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To learn about what channels are
available in your Cox service area or channel specific to a package in go to, then go to Shop and then Channel Lineups. Lineups may vary due to geographic
location so you can click on the city listed at
the top right to browse a specific location by zip code or select your state then City using the drop-down menu. Some cities have more than one line up. In this example there’s a North city
lineup and a South City lineup. Choose your area by using this drop-down menu. You can
also view Spanish-language packages using this drop-down menu. All channels available in the channel
lineup are located to the left. You can sort by channel name or channel
number by clicking on the drop down menu. TV packages are located at the top with
check marks indicating channels included in the package to view the
channel details for a TV package. Click on view details you can then sort
by channel number or name and see available offers. The term optional means that a channel
can be added to your lineup by choosing the Associated TV package and other required services. To pick and sort your favorite channels,
click and highlight the heart icon. You can
then click on Filter by favorites to see which
packages have your favorite channels. While this feature does not save your
favorites it’s a great way to see which TV packages have your favorite channels. For more specific searches, click on
Filter Search. Here, you can search by channel, HD channels, newly added channels, Contour channels and Spanish-language
programming. You can also search by TV packs or genres Between searches click “reset search” to clear any filters. Your channel lineup is also available
in a PDF format and can be printed for quick access anytime.

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  1. I was told when I signed up she was emailing me a copy of the channels I had subscribed to. Dinged again by Cox.

  2. I am not a subscriber to Facebook, but I did want to send a message to the manager of your customer service rep, Mary, who helped me this evening. She took ownership of the trouble (which was unusual – the problem, I mean) without passing me off half a dozen times to NOT get resolution. She was very thorough, professional, and yet personable. And she did get to the bottom of the problem. I really appreciated her help.

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