26 thoughts on “How to Use Firefox and Get the Most Out of Your Browser

  1. Any moron with half a brain can figure that out.

    Wanna get the most out of your FireFox???

    then type about:config in the URL bar and get the real power of your FireFox.

  2. What if you want a pop up??? I mean, if you click on something that's supposed to pop up (a game or something), Firefox and stuff will block those.

  3. after last firefox update it seems to eat up lots of ram very fast!!! I
    have to restart firefox constantly. before maybe a year ago or so I can
    just close the plugin.exe (I think) and it will lower the ram, and I
    just refresh youtube and I can watch vid again. but now it doesn't work
    anymore. are there anyway for this or I have to buy more ram? (didn't
    have ram problem until last firefox update)

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