HTML and CSS Tutorial for beginners – How to create our first web page and some basics of HTML

Hello guys In this video i will be showing you, how to create your first web page and some basics of html tags Before creating a web page we are going to create a folder, which holds all the files for this course To create a folder right click on this area and select new folder give it a name Now right click on this folder and select new file to create a web page give it a name like, index dot html now dot html extension shows that this file is a web page now first of all the most basic html tag which holds all the content of a web page isTag writeBrackets will automatically write the closing part of a tag inside this html tag we will add all the contents of a page likeTagTag and

Tag now the basic layout of a web page is look something like this a header area a body area and footer area we use different tags for different purpose, like in the head tag we add titles, styles, links, meta data, etc In the body tag, we use different types of tags like section, div, so on meta information is not displayed In the web page meta information is like a information of a web page which is also known as data about data to give to give the title to your web page add title taginside your head tag title give the title to your web page like Tutorials Globe save it and to view this web page click on this live preview button to show this web page on a Google Chrome browser it will automatically launch on Google Chrome browser you should see Tutorials Globe – Home the title of this web page now you can add text inside your body tag and footer like, This is a body area and in the footer, we will write This is a footer area save it and refresh it This is a body area and this is a footer area you can also format these text like to make this text bold we can use bold tag which isoh save it refresh it now this text is written in bold we can also use italic tagitalic tag these are the formatting tags to format your text we can also create headings using heading tags which range from


h1 to h6 these are the range of heading tags we are going to write heading This is a heading we can type all types of headings three four five and six save it these are the different size of headings h1 h2 h3, h4, h5 and h6 to make this footer in center, we can use center tag
which is use to make the content on the center of the web page save it and you will see footer area here now to divide this footer from a body we can also create a line here to create that line, we can use very simple hr tag

horizontal line tag save it and refresh it their you have a horizontal line after the body area we can also divide this area from above hr save it and reload it and this body area and this footer area are now divided with a horizontal line there is also one basic tag, which is called paragraph tag This is a paragraph area it writes the tag as a paragraph i just copy this area and paste and write this paragraph copy and paste this paragraph multiple times and refresh this page and you will see the text is written in a paragraph so these are the basic tags but there are so many other tags which we will use in the upcoming videos in the next video we will learn about “Elements” Thank you for watching and subscribe my channel, Goodbye and Goodluck

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