Howto: Using Orweb for Anonymous Browsing

Hello Guardians.
Today we’re going to go over setting up Tor on a non-rooted android with Orbot.
First things first. We’re going to go to either the F-droid repository or go to the google
play store and search for Orbot. You can see right there orbot tor on android and we’re
going to do a quick install. Right here you can see users also installed our sister app,
to Orbot, Orweb, which is the way to browse the internet through Tor in the browser. So
we’re going to go ahead and install tat as well. and wait for those guys to download.
So we can see those are installing right now. we have a little Orbot pulled up. We can now
choose the language. I’m going to choose english for the English speaking crowd here. It goes
through some of our warnings and instructions. We try to be explicit about which permissions
we’re going to be accessing just so that everybody is comfortable with the tool. If you do have
a rooted phone, it does allow for additional permissions that you don’t have here. You
can see a list of Orbot enabled apps. All of these tools you can actually plug in Orbot’s
proxy settings to use those tools through Tor. So now Orbot is ready. We’re going to
finish. Now this is Orbot in its dormant mode. You just click and hold
and you can see Orbot starting up. It’s bootstrapping, looking for all the proper Tor connections.
It goes from a nice little grey, to a yellow while it’s loading and it should turn green
shortly. You can see the speeds now, this has changed a little bit. The first time you’ve
connected it gives s a little instruction on how to contact us directly. You can shoot
us a message at [email protected] And otherwise it says you’ve had success.
now, how do we double check that? Well we go to our sister app Orweb and as soon as
you open up Orweb it’ll go to which will actually notify you to say whether
or not you’re using Tor. So, congrats you’re configured to use Tor. You’ll see the nice
green. If there’s an error it’ll actually say that you’re not configured to use Tor
and that you’re not using it so please be mindful of this. You can also all the localization
so that it’s in local languages as well. Now we’re going to pull orbot back up. For you
advanced users out there you might need to tweak some of the settings, particularly if
you’re in a place where Tor is blocked. You can see some pretty detailed settings here. And you might need to actually use bridges. I want to walk through
how we can actually get those bridges. We’re going to out of here and go into another browser.
We’re going to go into chrome. You can go directly to we’re
just going to click on there. and you can see the ability to download some bridges after
you’ve solved the captcha. Click “I am human” to prove it. You can see the bridge relays
right there. Now, if we actually need other types of bridges, let’s do that. Obfsproxy
is a pretty exciting new development. it hides Tor in a creative new way that makes it look
like it’s not Tor. it makes the traffic itself look more like Skype and other kinds of traffic,
making it even harder to censor. you can actually ask for this by clicking the obfsproxy option
and again solving the captcha, clicking “i am human” and then we have our obfsproxy proxy bridge so we’re going to highlight this, copy that, go back into orbot, back into settings.
We can scroll down, click use bridges and enter in the IP address of that bridge, go
back into orweb and you can see that we are still connected and now using an obfsproxy
bridge. I hope that was helpful to all of you who want Tor on your phone and
for those of you who have Tor currently blocked in your country but still want access through
your phone. If you have any other questions, always feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]
Alright, happy Tor-ing. Bye!

33 thoughts on “Howto: Using Orweb for Anonymous Browsing

  1. Followed the instructions on BlueStacks and since in Syria, needed obfs bridge. Got that from the page and entered it in Orbot settings but I am getting this:
    Orbot is Starting…
    Couldn't start Tor process:
    Unable to start Tor:Unable to start Tor
    Network connectivity is good. Waking Tor up…

    That was it, nothing GREEN as far as I can see, can you please help??


  2. Is it safe to configure Tor to use other browsers on Android as long as you disable Javascript in the browser you're using? If I go into wifi settings and proxy everything through Tor, using and port 8118, am I at risk of losing anonymity?

  3. Hey there, great video!
    However, it should be updated to reflect the new look of the site while using Jellybean 4.3
    The video should also be higher res. than 480p
    I noticed that you just copied one IP address, whereas when I did it I was provided with approx. 10 different ones, all of which I copied and pasted into the orbot settings. Is this ok?
    Thanks! Great tutorial nonetheless.

  4. Orbot or maybe orweb or both leak memory? I left orbot on one day, came next day my device's ram (512mb) showed 0mb free with nothing else running, even apps in cache was kicked out. Even after I stop orbot and exit, ram was never recovered, had to reboot the device. Anybody else have this problem?

  5. I keep getting a 503 service error "the server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later." Any one else get this?

  6. Can this be used to bypass web filters? I'm able to use Tor to bypass the web filters at school but now I'm looking for something for android.

  7. Why You Should Surf Internet Anonymously?

    Having nothing to hide doesn’t spare the need for anonymity while browsing the web. Your online activities can be tracked and used against you in every possible way by third-parties and advertisers. Anonymous web browsing can save you from unwanted trouble, such as getting hacked, or worse, spied upon


  8. To unblock block website you need to use live proxies, i personally use proxydocker, work perfectly 😀

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