How to Scrap Old Computers ☀ Gold & Silver Recovery

37 thoughts on “How to Scrap Old Computers ☀ Gold & Silver Recovery

  1. Hi guys would anyone know how to tell me where to buy a large quantity of intel Cpu in ceramic a good price?

  2. @indeedItdoes. What I'm doing is stripping the computers. I know all the drives and floppy's contain gold. What I want to know is, is there any silver on motherboards and any drives. I was looking at a capacitor that was hanging by 1 pin, so I popped off the pins and they look like they're silver. Which is really what I need to know. I've been stripping hard drives for a couple years, which I plan on making some wall clocks using 1 platter, but other than that, I always separate the metals and save them in their own boxes. Platters, gold pins, I even saved all the motors which I plan on seeing if they, along with the hard drive boards will sell to people who repair hard drives that have gone bad due to motor or board failure. So like I said, is there any silver on the motherboards, drive boards and so on. I figured if I'm going to get the gold, I might as well get the silver, if any can be recovered. Thanks, great video for people who want to start getting into the recovery part of computers. Dan

  3. What a waste. You would have made more money just selling the computer components second hand to someone that needed them, there will always be a niche market for legacy pc hardware. you would make very little money after labor plus the chemicals needed to extract the gold from the pins+headers.

  4. Hey,there are lots of gold and other metals in the parts that you threw into scrap steel and aluminium!
    Head rw actuator,discs themselves in hard drive,optical module in CD-ROM,and many more!

  5. Eh brother you didn't take any of the MLCC's or the square black chips?…..Both have gold but MLCC's also have silver & palladium.

  6. I was very interested to know the value of the gold before disposing of my computer. Now I realize I am ok with giving the darn thing to a recycle place. LOL I do like to take the inside apart though and I can't believe how everything is held together by a few screws! So, now I have the power unit, graphic card, motherboard and the memory sticks that I can put in a bag and back inside the computer before I get rid of it. It all took about 15 minutes and I had nothing better to do than be nosy. Other than all the wiring it sure would be easy to build a computer!

  7. I wish I watched this before my little test project scrapping about 20 computers.. I've always thought HDD's were steel, I had no clue I just scrapped 20 lbs of them as steel when I could have gotten 10X for them as aluminum.. 🙁

  8. Question: On unused circuit boards, are the silver-colored contacts and lines Silver ? If so, what % ? Thanks.

  9. میشه بندازمشدن تو رودخونه کشت مروارید راه بندازم بجا این همه تخریب ؟؟؟😆😆😆😆

  10. whats you doing with the copper conductors inside the units and motherboard? 'cause I will take that out also.!

  11. great video…  maybe you could help me with something, I'm trying to make a portable fan as a little diy project but my knowledge of electrics is quite poor, can just about manage basic house electrics. anyway I was throwing out an old scanner so thought I would try using the motor from that to power the fan. its a 5v motor and ive crudely wired it up to a 6v battery and a speed switch. however its not working… I know it could be the reason the scanner isn't working but its more likely to be an error on my part.
    firstly can I even use a motor from a scanner/computer ect to work with a basic homemade battery powered circuit, even if the battery voltage is enough for the motor?
    if so do you know what coloured wires to what? I'm used to seeing 2 or 3 wires coming out of an electrical appliance but this scanner motor has 4 wires, black, brown, yellow, red., I wired up the red and black to my speed switch thinking it might be positive and negative but nothing works.

    any help would be much appreciated…..

  12. Great video but I don't think you have to put on the screen unscrew and open the floppy drive because were seeing you do it. Lol. 
    Who in their right mind would watch this video and say "I don't know what to do with the floppy drive? He didn't tell me"
    Otherwise good video

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