how to speed up DIAL-up INTERNET FOR FREE ONLY and esiest video in U tube!!.avi

all right guys many of you people suffer from you know dial-up internet on to this tutorial I'm going to show you that we can speed it off so we're going to speed it up with this program I have right here alright so what I'll do is I I'll put them in a RAR file so you guys can download them we're pretty sure you're going to take a long time but you guys are going to appreciate it very much all right first stop for the first program is showing up utilities 2009 that is a really great program let me open it up I'll click on continue i'm currently using windows beast as you can see the programs i have here some of them work for windows vista and XP so this will work for XP and bestow all right the the program is gathering information about my computer is going to tell me you know the speed and watch wrong you know and stuff like that this is a really great program guys so let's say it's loading this is a powerhouse program to you know to customize your computer as huemac speed is not optimized all the way but I'm gonna I'll leave that for later you can increase your performance with this program also you know you can have a lot of options like this like you defrag all your disk drives and our stuff like that and free up disk space currently tells you 20-point 34 gigabyte use unnecessary files and backups that's junk right there clean up windows see it has everything you need what you can have another premium programs you can have it here for free so you if there's something I want your hard drive you can scan it and you'll tell you what's wrong with it how to optimize in how to make it fast customized windows this is a really great program because you can click on a tune-up style and you will be able to you know customize your computer all the way computer today it's personal so why not you know change the boot screen you know instead of having the microsoft windows phone you can chain you to your own picture you know once you want startup logo you know you can have a lot of stuff you blog on school yeah you know a lot of stuff you're doing a lot of good stuff so we go ahead and close this all you can also change you themes with this let me show you we'll go ahead and click it on and you know you have all those yes be stupid screen and create down on your boot screen yeah sure you can click here on the bottom one and those are your skins or you think you can go ahead and download them off the internet and when you have them downloaded you can you know use this program to you know customize your computer click on add and click on load bezel you know tell you it will look for a pro you know it would look for something that you know has the themes and everything when you click on it it will gather all information from that source file you download it and it will create all the files in need so we go ahead and close this up that's for program number one program number two is propel this is a premium program guys this is you know there's a great program too I currently have a disabled so I can show you my speed test results turning that is not really fast enough so this is right here okay m.b.s and all these programs are gonna speed up your computer and speed up your internet also and the /s so i can use firefox so this program costs like at least fifteen dollars a month but I'm guaranteed eight will work for you be still Mac Windows XP whatever you name it it will do it next is the I cyclone man this program is off the hook this program is awesome but it will only want for XP sorry beasting users like me but you can't have this okay you can you know speed up all your modems your ideas and I don't even know what the hell is that modems you can speed up every type of connection here so yeah you can optimize your connection years like you know the dsl cable whatever if you click extreme it will automatically boost up your internet but since I can't it's only for XP and tme and windows 9x I have it registered I have the key with me and you know if you want the key you need to give me your email address by Sun you know some net by the YouTube message and i'll reply to your email and you can have for you know free premium a thirty dollar value for free so and what I need you to do is you need to hit that subscribe button and rate currently here we have Oprah this is an internet browser program running outfit YouTube right here this is a really fast program also if you have slow internet it would speed it up here as Oprah turbo it's integrated so you don't have to pay anything for it so increase your internet performanc you can configure it and we can turn it on/off you know automatic to let's go to google and you know i'll do it by itself I'll speed it up to it compresses the files or the pictures and then you can see them later when it's done so this is a really great browsing the internet program I recommend it so I'm going to put in the rough I'll also we have the internet download manager and of course I have the key but a lot of users are saying that you know that once you put the key in give reboot your computer or you turn off and turn on the key will say it's counterfeit and not on the world and this and that so you will have the free trial if you want though you know the serial key and everything don't you know don't be afraid of Master to me then I'll give it to you so those are all the programs that will will will speed up your dial up internet connection and what I'm doing right here is I'm going to show you that it does work so i have propel i'm going to go ahead and click enable all Reese you know refresh it's currently working answers here here so it load the page faster and i'm going to show you remember this so let's just let it load because this web page takes a long time and usually one foot propellant and it goes faster there we go it's loading all right it did load weight faster so I'm turning here I'll go ahead and click it my internet provider is cricket broadband go wild it's going fast all right so the moment of truth it's preparing a download propel accelerator is working point 10 point turn alright so we currently stayed the same for download speed at 0.10 point I'm what I'll upload speed and zero point 52 and one point seventy seven one point 17 my bad I don't know about this only we try again okay you cannot go put the test again d it kinda gets faster after time and it all depends on your your internet provider why is dial-up speed slow because dial-up speed is not high speed and it goes through a little cable that's why LAN is faster than phone line which is currently dialogue so i clicked it again move checking its download speed went higher yup there you go oh wow see I'm telling you guys internet does improve after time so the more you click the more you hit the more faster is going to get so from zero point 10 20 point 56 that's an outstanding internet boost right there I'm sorry about the two speeds but you know the two tests but you know we have to do it so I can provide you with this and then one point 51 megabytes per second per second so there you go guys a result are their results don't lie there you go this programs will work I hope you download and you're happy with your programs don't forget to subscribe and rate my gosh

21 thoughts on “how to speed up DIAL-up INTERNET FOR FREE ONLY and esiest video in U tube!!.avi

  1. 16 th year using Dial Up , Windows Update is taking up all my Time , I wish for faster Dial Up Speeds 🙁 QC

  2. @KAIIN3 DUDE ITS CALLED A TRIAL!!!! you put your credit card and they wont charge you until a limited time!!!! they do this because they will not give the program to anyone if you dont put your creditcard !!NO PROGRAM FOR YOU .than they tell you did you like it???? and if you say yes you have the option to buy the program if you say no well your trial is over !! GOD!!! they dont give this program out to ANYONE!!! if you dont put your credit card!!! try to find the program somewhere else

  3. @MrSean231 ohh for that one you need to subscribe to propel and make an account then they ask you for your credit card and you dont pay but you get a reallly awesome trial go to their website .they have it there dont worry they dont CHARGE anything!!

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