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  1. Has it ever occurred to you that those horns might be there for a more practical reason like hanging things on..??

  2. When he points to the visual, it would be nice to pan UP so we can see what he is talking about. It takes more than a split second to see so better not to return the camera to the back of the speakers head.

  3. I just get the feeling he is trying to shoehorn a vast archeological remains into a nice academic box. Rather than let the remains speak.

  4. Thank you for your efforts Ian Hodder and regards from Istanbul.Thank you Google for introducing us to him.

    Hodder's map is a little bit wrong I thing. GobekliTepe is not in that area actually: https://goo.gl/maps/jYCSFTJx642GfT286

    PS: Please show us presenter's media all the time and use presenter himself in a little box at a corner of the video. That way we can understand him more I guess.

  5. Hi
    I am a builder and MD of my own company! I am very interested in Gobekli Tepe!
    I have couple of observations that seem obvious to me that have not been expressed in all the information – date I have come accross.
    Mainly the monuments there are all being classified as monuments and megaliths etc.
    But all I see is high central pillars and stone walls and all in circular patterns!
    Now this the maintenance point. These are to me are buildings. High central pillars with smaller outer walls.
    These are all communal meeting points with roofs missing.
    Someone tell me I,m not imagining this.
    This is obviously to me a large meeting point for people Mesolithic persons.
    Does anyone have a thought on that?
    Regards Rob

  6. really??? Karl Marx as an authority on anthropological evolution??? Gonna have to call BS on that one. He only wrote a speculative piece about the native indian…devoid of actual research

  7. These homes remind me of the ancient Native American homes in the southwest built in and near large hills (mountains).

  8. Even with growing evidence of the catastrophic past, mainstream archeology still cannot allow the suggestion that humans were anything other than hunter-gatherers until the miraculous appearance of Sumer and Egypt. That dog is losing its ability to hunt.

  9. Just food for thought, I live in Saskatchewan Canada grew up in an agricultural setting and have found dozens of flint arrow heads laying around our land as well as stone hammers, axes and so on. I know a number of people that have collected far more of them than I have yet in the two sites being discussed these hunter gathers have not left any evidence of what tools are being used or at least not mentioned. That being said I have not looked into the topic but given the supposed skulls hanging on the walls there should be something of tool fragments laying around. I would also add at 13k years ago where I'm sitting right now had maybe over a mile of ice over my head.

  10. Diabolically bad speaker who really does not appear to be in command of the information. Poorly filmed, too. Find the TED talk about this subject instead.

  11. This is what happens when you let academics who have never spent their lives outside of the classrooms and have no imagination or ability to deviate from their preconceived notions taught to them in school, speak about one of the greatest archeological finds of our lifetimes. Hunter gatherers with limited time and resources would not just build monolithic structures like this out of nowhere, this represents a monumental leap forward in human civilization and requires skilled engineers, stoneworkers, masons and smiths to make the tools to build these structures with an understanding of mathematics and measurements.

    But Ian provides a good juxtaposition between people on the ground who actually are discovering these amazing structures and people who live their lives in classrooms deliberating on the best way to make these discoveries fit their models. No, if you want real insights into these structures you need to watch Graham Hancock, Randall Carlson, Dr. Robert Shaw not this boring and drab lecture in which we learn nothing of consequence.

  12. what a round about way to dis Marx… also completely uneccesary for talking about early pursuit of science and technology… violent images as compared to what game of thrones? weird guy, wish he wasnt so distracted from his real job

  13. It is logical that domestication of animals preceded domestication/cultivation of plants since hunter-gatherers would have lured many of their prey into relationships of co-dependency, but believing that symbolic interests precede functional relationships seems more to support the idea that aliens taught early humans the steps to higher civilization and the humans were commanded to build monuments of the aliens to worship as a means of social control. I'm ready to believe that clerics might con people into building symbols, but they were probably clerics who knew something more than the average villager about how nature could be harnessed. I tend to believe that form follows function more often than the other way around.

  14. I've a theory to chuck into the mix; namely the Annunaki and my Giza Fishery hypothesis: https://humanityqualifies.blogspot.com/

  15. And and and and and and I can't watch this guy stutter anymore trying to explain that he doesn't know what he's talking about. There are Annunaki handbags at the Gobekli Tepe site. This links Gobekli with Sumer. It's agreed that 10000 years ago the Earth's population already exceeded 1,000,000 labeled as small tribes of hunter-gatherers that would be at least 1,000 tribes of 1,000 individuals but to say that all 1,000 tribes were hunter-gatherers and that none of the 1000 were technologically more advanced than another is like saying all trees are the same height

  16. 14:06 .those speculations of his about the carvings on the T-stones were quite enough for me. He is clueless about Gobekli Tepi so why is he attempting to expound on it at all? It's embarrassing.

  17. Fascinating talk from an authority on this key subject in understanding the earliest stepping stones towards civilization. The comments, though, make me embarrassed to be human.

  18. Several decades ago Immanuel Velikovsky described how it was the ritual response to cosmic catastrophes that led to the rise of the first civilizations. In this, as in so much else, he is being proved correct. For a discussion see emmetsweeney.org

  19. Photo at 10:14 is funny. Do anyone really think timber sticks move or support such massive stone objects!!!!!!!! Even stranger in the image is people hammering on stones, well the stone monoliths in reality, show no sign of being hammer out. They look molded.

  20. Karl Marx….yup, the revolution was the 'domestication of people'. using them as a labour force to benefit the few instead of everyone just doing their own thing. We know this bullshit, mate, they have been trying to sell it to us for years

  21. 11:00 Utter and complete bollocks…..that this guy is an educated man and is so afraid of the pecking order of the established scientific community is a damned disgrace and endemic of our entire society today

    this is utter, 'utter' bullshit and he knows it

  22. This entire lecture is spoiled by the camera's insistence on following Hodder about instead of staying on the images that he is discussing.

  23. Tightly packed small dwelling without streets that you enter from the roof. Sounds like it was an prison and not a settlement.

  24. Egalitarian myths advanced here and other bad leaps of logic, like rituals leading to domestication. Conclusions like this are irresponsible. Almost calling the culture here naive of their own materialism.

  25. Make a chart , fix some dates , identify correlarys , relationships , publish a timeline , maps ,photos ,notes specimens , check the data , allways . Science is a system of comprehending ,

  26. I think it gave family members time to specialize in one area of skill. Or division of labor. Also strength in numbers for hunting etc.

  27. WOW… this video is such a "low-rent" depiction of what is ACTUALLY depicted at Gobekli. I'm amazed at the amount of knowledge dismissed or ignored. The animal reliefs are zodiac symbolism. And the ball shows the zodiac at ~ 12,000 BP in the summer equinox between zodiac signs. The "bags" represent eras/seasons not represented on the pillar… as placeholders of earth's procession. This is much better explained in other videos. Why is this so much oversimplified?

    And hunter gatherers? Really? When you have depictions of agriculture (bound grain) in relief on the pillars… how can anyone say that? This was either the beginnings OR MORE LIKELY the remnants of advancing civilization after a CATACLYSM. #YoungerDryasImpactEvent

  28. If they entered their dwellings from above and had fires inside, how did they avoid carbon monoxide buildup in the dwellings?

  29. Sorry guy's the Academics had their shot at ancient history. Time get out the PHD shredder and rewrite the books. To bad the internet came around you could have kept a lid on history. I can't even sit though this BS anymore.

  30. We are still hunters and gathers ppl still hunt some more or less than others only because we are not allowed to do it , farmers gather food in a different way some gather foods herbs food of tge food has we call wilderness , it's all in man to hunt and gather the same has animals especially cats even thou there demesticated and still hunt it's in the dna the fight for survival that's how we all carry on after disasters , the time scale he talks about is not correct if you look at other things about the same things after all its all guess work and conjecture what's already happened will happen again when it's all guess work we know nothing you can't put all new science to old ancient things they didn't call it science but way of life in a thousand years we will still not get the right prognosis of how the ancient ppl and ancients before them did things but it's still great to think out of the box , and I think man will never live on other planets again if there are others out there we are so much behind them and will never catch up if what happened on earth with cataclysmic events are hard to understand or stop tgen how can we stop worse things of a star oils etc in space if man built on mars etc they'd not last long with tge bombardment of astaroids etc itl never happen it's just like a fairy tale I think they use it has a excuse to spend money on other matters in space rather than living there , just more ways of spying on ppl and to use for military ends

  31. Some men ppl woman etc thing there superior to the ppl of the ancient ancient past when they can't figure how they did things back then says it all its all conjecture retoric for there own ends for money jumping on a band waggon and hiding true facts man may of been around for billions of years because we can't find all evidence doesn't mean we where not around everything will decay at different levels it's just time we will never ever find the truth of the beginning only knowing things from what we can find now which dorsnt tell the whole story or half of the story


  33. dont see it this way . if they can manufacture these things they must have been able to cook food , organise themselves and comunicate .

  34. I was in Turkey in the late 1950's near Karamursel for 2 years, then to Sembach in Germany. You have misspelled gobeklitpe but I like your lecture.

  35. He isn't telling of the technical skill needed to carve figures into rock with such precision. Others have pointed out the tools required were even more advanced than today.

  36. @15:10….I knew he was a man of science when I heard "these ducky-like things over here". Probably an ornithologist in another life…..

  37. Hunter Gatherer's collectively and regularly just suddenly decided to organize themselves to build such a site on an enormous scale. I think I despair for mainstream Archaeology and what Universities and Colleges are teaching students if this is the caliber of 'Intellectual' that is rolled out to make 'explanations' as to Humanities past. The idiocy of these 'Dinosaur thinkers' is beyond comprehension. Can we please move on from this defunct thinking and really get down to some now obvious truths about Humanity's past history?! They always embarrassingly just erase their last dated statement regarding the beginnings of Civilization and now tout the NEW finding as "now THIS is when it began!" It's almost childlike in it's stupidity and predictability.

  38. Why do they almost immediately have to start talking in terms of "Origins of Settled Life" have these people learnt nothing about the folly of making claims that may be found wrong down the line, as so many are.

  39. Still trying to pass off modern human only goes back to 10,000 bc? Mainstream science and archeology is garbage and facts are rooted in what you are told to say to keep your funding.

  40. If any one is concerned about 'Origins' thing …I think we need to look at it


  41. Far more interesting than the decisions of the ancients that led to the creation of the site is the fantastically-labor-intensive decision for a later civilization to systematically bury the site. Can you imagine that conversation when it was first proposed?

    Village chief: "Hey, I have an idea – let's spend years of back-breaking labor to bury and hide this site that took decades to build."

    Random villager: "Uhh… WHY? "

    Village chief: "Just seems like a fun way to spend the next 5 years."

    Random villager: "I have a better idea. Why don't we just move somewhere else and leave the site alone? That sounds MUCH easier."

    Village chief: "You just don't get it, do you?"

  42. Kids being separated from parents sounds like what happens in slavery. Why would they put up with that? Tradeoff for a secure apartment with what had to be the most modern amenities of the time? Head wounds being common sounds sketchy.
    We still like to decorate with heads. I have a painted deer skull on my bedroom wall just because it looks cool.
    Keep digging. Can’t get enough of these strange sites.

  43. how about training the pinheads on the camera's to focus on the [[ scenes /pictures/subjects/maps/etc., rather than the speaker's/narrator's etc., we know what ''they'' look like HELLOW! >>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<

  44. SO……….we don't see wall paintings of mom, dad 2-3-4-5 children,,,,,,we see inter sexual family relationships sisters,mothers.dads,uncles,sons,,,,what are we seeing???/here???? what do you mean when you say ''',,we see mothers/dads [all growing up helping?? each other get through ?? their lives'',,,to what extent???

  45. With all due respect, the explanation of the origins of Gobekli Tepe is nothing but an assumption, based on little factual evidence. There is still no explanation of how these supposed separate hunter/gatherer cultures developed the skills for stone masonry, megalithic construction, advanced artistic expression through stone sculpture, etc… all of which require a period of development. The explanation given suggests these skills just appeared out of nowhere, without any previous development period. Also, no explanation is given to why the site was intentionally buried by the inhabitants. In addition, why do the surrounding sites appear thousands of years later?

  46. What about the water erosion the sphynx? The last time is rained like that it was 12,800 years ago when a comet impacted Greenland and ended the last ice age.
    We have megalithic sites all around the globe that point to high tech lost ancient civilizations. We cannot build the GREAT PYRAMID EVEN WITH TODAY'S TECHNOLOGY. Try to keep up with the latest Ian.

  47. Very good lecture. Thank you. I wish perhaps you could have elaborated on putting GTepe and CH in the larger picture of ancient sites – as witnessed by a quetion coming after the lecture. In particular, is there any relation to the "nearby" areas like Bactria, Vinca /Tripilla, and, above all, Stone Grave culture north of the Black Sea?

  48. Massive civilizations existed well before the end of the last ice age 12,800 years ago. Look at the megalithic structures under water that could only have been above water 20,000 years ago. Time to re-educate yourself Ian. The ancient Egyptians themselves admit they are descendants of a race that existed for 20,000 years before them. WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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