How to Use the Tor Browser Bundle

Thanks for viewing another 12pm Tutorial. We already covered how to install and use Tor’s Vidalia Bundle, which installed to your computer and helped you to maintain your privacy online while also enabling you to view websites that may not have been regularly accessible in your area. This tutorial will teach you how to use a different version of Tor called the “Tor Browser Bundle.” The Browser Bundle is a portable version of the Tor Vidalia Bundle that you can place on a USB flash drive and use at any computer. This means that you can protect your privacy and view censored material from any computer with an Internet connection. Now that you know what the Browser Bundle is, lets get started. Open up your web browser and go to If this is your first time on the Tor project website, take a look around before continuing the tutorial. Once you’re done looking around, click on “Download”. Now choose “Tor Browser Bundle” and save the file. Before you go find the file, close your browser and, if you haven’t already done so, plug in your USB flash drive. Now go find your file. Double click the file and it will ask you where you want to extract the program. Click on this button. Choose your flash drive and click OK. Once the files are done extracting, open up your flash drive and find the Tor Browser folder. Inside that folder you will find an icon called “Start Tor Browser”, this is the only icon that you need to play with. Double click the icon and Tor will start up and connect to the Tor service. Just as with the Vidalia Bundle, the Browser bundle will give you a little green onion icon in your task bar and you can right click that icon to get a list of options and controls for Tor. Once you are connected to the Tor network, Tor will immediately open up a web browser, which will tell you that you’ve been connected to Tor. This is a Firefox browser and its completely separate from your regular web browser, which means that anything you do in this browser will not be recorded in the history of your normal browser. When the Tor browser opens you will be taken to, which tests the browser to make sure that it is utilizing the Tor network in order to connect to the Internet. If you are connected to the Tor network, and if your privacy is secure, this website will tell you. This site also shows you the IP address that people will see when you are accessing the Internet through this browser. Want to double check that Tor is working properly? Minimize the Tor Browser and open up your regular web browser. Now go to It should say “Sorry. You are not using Tor.” That means we aren’t connected to Tor while using this browser, which also means our privacy is not protected. Now go to That’s my real IP address. Go back to the Tor Browser and go to That number looks different from the other one, which means that Tor must be working. To disconnect from Tor all you have to do is close the browser. Now you know how to install and use the Tor Browser Bundle

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  1. Hi. I've downloaded the Tor Browser Bundle on my laptop, but it doesn't appear to connect to the Tor Network. When conneting, I recieve the message 'Connecting to the Tor network failed (no route to host)'. I've had to tweak the network settings, using the 'I use a proxy to access the Internet' button, and I've added my username and password. But where can I find the information regarding 'Adress', 'Port', and 'Type'?

    I thank you for your help 😀

  2. @sr80311 I'm sure that many of the tools have positive and negative reviews scattered around the internet, no one tool will get everything right. Tor has its problems but it also has its strengths as well.

  3. Just delete all the Tor files. It's portable so there are no register entries you need to concern yourself with.

  4. man tis program tor is sucks to may things to do and slow what for
    the best software call easyideip for 5 box ony ver good fast browser easy to use

  5. any? there is nothing that can protect u on 100% but this will make it almoust imposible cuz they wont be able to find u

  6. I would agree with you. I would also say that some magazines do not like to promote what TOR does. It is not just for criminal types, it is to evade censorship in various countries like China. It has a lot of legal and practical uses, journalists and security services use it all the time. People who don't want snoopers use it. TOR has gone from strength to strength and can only get better, but people need to learn what it is and how it should be used as this is important.

  7. Readers who are a bit thick, done something illegal and got caught and then said, "but I had TOR – why was I caught"! People who are lazy, stupid or paid NOT to advertise TOR will always find something to say about it. The average PC magazine reader is not technically competent anyway, so if it involves learning or effort, they sit back and say, "it's rubbish" when they mean THEY are below average intelligence and can't be bothered. TOR is good for protecting PRIVACY not anonymity! It works!

  8. It WILL allow you to watch videos, but unless they are illegal in type or content, why would you want to use TOR? You can set the browser to show videos, but you will reveal your identity. You would be better saving the videos. Some media players will report back with your IP, so you need VLC and to set it to the TOR port and alter your firewall to make sure it doesn't show who you are. This is why you need to READ the advice on the TOR site as it answers all your questions fully.

  9. It depends how much you know about the programs on your PC. A lot are configured to reveal your identity, sites use scripts and JAVA to show who you are, parts of sites will try and force your PC to connect directly…Never use a credit card, email, name/address or sites associated with you! Most people are caught by falling for tricks police use, such as "click here to enable scripts or your video will not play". That reports back your IP number and you get your door kicked in by police!

  10. Im having trouble creating accounts through tor browser on youtube, facebook, ect. Im sure its because of the random IP. How do I do this??

  11. I just wanna say, thank you so much for this video, it was so difficult for me until I found this and now, I've go it! Thank you so much for making this easy to understand!

  12. Im confused.. the title says 'How to Use the Tor Browser Bundle' but the video just demonstrates how to download it, put it on a flash drive and open it.

  13. Thank you a lot, i suggest also proxydocker services, the world's largest online database of public portals to the web in different countries around the world.

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