How to Speed Up Your Windows 10 Performance (best settings)

what's going on YouTube thank you for watching another geeks tutorial video and today we gonna be show you how to speed up your Windows 10 for free and without using any software so let's begin the quick tutorial stay tuned step number one power option just go to your Start menu and search power option they will see the power option on the Risso just click on it and you will get to this control panel power option window so you can see my default power plant he said – balanced change it to high-performance lighting plus the power option step number two disable unwanted starter programs for that first you need to go to the task manager the easiest way to get to the dust manager each by clicking on any empty space on your taskbar and choose task manager from here once you're at the task manager go to startup and here you will see all the programs that start up automatically when your system start when you install a program in Windows 10 it may add a small program that runs when windows starts after installing a lot of software you may experience your buddha process could begin slow as well as these programs run on the system background forever and it's cause your system performance slow down if there are programs you don't use much they probably don't need to start every time windows tests so I will show you how to disable unwanted starter programs to achieve a better start of speed and system performance and you can see here many programs that we regularly use as well as many programs that we never used on a daily basis identify them and I play these for example if you are not an active scribe you sure you can disable Skype from automatic start at once your system start out and let me disable number of other programs as well that I ain't use regularly and make sure deny disable your programs published by Microsoft Corporation because maybe these programs running your windows and they know disable the antivirus to you that's it we Alden sure now closed the dust manager and let's move on to some other day step number three defragment and optimize drives to do that you want to go to start menu and search defragment and click on different men and optimize drives now you will see this window from here you're gonna want to select your system drive usually it is three drives so let's select C and click on optimize now you can see your system drive is optimizing once it finished you can close the window step number four delete unnecessary temporary files for that head over to the Start menu and right click on windows icon then choose run from here now type person date stamp percentage and click on OK now you will see this folder select everything in it and delete now you can close the folder and go to the run box again by right-clicking on the windows icon and choose RAM now type them D EMP and click on OK now again a folder will up here and here you will see a dialog box just like this click on continue then select all the files in it right-click and delete now again Goodrem & Veatch damn let's stop prefetch PR e fe TCH now click on OK you will find all these commands that I mentioned on this video will be on the video description so you can just copy and use them after you finish watching this video as well now click on continue and you're gonna want to select everything and delete after that you can close the folder step number 5 clean up memory go your file explorer right-click on your system drive or C Drive or more specifically saying where your windows 10 is install and choose properties from sure we're now in the journals tab here you will see the disk cleanup option just click on it and allow it to scan the files now you can see the scanning is finished and you're gonna want to click on the clean up system files and it wolf can again obvious the scan finish you will see this window now click on OK and it will ask you are you sure you want to permanently delete this file just click on OK don't worry it will only delete the unnecessary files and what this is doing right now is cleaning all the unnecessary files in your system now the cleaning process has been them now let's move on to the step number 6 radius runtime service for that first we're gonna open the run box by right on the windows icon and choose Ram anyone a type in MS config MS conf IG then click on ok and you will see this and from here go to service like gonna wanna check on these bugs fight all Microsoft services that's really important I don't want you to delete any important things accidentally so make sure you tick this option now click on ok step number seven registry tweaks now we'll show you how to do some registry tweaks to speed up your Windows 10 first thing you're gonna want to do is launch your end box again for that head over to the windows I can right click on it and choose Ram then type in regedit re GE vit and click on OK now you will see this window and from here you're gonna want to go to H key current user just click on it and then go to control panel and double click on the mouse folder now double click on mouse our time option and change its value to 10 then click on OK now double click on desktop folder scroll down a little bit then double click on Mouse show delay and change its value to 10 then click on OK now we just increase the mouse response time to experience all these changes you should want to restart your system let's restart it a little bit later because I have to show one more thing to speed up your Windows 10 stay tuned step number 8 we show effects in this final step we are gonna show you how to disable your Windows 10 in the face graphical performance to boost your system performance and please note it won't affect your gaming graphics or your program graphics it will only reduce the graphics performance of your Windows 10 OS for example after you do this you may feel lost in your visual effect on your Windows 10 but it will improve your system performance to the maximum level so the final decision is up to you whatever it is for the sake of the video I will show you how to do it try it on if you want if you feel disappointed you can always change it back to normal stage later so let's start we want your Start menu and search system now click on it and you will get to this window now click on the advanced system settings hyperlink on the left side then you will get to this mall window and here you'll find the Settings button under performance visual effects processor scheduling memory usage and virtual memory just click on this failings button and you will get to this performance option window these settings are basically everything that makes your windows team look beautiful as well as these are the main things that uses your computer resources like your ROM processing power and graphics as well I only recommend this if you want the extreme performance that possible with your machine so let's do a click on a dish for Best Performance option and you can see it will automatically uncheck all these settings if you want you can select some of the option that you can leave it up for example in my case I would like to take this option to shadows under mouse pointer that's it once you're done Eddy just click on apply and ok now let's take a proper system restart back again so that's it guys that's how you can speed up your Windows 10 if you like this video leave a thumbs up if you want to watch more videos like these always to subscribe and show us the law by sharing this kandan you can always come and your experience with this video it will help more people define this video is good or bad you can also ask questions suggestion or doubt we will definitely replay each and every comment you leave this is Amal Rafi from geeks tutorial see you guys on next one peace out

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  1. I really need help done everything here no help…MY LAPTOP IS NEW AND HAS 16GB RAM 😰 REALLY STRESSED RN…Dell Latitude if anyone wondering.

  2. I just hard reset my pc, I am in the process of turning off all lag inducing microsoft made properties to ensure my pc's best speed and performance. This video helped immensely thank u!

  3. Really laptop's performance improved dramatically after making the suggested changes..thanks for the video

  4. no need to do anything…..
    just restart ur computer and in between period press f11 constantly….then boot menu will open then set it to set as default ur pc will work properly

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