How Will the Repeal of Net Neutrality Impact You? Two Sides to the Story.

the repeal of net neutrality between
cable news and social media you’ve probably heard something about it
something to the tune of it’s the end of the Internet as we know it, but what does
that even mean for people like you and me how will the repeal of net neutrality
impact our lives these are the questions we wanted answers to so we went to work
and what we learned is there’s two sides to every story and this one’s pretty
polarizing join us on our journey of discovery this is to curious minds were
the Fratzke brothers and this is our list of curiosity join us on each episode of
two curious minds as we try to learn something new and cross something off
our list get in the original net neutrality
protections when put in place back in 2015 by then FCC chair Tom wheeler and
President Barack Obama there are no toll roads on the information superhighway
think of the internet like a highway in the content on the internet like cars on
that highway net neutrality says that all cars should be treated equally and
abide by the same speed limit under net neutrality internet providers can’t
speed up slow down or prioritize any content for example Comcast can’t slow
down Netflix and then make it so their own streaming service streams faster in
order to make their service more competitive the Netflix they also can’t
force Netflix to pay more money in order to speed up their content companies like
Google Facebook Netflix Twitter Kickstarter and reddit all support net
neutrality because it keeps the internet open and free allowing consumers to pick
the winners and losers not the internet providers on the other hand you have
telecommunication companies like Verizon AT&T and Comcast who say that content
providers like Netflix and YouTube use up to 80% of their broadband bandwidth
essentially these internet providers are saying no more free rides if you’re
using the network more than other content providers you gotta chip it this
is the new FCC Chairman Ajit PI some people think he’s a but I’ll let you
just make up your own opinion that’s just like your opinion man in 2017 him
and his team repealed the Obama era net neutrality protections Ajit says that
this move will stop the government from micromanaging the Internet and that net
neutrality was based on hysterical prophecies of doom the repeal of net
neutrality will lead to two major changes first internet providers can
block or slow down access to online content and second internet providers
can now prioritize their own content over others the repeal of net neutrality
will basically allow internet providers to build a toll road let me show you
what I mean this is Netflix this is YouTube Facebook
and Hulu remember that before all content went at the same speed but with
the repeal of net neutrality internet providers can essentially build a fast
lane and simultaneously put down speed bumps on the other lanes forcing content
providers to pay up or go slow this fat flame could essentially lead to
the cable ization of Internet supporters of the repeal argue that it will help
broadband investment in innovation that will increase Internet access and
overall data speeds so who are the winners and losers of the net neutrality
repeal the winners are internet service providers for obvious reasons and large
content providers like Netflix the truth is they have enough money to pay for the
fast lane the losers are startups small business owners and entrepreneurs who
don’t have the funds to pay for increased speeds and what about
consumers like you and me honestly the jury is still out on that
one all right can we cross net neutrality off our list of curiosity I
don’t think so I think this issue is going to be resolved in court or with
legislation through Congress I completely agree with that but Ryan for
what it’s worth the internet providers say they are committed to providing an
open Internet for everyone it’s not worth very much but only time will tell
well until next time we’ve been the Fratzke brothers and you’ve been
awesome stay curious my friends so where do you stand on the issue of net
neutrality and the repeal of net neutrality comment below and start a
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4 thoughts on “How Will the Repeal of Net Neutrality Impact You? Two Sides to the Story.

  1. While 1984 was written as a cautionary tale, Trump’s GOP seems to view it as a training manual. The FCC’s elimination of Net Neutrality provides one example.

  2. When I was looking into it, I had a hard time finding out why people were against Net Neutrality. Here’s there arguments and some relevant information. -Just because companies can slow down some websites doesn’t mean they will. In a free market, everyone would leave that provider and go to another one. || issues: before Net Neutrality was passed, Comcast had issues with slowing down Netflix (the reasoning is a little complicated, but Netflix had to pay a fee to get it sped up) – I believe Net Neutrality doesn’t extend to cell carriers (they have limited bandwidth) so they were able to block streaming video all together. Wireless has gotten better, which is why some carriers like TMobile offer unlimited data with Netflix w/o slowing other users 
    -Net Neutrality slows innovation. New technologies must be exposed and go through rigorous approvals before being implemented. This is part of the reason Google Fiber is only in certain areas ( I think it’s in Huston). || issue: potentially a valid concern, but would you rather have slower innovation (not no innovation) but equal access or faster innovation with tiered or restricted access?
    -Someone who only uses email or social media shouldn’t pay the same as people streaming Netflix of high volume content. Low income, including retirees who don’t use Netflix could get lower rates || issues: potentially. Or, like Disneyland, their prices may not go down. Disneyland introduced tiered pricing so low volume days are cheaper than peak days. I don’t know if the off peak days are actually cheaper than tickets used to be. 
    If we had a truly free market, some of these concerns may be less of an issue. However, many places have limited access or options (my complex only has spectrum). The internet providers want to be able to have monopolies like utilities, but be able to control the content. Think about your power or water company controlling the water/electricity you get to use. 
    Some general concerns about the repeal would include what other people have discussed as well as internet providers (Comcast, spectrum, at&t, etc) could change Netflix to have priority speeds, then charge their own customers to access to the higher speeds. Netflix would then raise their rates to compensate, so the customer gets hit twice. This isn’t necessarily in anyone’s business plan, but is a potential and likely outcome. 
    Keep in mind Netflix won’t be the single major streaming service soon. Disney has their own streaming service and with buying fox hey have a controlling force on Hulu (you discussed this in another video). In 2016, Netflix became the exclusive streamer of Disney content. In the past few weeks, Disney announced they would end this relationship in 2019. 
    Also, some concerns over Net Neutrality -bandwidth: if one user is streaming Netflix, this could slow down another user who’s using something like email or Facebook because it uses more bandwidth. This is why mobile carriers restrict some sites. However this would be minimal. -copyrights: providers can’t restrict access to torrent sites. I’m all for protecting the rights of artists, from Indy studios to the Big 6 (now 5 since Disney is buying Fox)
    I’m for Net Neutrality, but maybe some revisions could be made to assist innovation and protect copyrights more. I haven’t heard much about copyrights in the arguments though.

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