How to PROPERLY Make a Vision Board (I’ve had 3 Come True!)

100 thoughts on “How to PROPERLY Make a Vision Board (I’ve had 3 Come True!)

  1. This is the year of lifting each other up and sharing that GOOD energy. Nothing is a better start than creating an impactful vision board. Get to work! I truly believe in you. Comment below some images you're trying to manifest!

  2. "Get up, take control of your life and make ish happen" ~Lilly Singh
    Found the center of my vision board. Thanks Lilly, I really needed to hear this. Need to go from rolling uncontrollably down a hill to power cycling up that mountain like a bawse.

  3. Hi Lilly Singh I really want to start a YouTube channel but I'm really shy and okwared and I don't know how to talk to people so it really makes it difficult to make video's and I have a problem when it comes to sticking with a serten subject because I have ADD. Do you think you can help

  4. thank GOD me pretending to be in a ring with Becky Lynch and giving interviews afterwards is just a part of Law of Attraction and not me going insane.. LOVE YOU LILLY THANK YOU FOR THE INSPIRATION

  5. I just showed up. I'm, kind of, really, so tired. I enjoy your show on TV. Do you know Slothrust? What kind of music, that you don't need to license, do you skip around to?

  6. I just want you to know that in English class we have make a speech about the most interesting person of the decade, so I’ve chosen you. I know you won’t see this but if you do, thank you for inspiring me do be the best me I can be

  7. To tell the truth, I am a Teenager and Lilly Singh is on my vision board, and one day I want to be as famous as she is now. BTW, thank you, Lilly, for the motivational speech. I will strive to work hard form today onwards. Love from India!

  8. I thought this was another comedy video, but never mind. I like it imma watch it when I make my vision board. I like the humor tho.

  9. Hi Lilly. You've helped me so much without even realising and I love you so much. Just one tiny request, which by the way I have been requesting for a long time. PARAMJEET and MANJEET REACT TO SENORITA. Plzzzzzzzz like so Lilly can sew

  10. Lilly, you have always inspired me ever since I started following your channel and have been keeping a tab on your vision board process. And I wanted to do one of my own this year but procrastination!…Its like you read my mind and gave the entire tutorial and the much needed tough love pep talk to get me going! :)🤗 Mine coming up on my wall soon 🙂 thanks 🙂

  11. WHAT? you have a youtube channel? I'm so glad my phone was listening when I was watching your show last night and now this is in my recommendeds. ♥️♥️♥️♥️ oh my God I can't wait to know more of you! You're just a beautiful mysterious stranger that comes on after Seth Meyers. I really like you and I can't wait to binge your Channel

  12. Of course you have whatever it takes to make a vision board you have whatever it takes to do anything which is why i love you ❤

  13. I’m working on mine…I’m in the writing sketching process…my New Years start on January 19th I’ll be level 41🥰🎁🎂 my daughter also shares that day she will be 15🥰🥰

  14. I think it’s pretty funny how whenever she receives hate, constructive or not, she has to stroke her massive ego and yell about how she’s being attacked by hate comments. It would be good for you if you listened to the constructive criticism for a change.

  15. Law of attraction gives you the signals and opportunities and when you accept those.. that's when the magic happens

  16. Dnt know how i ended up here!! But all i'm gonna say is "i didnt hear anything you said in this vid cos i was too distracted doing this"…. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. This video was so needed today!! this makes so much sense and really I can see where my vision boards were too all over the place! I am so ready to get started and tackle a vision board and start making changes and goals in my life. Thank you Lilly for this video!

  18. Hold up – why is it that the last line “the first time I did this video my mike didn’t work” was the most inspiring statement 😂

  19. Привет! Вы такая позитивная и очень красивая!

  20. … I literally can't remember a time when I was in a headspace where I thought I could do anything. Idk whether I'll be trying something like a vision board to aid me in my goals, but. Like I get what is meant by don't do it when you're in a bad head space, but depression s u c k s. And it doesn't really let up, either. It's better on prozac and with therapy, but I can't even entirely mentally comprehend the feeling of I Can Do Anything.

  21. Thank you Lilly! I watched this video, got out of my bed, went to the store, and got my supplies (double-sided tape and all)!

  22. Does it lose its value if you make a "digital" vision board (like on my phone or computer) or does it have to be physically made?

  23. haven't watched ur channel in ages but clicked on ur name to see what you were up to and im so glad i did – watched this video and it feels like the biggest sign from the universe … thank u omg <3

  24. yep, Exactly How I started making 5 figures a month in less than a couple of months of starting my business! I got out of a horrible relationship and started getting myself together…I took full responsibility for my life, got a vision board….. and went for it!

  25. In my vision board I have a picture of you. My one of goal is to meet you inspired by you over and over again. Tysm you are actually a superwoman

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