74 thoughts on “How Websites Work

  1. apart of the obvious beautifulness of the girl, how happy is she!!!! never seen a girl explaining things with so much joy!!!!! she cracks me up

  2. Thanks for this video and for the whole series. It is really helpful to get the basics down by using online tools like this. Thanks, Ron Bartos

  3. Great explanation..I was trying to show this video to my students, they were unable to catch up with the speed of her presentation. Anyway good job, and nice presentation overall.

  4. Would you rather call it a Blueprint to explain to novices? You and I know. No matter how easy you try to explain this stuff to people. It doesn't always end up the way it should. That's why some people teach, rather than Do.

  5. Can a website have multiple servers around the world as a backup in case one server fails, it still has others to keep the website up?

  6. You might have no clue how long I was looking for this kind of educational materials. Hopefully in the next year I am going to teach kids to Digital Culture, and your enormous efforts like this, would be a huge help to introduce them to the internet on an easy way. Thanks again!

  7. Helpful simplification for a computer numpty like my, but also Natalie made me smile so much! Hope she's done well since contributing to this!

  8. I enjoyed this video and I'm very impressed with the creativity that went into creating it! Most technical videos, while helpful and informative, can be a bit tiresome. The graphics and the bubbly attitude of your speaker energized this video and actually managed to make a technical video entertaining.

  9. I just learned something and I'd like to thank you for this amazing video. i am expecting few more interesting in depth videos about  websites and servers. Good Work . Keep going.

  10. Great content! Engaging, informative and very quick! Can I ask what tools were used in creating this content? I agree with Carolyn Vines below, the content is amazingly effective. Thanks so much!

  11. yep cool video.can you tell that how websites earn money?&how much they earn for particular data on your next video?

  12. Short simple and very nice video, i love the explaination along with the smile…… keep informative… God Bless you all…!!!

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