How to Set up and Use NordVPN Firefox Browser Extension

Open your Firefox browser, click on the menu
button in the top right corner of the window and navigate to Addons. In the opened page, click on the search bar
in the top right corner, type in “NordVPN” and press Enter. Afterwards, click on the Install button next
to the NordVPN extension. You will get a permission prompt stating the
permissions our application needs to secure your connection. Click on the Add extension button, and it
will be added to your browser. You can now see the NordVPN extension icon
present in the top right corner of your browser, among other addons. Clicking on the icon will open the menu of
the integrated application. To connect to a server, sign into the extension
with your NordVPN account details and click on the Auto connect button, which will automatically
connect you to the best server. The extension icon will light up green indicating
a successful connection. If you wish to disconnect, click on the extension
icon and press the Disconnect button.

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