“I don’t talk about it often” | Dave Chappelle at DC Improv

Whoever cares the most, I care at least as much
as them. I know what I got, cuz I lost it all. I gotta tell you something, and I don’t
talk about it often. Have you ever worked all your life for something and have it
not work out? That happened to me. It was tough. Think about it– I was gone
for 12 years. That’s not a little bit of time. It was hell.
I watched other n—– that I knew become very famous. I watched the world
go on without me. I mourned the lost of it, and after a
while, I didn’t care. Coming back was terrifying. I understand
what I am, I really do more than anybody. Like when they write about me in history,
I’ll-I’ll be dead reading it like, “Yeah, I knew they’d say that.” They say that a person can’t dream of a face they’ve never seen. Can’t believe that’s true, but it’s probably
true. Boy, I got a long bank of faces. 32 years I could close my eyes I could
think of any night there’s so many faces. Every night, most nights, they’re all looking up smiling. You have no idea what the world looks
like from there. All different races, all different colors, all different kind of
beliefs, just looking at me smiling for 32 years, night after night. No comedian takes that for granted. I
swear to God, this might be the noblest of
professions. Robin Williams had a bar that I loved, he said, comedy is the
only job you can have where you can use everything you know, and that’s true. You can use more than you can know, you can use what you think. Use it, don’t be afraid
don’t let these b—- ass n—– button your lip. Say it anyway.

100 thoughts on ““I don’t talk about it often” | Dave Chappelle at DC Improv

  1. I'm just an average guy living in small town USA , and I would like Dave to know that in my eye's he can do no wrong and I love him like a brother.

  2. Dave Chappelle had been off tv, for 12 years. Appeared on Oprah, and made some misc. appearances. Then went missing, then came out cloned… with completely awkward facial structure and build in SNL late 2010's , compared to how he Just looked around a coupla years prior….

  3. Dave chappele taking a stand ; showed his true character he came back and made all the money he lost and more. He ouystaded the black ball. Legend !!!πŸ‘‘πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‘‘πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  4. Another brilliant mind who won’t be here Long enough because he self loathes to smoke himself to an early death or suffering… button that up bitch!!!

  5. AAAAAAAAAAH YAWN. More YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN aah excuse me. More motivational snake oil from the race baiter. Here's my advice: Stop consuming the mental machinations of a middle aged jester and go do whatever it is you want with your life. Don't watch this video hoping to find or learn something that will change your life just because you believe this man is famous or rich or wise. You were always a wealthy man or woman all along. Lastly, stop saying the n word for attention. Now I'm going to go feed some ducks.

  6. Everyone claiming how great Dave is but forget he risked his life for something he believed in. They tried to destroy his legacy but he came back strong. They’ll try to destroy him again eventually. I hope everyone watching him supports him when the time comes.

  7. I'm sorry I have to say this that does not seem like Dave Chappelle he's not as funny as the real Dave chappelle that my friend is a clone. he has been replaced, that place was quiet af. Same as Britney Spears, those big DEAD EYES give it all away, she does the same poses day after day, all her light is gone. sad that people are fooled.

  8. Salute to Dave Chappelle who walked out of 50 million dollars and slapped his Iceberg slim right in the face and told him to f**k off

    We all Respect you very much.
    Whatever you decide to do.
    I feel like I can speak for us all when I say.
    God Bless you and your Family.

    We Love You Brother!!!
    May your New Year Be the Best!! 2020!

  10. He doesn’t have to be politically correct with such a large platform/audience. As the United States stands now, the first amendment is still being stripped from us. It will only get worst. Most the time if the average joe has a alternative opinion or a belief system that is against the status quo, the consequences could be way more harsh than terrible critic reviews on rotten tomatoes.

  11. And this is why I we need more Dave Chappelle's in the world. Loved and known by nearly all, uses his platform of success to speak the truth, and drops the facts of life on your doorstep. Yes, the world is an ever changing thing, but it doesn't mean you have to get on board with the people who scream the loudest and know the least. I'll echo the same message as many others, I'd listen to a full set of him just spilling his thoughts. There's lessons to be learned with Dave.

  12. What's wrong with everybody?!. This guy is NOT Dave Chappelle. However, as usual, "they" have done an excellent job at manipulating the minds of the sheeple who are so easily blinded and misled. Wake up everybody. Dave Chappelle's head ain't never been that big. And this guy ain't funny,

  13. I don't like how Dave carelessly uses the N-word infront of a (mostly white) audience – and makes them comfortable with it, laughing at his N-word jokes.

    I thought he said he had "grown up" (the reason he left "The Chapelle Show") because he realised that some of the white people on his production team were laughing at him, not with him about his N-word characters etc – and he felt like a sell out. Yet, here he is more than a decade later, doing more or less the same thing.

    What is it with (some) African Americans and the N-word? It is the most extreme case of Stockholme Syndrome I have seen. Shame on all the white people that enjoy this kind of comedy, and are comfortable with African Americans calling themselves this disrepectful name on stage just for cheap laughs.

    Yes, I know that ghetto people, thugs etc. call each other that on a daily basis – but since when have the dredges of society been exemplars of society? I expect a lot of hate from clueless, ignorant, "I don't see color", unempathetic white people, and also lots of ignorant, self hating people of African descent … water of a duck's back.

  14. He's good but there are some deeply seeded issues. I would start with the lonely boy from his past, give him a big hug.

  15. Dave, Clinging to his past like an archaeologist waiting for his great discovery. Manifest your utilities and map new paths to overcome that hardship. Maybe read the story of sisyphus because hardship is necessary to gain new utilities.

  16. Yeah, gone for 12 years…but not to me…not to most people. I watched re-runs of "Chappelle's Show"…and still laugh at the same jokes. That was an iconic show! Love you Dave!

  17. This man came straight from his mark twain award ceremony to the improve club wow that's dedication. Guess that's why he's the best.

  18. For every man like him, who just innately gets the value of freedom of speech at a visceral level, there's at least one other trying to limit it to suit his foibles. At least. So we have to rely on rational arguments for what should be self-evident.

  19. I coined the phrase 'Chapellian' and I puzzled my very short minded friends. I get my reasons and take on life from this man and from time to time they wonder why I'm able to hold to 2 jobs, help not only my mother and father with countless things, then having a social life on top of that. This man has taught me so much about life that I try to enact onto others that most dont get which is sad. Because he is brilliant and a pure genius to the core.

  20. Such a fantastic comedian…one of the greats. I am sad that the cigs seem to be taking his voice.
    You go back to Chappelle Show and hear him then, then watch this now, his voice sounds so rough now. Damn cigarettes 😑

  21. It's like Dame! Hit home know what I mean!? But then again u people don't! Everything you guys do work out RIGHT! LOL

  22. Dave is just too smart and well informed , doesn't even need to tell a joke , whatever he says just grabs your attention .

  23. i once became paranoid that everything around me was fake because i dreamed of a person i had never seen before. It was a rough two weeks


  25. I love Dave and everything, but why does he act like it wasn't his decision to give up on his career in the early 2000s?

    He keeps saying shit like "I worked my whole life to get somewhere and it didn't work out" or "It was hell, I had to watch other guys I knew get famous" Hate to break it to you but Dave YOU were the one that left and gave up your career. He could have easily been famous and had the career he wanted, why is he acting like it was out of his hands when he was the exact one that could and did give it all away?? I just don't get it.

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