How to Use Tor Browser to Browse Anonymously

How to Use Tor Browser to Browse Anonymously. Open Any Browser on Your Computer. Go to Click on the download Button. Click on the Download Button again. Tor Browser bundle will be downloaded to your computer. Navigate to the folder where you have downloaded the file. Double click on the file. Click Run. Select Your Language and Click the Ok Button. Now, Click on the Install Button. Click on the Next Button to Continue. Tor Browser bundle has been installed on your computer. Click Finish to Run Tor Browser Bundle. Click on the Connect button to Connect to the Tor Network. Wait for Few Seconds. We are connected to Tor Network and Now We can Browse the Internet Annonymously. Lets Test My current IP. I will Go to and check my IP As you can see this is not my IPaddress. Let us use a another IP to browser the internet. To do that, Click on the Drop Down arrow next to Tor Icon and Select New Identity. Now, I will Go to again and check my current Ip. As you can my IP address has been changed again. This is How You can Use Tor to Browse the Web Anonymously.

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  1. Hey, thank you for the tutorial. I found a proxydocker lists resource recently, you can use it with the methods mentioned in this video.

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