I Am Not Okay With This | Official Trailer | Netflix | February 26

Dear diary… go fuck yourself. My name is Sydney. I’m a boring 17-year-old white girl. I’m not special. Might help with your moods. I keep losing my temper. I don’t want to, but it just spills out. -Hey, Syd.
-Hey. Stanley Barber. He lives down the street from me. Shoes, who needs them? My best friend is Dina. She’s dating golden boy Bradley Lewis. Do you ever smile? Anyway, my dad died last spring. And now everything’s so different. Dear diary… when does this get easier? It’s probably just puberty. I think there might be
something wrong with me. What do you mean? I just feel different lately. Everybody feels like a freak sometimes. Yeah, I guess. Oh, God. Dear diary, what the hell is going on with me? You can tell me anything.
You know that, right? I want you to attempt
to have a normal high-school experiece. What a world we live in, Sydney. Holy sh– -What’s he doing?
-Just wait. Hey.

100 thoughts on “I Am Not Okay With This | Official Trailer | Netflix | February 26

  1. The most basic algorithmic pos movie I've ever seen 🗑 I hope this fails man, good shows are being held back because of 💩 like this. Imagine writing this script 🙈

  2. I didn't see much "superheroing" in this….if your going to do a superhero show….do a superhero show…not a boring coming of age story

  3. i’m actually glad they chose these actors i think they are amazing at what they do and couldn’t have chose better people. i’m stoked for this to come out !

  4. I thought that this looked like something from stranger things and then it said “from the producers stranger things”

  5. I really want to see this TV series, because both actors from IT: Sophia Lillis and Wyatt Oleff is in this. And, I’m excited to see this! I bet Sophia and Wyatt are going to be amazing in this series because it looks like it’s going to be really interesting!

  6. She’s gonna take Millie bobby browns spotlight🤭😱but yk what she deserves to get recognition she seems like she will go places and her character seems interesting. She has powers too but she talks more and acts more human. Lol

  7. This looks so, so interesting. I'm not up to date with Stranger Things (long story, I won't bore you but I've only seen season 1) but this looks like the right amount of craziness and humor that makes me smile. Utter destruction by someone who isn't really interested in being destructive. Who is, mostly, sad about her Dad dying and maybe angry that he died or about the way he died. Looks very cool

  8. This is definitely my new go to for when stranger things ends it seems funny and it has that supernatural touch added. Along with the main character being very relatable to

  9. Pulling a all-nighter tonight, take many naps tomorrow, then pull an all-nighter again to watch this god damn mf show. Modern problems require modern solutions.

  10. Dear Netflix please make more rubbish for old people. Kind of getting tired of this kind of teen angst drivel.

  11. My goal is to become an Actor/Actress and be a part of/ be the main character of a TV series (or several) like this one.

    (Notice how I said GOAL and not DREAM? I'm gonna make it happen.)

  12. Me: I miss Stranger Things. Why did Netflix cancel Insatiable? That's ridiculous.

    Netflix: dangles I'm Not Okay With This in front of me

    Me: I'm okay with this. In fact, I'm very okay with this 🤣

    But really though Netflix, bring back Insatiable!

  13. I've read the comic and I don't know what to say about it…

    What I DO know is that it will be very different and I hope it exceeds my expectation bcz the comic's ending is just… NOPE!

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