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Hi everyone. So I know a few people are
interested in the wifi speed of the HTC One M8, the 2014 HTC One
handset. Now when I ran this speed test yesterday
I was a little bit surprised because what I found was that the wifi strength on this is not only good but substantially better than the Nexus 5. I am not kidding when I say the Nexus 5 has some of the worst wifi signal strength I have ever seen, and it’s not just a bit of a problem with it actually you know, reporting the correct signal strength, no, it really just has an awful wifi chip in there that just doesn’t
deliver throughput. Not if it’s any further than about ten foot away from
the access point. So just to eliminate any potential
issues with walls or anything like that I’m in the same room as the actual wifi
access point and roundabout a metre and a half
away from it. Let’s begin the test. I’m on a 120meg broadband from Virgin so we should expect very good ping times and obviously maxing out the wifi here. As you can see there that is a pretty respectable score for wifi. You can also see that our wifi bars up
at the top of the screen are likewise nice and five solid. We found with
the Nexus 5 even in the same room as the access
point, it could sometimes only give you a three bar strength. There was something very
very flawed with what Google did there. Again, upstream
bandwidth is maxing out the line quite nicely from what Virgin
give us which is around a 10meg upload. So 14 milliseconds, 46meg down 9 well 10meg up, that is more than sufficient in my world. A perfect test for the HTC
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7 thoughts on “HTC One 2014 M8 wifi speed test – Androidizen

  1. I have no problems with my nexus 5 WiFi. In fact it is one of the best phones out of every one I know when it comes to data speeds

  2. I've not personally noticed major wifi problems with the N5. That said a problem I did notice with the N5 is that the user can block their wifi signal if your hand is up at the top of the handset.

    However nice vid as always.

  3. 46Mbps? Pretty poor on a 120mb connection. What router was used and was it 2.4GHz or 5GHz.
    I'm on Virgin Media 152Mb (capable of 160Mbps) and using their SuperHub2 and an iPhone 5 5GHz 'N' I reach over 70Mbps every time.
    I'm looking to get the M8 and I sure expect to max out my connection over wifi, not getting under 50Mb on a 120Mb line :/

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