How to Share & Connect 3G / 4G Mobile Hotspot To WiFi Router Tutorial

Hello friends and welcome again to our channel,
“The Teacher”. In this tutorial, we are going to learn about how to share a Cellular
or Mobile Hotspot connection through a Wi-fi Router. Before continuing with this video,
I will advise you to also watch our previous video about Wireless Distribution System for
more detail information. Before I explain you how to share your Mobile
Hotspot connection through a Wireless Router, the first question could be that why would
you need this kind of configuration, when you can easily share Cellular Internet Connection
using Mobile Hotspot option, which nowadays is available on all most all the Smart Phones.
Those, who are not familiar with the term Routers, let me explain you that the Routers
server as a Central Point between the Local Area Network and Wide Area Network, which
is The Internet. Most of the time, Routers often connect to a cable or DSL modem for
the WAN or Internet uplink, and create a local Wi-Fi and Wired Ethernet network for all the
local devices in a home or work environment to connect to and share this upstream internet
connection while maintaining your local networking. A smartphone creating a “Personal Hotspot”
is doing the same, acting as a router and sharing its cellular WAN i.e. Internet Connection
with other nearby devices. In this tutorial, we are going to create a
kind of Wifi as WAN connection, where your router will connect to an external Wifi network
upstream i.e. your Cellular Hotspot Connection and at the same time create a private Wi-Fi
Network downstream for your local devices to share that connection. This allows all
of your home or office devices to always connect to the router instead of directly connecting
them to the Private Hotspot. From past 8 years, I was using a Broadband
Internet Connection in my office and was sharing this connection through a wireless router
with all the other PCs and Mobiles in my office with peer-to-peer networking infrastructure.
A month ago, because of poor ISP services, I have to switch from Broadband to 4G Mobile
LTE connection. The new 4G Connection is much faster and reliable than the broadband connection
but the problem was how to share this cellular internet connection with other devices in
my office, while maintain the networking as it was before. If I directly connect all the
devices using the Hotspot sharing option of new 4G Mobile connection, then it only be
sharing the Internet alone but what about the peer-to-peer networking configuration.
All the other PCs will be then connecting to the 4G internet connection but not to my
local LAN. So, I decided to use Wireless Distribution
System option of my router and this is how I configured it. Open your router’s configuration
page and you can find the instructions in the documentation or at the back side of your
router with the IP address and default admin and password. My TP-Link requires to use the web address to open the configuration page. After entering the
name and password, find the Wireless Settings option and here I have the WDS which is Wireless
Distribution System option. Make a check mark on this option and then click the Survey button
to let the router find the nearby Wi-Fi internet connections. I have already configured and
turned on Hotpsot options of my 4G Mobile and you can see the same Hotpsot connection
name here. Click the Connect button and it will then automatically fill all the require
information. Change the Security option and then fill in your Hotspot password that you
have configured in your mobile. On top you can configure the name of your Wi-Fi Network
and Country and this name and network will be used by other devices in your home or office,
instead of connecting all of them to your Hotspot connection directly. Click the Save
button and you will be warned that the Hotspot and Router’s channel must be the same and
you might have trouble accessing internet if both connections are operating on different
channels. You can download a small utility called Wifi Info to know the correct channel
of all nearby wifi connections and the link is given in the description. The good thing
for me is that my router can automatically detect the channels and can configure both
the hotspot and router on the same channel automatically.
Now, click the Wireless Security option and choose a security type and then fill in the
password for your new wireless network. Click the Save button and then open the DHCP server
settings. When using Wireless Distribution System, you have to disable the DHCP Server
because your 4G mobile will now be providing the IP addresses to the connected devices.
That’s it. Now, reboot your router and you are ready to connect all of your devices through
your Router instead of Hotspot and this configuration will be sharing your Hotpsot internet connection
through the router and you can also maintain the peer-to-peer networking infrastructure.
The advantage of this configuration is, that there will be no limit that how many devices
can connect to your wireless network, whereas if you directly sharing the hotspot connection
then there might be a limitation, just like in my mobile, the maximum allowed connections
are 8 for hotspot sharing. Another advantage is that I am now having internet access on
all my devices and they are still connected to a single network and can share files and
printers as they were doing before. Now, you can ask people to connect to your router’s
Wi-Fi connection instead of directly connecting them to your Mobile Hotpsot connection.
The only disadvantage of this configuration is, disabling the DHCP server. You don’t
have the access to control the IP addresses and you cannot apply fixed IP addresses according
to MAC addresses and therefore you also lose other functionalities like Bandwidth Control.
If you want to apply Fixed IP Addresses and want to control Bandwidth Usage and other
options like MAC Address Filtering, then here is the solution. Everything that I explained
in this video can be applied to share a Cellular Internet Connection except enabling the DHCP
Server. There are a lot of benefits of using DHCP Server and having permanent IP Addresses.
You can watch our previous video to know how to enable Permanent IP Address and control
Bandwidth Usage while enabling the Wireless Distribution System. So, what I need to do
now is to enable DHCP Server and that is not possible on the same Router where WDS has
been enabled. To enable DHCP Server you have to connect another Router to this router through
the LAN Port and then you can enable DHCP Server option on the newly connected router
and configure other settings as required. You can see this diagram to understand that
how I connected both the routers together. The yellow wire is connected to the LAN port
of Router which is accepting connection from Mobile through WDS option and the another
end of the wire has been inserted into the WAN port of the second router.
Now, I open the configuration page of the second router, which is for this
router and enter the default name and password. I run the Quick Setup Wizard and you can see
that in a second it automatically detected the IP addresses from the root router. The
advantage of connecting the second router using this method is, you can enable DHCP
Server on this router and can then apply Fixed IP Addresses and Bandwidth Control.
For my office configuration, what I did is, I uncheck the option of Enable SSID Broadcast
from the root router which is sharing internet through WDS because I don’t want this router
to broadcast its wireless network name and then I configure the host router with all
the desire security settings and ask everyone to connect to host router’s wireless network.
This way I can easily manage all the connected devices from my Host Router because Fixed
IP, Bandwidth Control and Mac Filtering is enabled on this router.
I hope you might have understood my point. If you like this video then don’t forget
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