HTTP / HTTPS Duplication

Hi. In this video we’re going to
discuss HTTP & HTTPS duplication, which is a type of canonical duplication and is part of a series
of videos on canonical issues &
canonicalisation. So, firstly it’s worth noting that
Google stated in 2017 that if they did take the HTTPS version of the site then they’re
going to a prefer that version. So this video isn’t really
addressing this as an actual problem more as ‘best practices’ & Good
Housekeeping. And there’s also a couple other
factors involved that you want to consider. So firstly this is really only going
to affect sites that have switched to HTTPS or that use HTTPS, more often than not it’s sites that
have switched and they’re still using links and canonical tags that refer to the HTTP version. Now, the reason why this is
important is because every time the authority that’s passed through a link to a new page whether that’s a canonical link or a
redirect. It loses a small amount the
authority. So if you’ve got a canonical tags
set up that point to your URLs that redirect into other URLs, then you’re losing authority systematically throughout your site. And that will affect your rankings and it is just generally bad for your site. So what we need to look at here
really are the two components So firstly we’ve got the accessibility and the kind of handling component and then we’ve got the canonical tag configuration component… the accessibility component is if you’re
using HTTPS are you forcing or redirecting users to the HTTPS version of the site? If you’re not then you should and that will resolve the kind of accessibility component of it. And along with that a lot of the
other issues as well. But then you need to go back through
the site and look at all of your canonical
tags. And ensure that they are referencing
HTTPS version all the URLs and then you need to go through
the site and look at all of the other
internal links including the XML sitemap, HTML sitemap, menu, footer links and any internal links version in all of your URLs. Once you have updated all of your
internal links in your sitemap and the
canonical tags and you’re using a forced redirect, you should be completely good to go. Okay well that’s all for this video. Check out some other videos for more
information on canonicalisation issues or visit our website at Thanks for watching.

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