How Ultra Rich People Use The Internet | 2019

if you think you are rich just because
about the latest iPhone or latest MacBook you are So wrong. also if you think well, use Amazon for shopping tinder for dating or Instagram for posting new
photos you could not have been more mistaken
apparently the ultra rich people tend to use internet very differently hey guys this is Zuby from and today in this video we are talking about the services that ultra
rich people use on the Internet before we get started make sure to
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videos now if you have done that let’s get started the first one is James Edison. Jemes
edition is the Amazon for rich people it’s a global luxury market place where
you will find private jets luxury cars yachts and way more at James edition basically
a person can buy from 18 million $ private jet to a 15 million $ yatch and there are
some more vintage cars and watches at James edition well this I can only dream of
buying out of one point there is also bet mobile from the Batman you can also
buy the from James addition there are some photos from the jim-james edition
that will make you said very said well I’m not suffering alone Instagram is free and awesome when it
turns out the rich people don’t really appreciate the free things they use rich
kids. Rich kids claims to be the most exclusive social site on the planet we
can view the app and see the photos posted by the ultra rich people
well the ape requires subscription of 1000 euros per month well you heard
it right 1000 euros per month and I feel levies to pay hundred rupees for my Wynk
music subscription now I can just go to the rich kids app and view the photos
posted by the rich kids Tinder there is an application for single
voila can you date someone well I didn’t have much luck with the tinder I don’t
know why maybe considering my good lokks anyways tinder is for useful us the
usual people but when we talk about the ultra rich people they use Luxy
over the Luxy 41 percent of the members and more than a million $
Luxy verifies your photos as well as your income and only you can become
the member of let’s see well that means there is no way I can
become the member of Luxy well Luxy is reported to be more 40,000
members for being too ugly to poor or both well tinder has it’s tinder select
Feature when it’s only available for invite basis for heads beautiful and
selected people if you are like me and you book the train ticket but better yet
you put the flight ticket but rich people are rich that extravagant but
they don’t book normal flight and train tickets the www.bookmycharter.comt is the website
where the Ultra rich people booked their tickets the book my charter lets you
book private jet helicopters and yachts but that’s not very affordable for
instance if I want to book a private jet from New Delhi to Bangalore for the next
week it will cost me around 10 lakh rupees
the booking amount is just a fifty thousand rupees but it comes with all
the premium services we do you expect from especially after watching various
private Jets in the movies it comes with the cabin to catrain and VVIP
hospitality at the airport. Here is photo what the premium private jet looks from
the inside awesome right well these were some
services the altar is people use on the Internet well I am smiling but deep
inside and I’m depressed if you are feeling what I am feeling now give this
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