How to Save a File Using Google Drive

Welcome to Alfred C. O’Connell Library’s
tutorial on how to save a file using Google Drive First, you’ll want to save your document or
item on the computer’s desktop or my documents or wherever you’ll be
able to find it again Then, go to Genesis, login and click on
access my email From your Google email, click on the app
square next to use your username and select Drive From the Drive home page you have the
ability to either create files from scratch or upload them. To upload and save a file
click on the up arrow next to the red Create button,
choose files, and locate and select your file you can now see your file listed in the My Drive folder You can open the file and edit it and
print or download it from Drive To delete a file, click on the check box
next to the file name and click on the trash icon If you’d like to organize your files
into folders click on the red Create button and select Folder give your new folder a name select the file or files that you wish
to move into this folder click on the move to option and select
your folder if you click on the folder name you’ll
now see your file or files If you have any questions about this
video or other topics please feel free to contact us via our Ask a Librarian

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