HTML G – The Ultimate Online HTML Editor Toolkit

Welcome to HTML G, the best online Web
Content Editor Toolkit which provides everything you need to compose the
perfect HTML code. This is your user interface which includes
the visual word editor, the source editor, the tag manager, the source cleaner,
find and replace tool, colour picker and lorem ipsum generator. The visual
and the source editor are linked together and whichever you edit the
changes are reflected in the other one in real time. To convert PDF or any other
rich text document to HTML all you have to do is copy the content into the
visual editor and you get the code instantly. Use the tag manager to create
new elements. This is how you add a new table, a new link, or new image. We are using the demo text to
demonstrate how to replace the tags. For example to replace every span with strong or to replace every table with divs. To be remove some tags with their contents use the commands in the third column. Use the options in the next column to
remove the tags only, but not the content inside of it. For example to extract the content
from a table. The tag manager allows you to remove
tag attributes of the selected tags. Another important feature is the table
to structured div conversion. Activate some options and execute all
checked commands together with one click. The HTML Cleaner lists the most important source cleaning
features. Execute them one by one or all checked options clicking the Clean button. You can easily find and replace in the
whole source code or in the selected location only. Use the color picker to
select a color from the palette. Save them for later use and use the demo
code snippets to apply them with a few clicks. The Lorem Ipsum generator lets you fill your page with gibberish text. Thank you for watching this video

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