HP Pavilion Power Desktop: Review (Gaming)

what is going on everybody glaze bolt here and today we have a review of the HP Pavilion powered desktop let's get started all right so here's the box it comes in as you see there HP civilian power desktop 500 bucks as a Black Friday skit sale was originally about 800 so just can't read those specs I will post them all on the screen right about now but see already performance whatever has all this random stuff in the box but yeah this is but there's the but back so that's about it for that is the Beast it's so you have an SD card slot your headphone jack this player USB and like small USB whatever it is on the back I kind of have to get a rig here it's not like rigged up back here I gotta get a monitor and stuff still doing that get a left on the TV but you got your power you down lay on the bottom I'm gonna start from bottom look easy Ethernet to output HDMI is I don't really have you used to use those I got my keyboard and my mouse plugged in back there and that HDMI to the TV so how does this thing before well from what I've experienced so far I can run every single of those games like perfect like I get so many perfect freakin frames try not to swear cuz monetization braces but this is the keyboard comes with pretty standard I'm I have all my stuff at home that I used but I'm in Wisconsin but I'm in Missouri right now and then got my mouse also needs to go but performance wise this computer is awesome it has a GTX 1060 in it I mean I mainly just play counter-strike and stuff but I don't have many games but I can play although it's perfectly fine if I'd world war two excuse me I'd be perfectly fine to play on its a window tents Windows 10 computers so I mean it's pretty nice I got some random folders up but I mean like display on it and everything is great um I really don't have anything negative to say about it I'll pop down screen here right about now alright so here's a little bit gameplay the reason I chose no man's sky is because I'm a little computer I could barely run this on the like lowest settings possible in here I'm gonna get top settings no frame loss anything I mean like look at that ship right there it just looks beautiful this gtx 1060 is phenomenal for this I mean so really really what you're getting with this computer is you're getting a sleek smaller computer it does the job it's not like overdoing anything if you know what I'm saying like yeah a lot of computers have those like neon lights and stuff I mean it's cool but those are just for looks and stuff I mean like it's cooled by fans and I mean it has a terabyte of hard drive and it's it's just good for what it is you know five hundred dollars I think was a good price to pay 800 that they normally asked might be a little pricey but for this computer if I had to say if I if I really was looking around I'd probably maybe get something different because HP is not normally something I jumped to I probably like an asus or something but for what I got right now I think I paid a great price of 500 and I definitely recommend this computer so without further ado I don't know I'm just standing here but not further ado this is really my first video that I've ever done that's kind of like an unboxing like this and I know it wasn't the best in the world and I guess just kind of leave some comments below of like maybe something I missed it you wanted to see for future unboxing videos and stuff and you know any questions that you may have that didn't go over so come rate subscribe and I will see y'all later

35 thoughts on “HP Pavilion Power Desktop: Review (Gaming)

  1. What kind of games can I play on it I just bought it and I don't wanna buy anything untill i know what it can handle

  2. Speaking the way you do is fine if you're protected in the privacy of your home…but all I'm going to say is that your ego is inflated. Why do so many people have a big fat oinky ego?

  3. Does this computer allow Wi-Fi connection haven't had a pc in years. Looking to get a new one for my room but my internet router and modem is in another room thanks

  4. Hello! I don't know if you're still reading comments, but I've been doing research for hours, since Christmas is coming up. I have hundreds of games that are amazing and I would love to play, but i merely have a horrid laptop. So I did a bunch of research and landed on this pc. It's cheap. It has great specs. And it would meet all my needs. My question is if it runs browser's and YouTube quickly, if it has Bluetooth, and what you suggest the best cheap monitor would be for it. I have found a few, but I'd like to hear your own opinion. Thank you!

  5. Mine has some problems. My GPU overheats, causing thermal throttling, even though my CPU temps are amazing. This causes stuttering, so I am sending mine to HP for them to fix it.

  6. Fuck all the shit talkers. I had mine for a year. Upgrades to an I7 and a 1080. Runs amazing. SSD too should be your first upgrade.

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