How to View Netflix on TV

Hi. I’m Max Dalton, and in this video, I’m going
to talk through how to access Netflix. Netflix is critical service for anyone who’s
looking to cut the cord and still have access to quality video content. However, one thing you have to plan for before
you make that decision is how you’re going to access Netflix. There are a variety of options for accessing
Netflix, and you’ll likely find yourself using a combination. For example, you may access Netflix through
a Roku device in your living room, a gaming console downstairs, and a smart TV somewhere
else. This video walks you through the options so
you can understand the available options, and set up your access to Netflix in the way
that works best for you. Smart TV or Blu-ray Player. Smart TVs and Blu-ray players are devices
that can connect to the Internet through a wired or wireless connection to offer additional
services, such as the ability to connect to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Facebook
and others. However, even if you verify you have a smart
TV or Blu-ray player, finding the Netflix app (if it’s even available) can be a headache. For example, if you have a Samsung smart TV
or Blu-ray player, depending on your model, there could be a few different ways to find
Netflix. For example, on some models you need to go
through the Smart Hub; on other models you need to go through the Internet app; and on
other models you need to access Netflix through the Internet @ TV section. And that’s just for one manufacturer. Accessing Netflix through different smart
devices by different manufacturers is different, so you may need to do some digging. Additionally, with smart TVs and Blu-ray players,
the Netflix app running on these devices may not present as robust of functionality as
the Netflix app on devices with a wider distribution, such as Roku devices. So while you still may be able to access Netflix,
you may not have as good of an experience as you would if you accessed on a more popular
Netflix device. Roku Devices. Roku manufactures a variety of devices dedicated
to accessing streaming content. There are a wide range of Roku devices at
various price points offering different features, so finding a device in your price range shouldn’t
be difficult. One of the best aspects of Roku as it relates
to Netflix, is that the Netflix app on Roku is regularly updated and always sports the
latest features because it’s one of the most popular ways for users to access Netflix. For example, the higher-end Roku Ultra will
support streaming Netflix in Ultra HD — if you have a TV that supports it, and if you
pay for that option through Netflix. Roku devices are also very user friendly,
in that they are easy to connect to your TV and get started using. You just need to install the Roku app, and
you’re off and running. Game Consoles. You can also access a Netflix app at no cost
through most popular video game consoles, such as the various Xbox 360 and Xbox One
models, and PlayStation III and PlayStation IV. You can download the Netflix app from the
app store on Xbox consoles, and you can access the Netflix app through the TV & Video section
of your PlayStation console. There is no cost to download and install the
app on either device. The only gaming system you can’t access Netflix
through is the Nintendo Switch, but there is hope that users should be able to do that
in early 2017. Smart Phones and Tablets. Almost everyone has a smartphone or tablet,
and a Netflix app is available through almost all of them. Regardless of whether you have an iPhone,
iPad, Android device, Kindle device, or mobile Windows product, a Netflix app is available. And while the Netflix app isn’t installed
by default on any smart phones or tablets, you can navigate to the app store for your
respective device, search for “Netflix,” and find and install the Netflix app for your
device. Desktop or Laptop. It may not be as convenient as accessing Netflix
through any of the other mentioned methods, but you can always access Netflix on your
desktop or laptop computer through your Web browser. Additionally, if you don’t have any other
way of accessing Netflix on your TV, you could even connecting your computer to your TV and
output Netflix to that if you wanted to watch it on a larger monitor.

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  1. There are links in the description for Roku and Kindle Fire TV devices. Let me know how you plan on accessing Netflix below.

  2. I have a android phone (Hauwei) and wanted to ask…. I download shows onto my Netflix app on my phone… And when my smart TV is on, if I play a downloaded title on my phone, it allows me to click my TV and view it on the TV… That isn't using data is it? Because it's a downloaded title in my downloads

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