my next video, would I talk about mental health
and why it’s so important? Or, would I bash on
Kelly for not doing so? One of those solutions helps
the cause of mental health, the other, gets views. Use your wonderful brains. Number three, comments are optional. Have you noticed how the internet has convinced everyone
that there is a need for their opinion? Even if their opinion
is not warranted at all, and is totally irrelevant and unnecessary? People feel the need
to just get a word in. It’s like Scrabble up in here, people are just like H, U, F, K, W, H, K, no it’s a word, I swear it’s a word, just give me some points. And here’s the thing, right, I’m not delusional, hate
comments are always gonna exist, I don’t think I’m gonna say this and suddenly people are gonna be like, (gasps) “I’m never writing
a hate comment again.” That’s never changing, but it’s moreso the idea that people think their opinion is required at all times. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read a wonderful status by one of my friends on Facebook, and they’ve talked about something they’re so passionate about, for example, let’s say someone writes a
status about women’s rights, and then there’ll be a random person that comments below saying, “Oh yeah, well, what
about global warming?” Completely missing the point, we’re all out here playing basketball and you show up with a golf club. It’s like, do you have
some sort of comment quota, you need to fill for the
day where you’re like, (gasps) “Haven’t dropped enough comments, “oh no, people don’t know my opinion.” So what can you do to help this cause? If you don’t have
something meaningful to say that contributes to a conversation, don’t say it. Don’t say things just for the
sake of saying things, okay? The comment section is there,
but it’s not mandatory. Think about it, the internet
can be so educational, and can broaden our horizons, we should be like the smartest
generation that ever existed, we have so much knowledge. The problem is, the internet
has too many teachers, teaching about topics they
know nothing about, okay. Their syllabus is made from Wikipedia. And they wanna be teachers not because they have something to say and offer, they just wanna be a teacher because the staff room has donuts. And this video right here, I hope you recognize it’s my attempt to try to make the internet a better, nicer place, but for sure, there’ll be at least one comment down there saying, “Honestly, I can’t believe
she was so mean to kale.” Stop. Number four, close windows. You know what I do, when
I see a shirt in a store, and I really don’t like the shirt? I don’t buy it. Or when I’m wearing shoes
and they really hurt because they’re too small? I take them off. Or say I’m really, really sick, and then there’s this medicine right here? I would take the medicine. Common sense solutions. Yet for some reason when people see something on the
internet they don’t like, they feel the need to
write this mean thesis, instead of just closing the window. Now I understand, if you see something that really upsets you and you have an intelligent
opinion to offer, go for it. But if you’re watching a comedy video (cough) one of mine, cough (cough), and you don’t like it. Close the window. I do this all the time, if I’m on Facebook and
I see someone has made a really upsetting
status that I don’t like, I unfriend them. I’m on Twitter and I see
tweets that are upsetting me, I unfollow the person. I don’t continuously
put myself into a fire, and then complain that I’m on fire. I just won’t step into the fire. I just need to know who is
holding you at gunpoint, forcing you to go through my Instagram, I promise, if you unfollow me, I will be fine. Real life example from my channel, I upload a video to my Youtube channel, and one of the comments, “I hope this channel gets shut down, “the way you spam the internet is absurd.” Like, I don’t think you
understand how this works, what you basically just did, is you showed up at my house, knocked on my door, and then you got upset, that you’re no longer at home. How can you help this cause? Now, I know you’re expecting me to say don’t leave mean comments, but I told you I like to
offer practical solutions, and that’s not a really practical solution because we’re all humans
and we all have the urge to say or write mean
things from time to time. I mean there’s a lot of people I dislike, and if I see their tweets
over and over again, I’m just like, oh my god, I’m totally gonna reply
because you’re so stupid. And this is where I’m going to tell you that Twitter has a mute function, okay. Facebook has a hide post option, use them. Don’t place yourself in a situation where you’re gonna continuously see something that upsets you, and that’s gonna prompt you
to leave a hate comment. Remove yourself from that situation. And you might be like,
“that’s so much effort.” Well, yeah, you know what? Being a jerk is easy, being nice takes work, start working. And that’s all, that’s all I have to say, this is like, I’ve been
recording this video for like 30, 28 minutes and 34 seconds, it’s so long and, I just, I felt so passionate about it, I know this is not like my usual funny comedy videos, but I felt so strongly about this today, and I hope you can see
how sincere I’m being, I didn’t make this video
so that you’d feel guilty into sharing it or anything, I just really wanna do whatever I can to make the internet a nicer place because I believe in the internet. And I just really hope it
brings a little bit of awareness into our lives, so we can
do small things everyday, to do our part. And just remember that profile
pictures are still people. Comments are still hurtful. Analytics are still human beings. So from the bottom of my heart, if you think this video can be helpful, please share it, and if you
don’t think it could be helpful, please x the window. But if you do think it’s
helpful, share it because next time someone’s in need of help, maybe after watching this video, a person will stop
recording on their iPhone and help the person. Who knows, next time
that person could be you or your daughter. And that’s all, that’s all I’m gonna say. Just, please. Spread love. What up t-shirt reference. Yo, I hope you enjoyed that video, even though it wasn’t
my usual comedy stuff, but like I said, it was
just really important to me. Give me a thumbs up if you did like it, and comment below letting
me know your thoughts, let’s have some intelligent conversation of how we can make the internet a better, nicer place because like, yo, it’s pretty awesome. If you do wanna check out
one of my comedy videos, the stuff I usually make, my last video is right
there, and it’s called Types of Eaters. My second vlog channel
is right over there. And make sure you
subscribe to this channel, ’cause I make new videos
every Monday and Thursday. One love, Superwoman. That is a wrap, and zoop. Have a great day.

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