If You’ve Never Heard of the ‘Homework Gap’ This Video Will Shock You

– Three, two, seven, nine. – [Announcer] That is correct. – How do they know this? – [Girl] Are you kidding me? – [Announcer] Welcome to
today’s academic challenge. You may only use what’s on your table. There will be three rounds, and the questions will get harder. What is the largest animal living today? Team A. – Blue whale. – [Announcer] Team B. – Blue whale. That is correct. – [Mom] Good job, guys. What is the square root of 144? – 12. – 12. – [Announcer] Correct again. – [Student] Jenny, you know this. Go Jenny. – India. – India. Neil Armstrong. – Neil Armstrong. – [Both] William Shakespeare. – [Announcer] Correct. We are tied. – [Girl] Okay, stay focused. Stay focused. – [Woman] Team B? Team B. – [Announcer] For round
two, we’re going to give both teams, some
additional resources. – [Student] Okay. Facts of 2017. Wow. – [Announcer] Who was the first president to live in the white house? – John Adams. – [Announcer] That is correct. – Oh my God, bro. – Come on. – [Announcer] What does the
acronym, LCD, stand for? – [Mom] Wow. – He can do this one. – Liquid crystal display. – [Announcer] Correct. – How do they know this? – Go with it. Just go with it. – Come on, come on, come on. – Sargasso sea. – [Girl] What? – [Announcer] That’s correct. – Eight minutes and 20 seconds. – [Announcer] Correct. – [Jenny] Samuel Morse. – [Announcer] Correct. – [Jenny] Denver, Colorado; Santa Fe, New Mexico; and Salt Lake City, Utah. – [Announcer] That is correct. Let’s pull back the curtain. – Are you kidding me? That’s so not cool. I’m offended that they had
such an unfair advantage. – It was way too fast. – [Announcer] Please have your team captain open the envelope on the table. – 70% of teachers assign homework, requiring access to the internet, and yet five million households with school aged children do not have high speed internet service at home. That just puts five million other people at a disadvantage,
which is not okay. – Nearly 50% of students say they have been unable to complete a homework assignment because they did not have access to the internet or a computer. – It just broke my heart because I didn’t know that the
percentage was so high. Everything he does is on the computer. So, if he didn’t have access to that, he wouldn’t have a chance. Someone may not be pulling the grade, not because they’re not smart, they just don’t have access to
what all the other kids have. – [Mom] Oh that’s so great.

100 thoughts on “If You’ve Never Heard of the ‘Homework Gap’ This Video Will Shock You

  1. omg, the comments are full of old people. The point of the video isn't to shovel pity on people without computers and interenet, it's pointing out that a large pool of high schoolers (in the most critical area of their life) do not have the same advantages as others with computers.

    Internet access is imperative to youngsters these days. Wherein I used to have issues learning simple algebra, I thereafter excelled at when i could sift through miles of video tutorials that guide me through multi level equation processes. Forget speed, information is more current, more diverse when you seek the appropriate articles online – and it instructs students how to use the internet to find and source their information appropriately. You wouldn't believe how many public school graduates struggle with community college courses because they didn't have periodic access to a computer. Most of our work today is conducted online in this era, and to expect someone who has had very little contact with computers and their working to just spontaneously learn how and keep up with their peers is cruel, and short sighted. And is erases opportunities for those students who are eager and ambitious, and are ready to work towards a better life.

    Stop being old fossils, and complain more about why internet and computer devices are not more wildly available. That's like another $300.00 – $500.00 to spend on computer skills courses in college.

  2. Honestly, this is so true. The gap between income classes in America is so wide, especially in our schooling system. Growing up, I lived in a more smaller, more conservative, poorer area and in the richer suburbs of a major city. I lived in Mississippi, where a lot of the population does not have access to a lot of school-needed resources, and I lived in big cities in Texas, where a lot of the population has plenty of access. In both of those places, I've noticed a generally large gap between how technology is used in schooling.

    In Mississippi, we didn't have a super technological-based schooling until around the eighth grade, but even then, there were plenty of other options. It was well-known in places in the Jackson area that there are plenty of children who were not granted the same and equal opportunity as others, so teachers would constantly have to remind the students that the homework was on paper, and if they didn't have access to computers, that was okay and that they could do it at school. We knew the struggles that everyone was going through, so our schools tried to compensate by not basing the entirety of their education on technology. But even with the reminders, we gradually began to shift toward a very computer-based education, where a good portion of our homework, notes, tests, and quizzes were all taken on an electronic device.

    But in places like Austin, Texas, I lived in the richer, upper middle-class community. There, I was surprised that kids were given iPads since middle school, that all of the notes were typically taken on a device, and that almost all of the homework could only be accessed through technology. High school students were encouraged (sorry, required) to print out most of the handouts and to be able to use a stylus pen well. Sure, we didn't take as many tests and quizzes on the computer, but I'm sure that's largely because Texas' state-mandated end-of-the-year tests were taken on paper (Texas is a much larger place full of variety, and they try to not discriminate against low-income schools by forcing them to take everything on expensive material), which is a deep contrast to Mississippi's technology initiative, where they tried to push the implementation of technology into the poorer communities (which is like almost all of Mississippi) in order to advance and innovate some of the low-class students.

    Everything was just so different. I had to adjust rather abruptly, and I managed well, but the question behind whether some students could even afford some of the required material always appeared in my mind no matter where I went. So I thank you for this video, because it displays the "Homework Gap" so perfectly.

  3. I think an Internet service provider is crying "think of the children". It's an appeal to pity and a fallacy. The stats in this ad are just nonsense. Which grades are affected by this? There's no alternative methods like Starbuck's wifi, school resources, library, or assistance from teachers? And what school curriculum relies on 5-second internet searches to teach their students? What do you learn from Google searching "first president in White House"? Could you call a friend for the answer or is that cheating?

    There's no doubt HIGH SPEED internet and owning a computer is convenient, but to say lack of those things are a detriment to your success is just not true. What about if someone with this luxury does worse in school, then it's a time management issue, not HIGH SPEED Internet's fault?

    If I had photographic memory my exams would be hilariously easy. Do you know how many exams rely on just knowing a definition? But there is no equal opportunity outcry for that. The reality is some people have to work harder to get a better grade. People are not created equal but they have the opportunity to do what's necessary to succeed themselves.

  4. This is my case with my chemistry class. He always assigns stuff in the Google classroom for homework but I can't access it. we even have to write our own notes from slides he put in the Google classroom! I can't spend the whole time trying to writes notes during the class period. he put like 17 slide sets with 4 chapters each. I can't do anything at all except feel stupid Everytime I say I dont have the homework. He relies 100% on those stupid Chromebooks and I don't think we should have them. now I automatically fail because I can't do the work and get in trouble at home once I've failed the class. it isn't right!

  5. Um, its a matter of not looking up the answer for things and actually thinking themselves, im in school, and i dont HAVE to use the internet to do ANY of my homework, talking to my teachers for help on a problem, or using the books the school provides is absolutely enough, and most teachers will make flexible exceptions for kids who cant use the internet, i attribute this to not lack of technology, but dependence on it.

  6. I dont know if its the same in USA but on my school in the library there are computers that you can use for free until 8 pm or something like that, I have a friend that has no wifi in his house and he stays at school a couple hours to finish homework so… idk why its such a struggle, not trying to offend just asking

  7. So I didn't need internet when I was in school, and that's less than 5 years ago. My sister's whole school life revolves around internet though and we aren't even financially stable. And we have to put certain bills above others all the time.

    For my sister to continue her schooling, she has to have a legal home address and a working home phone number for contact purposes. She has to attend a school by law or else. So the bills that need to be paid no matter what are the electricity and the internet/cable/phone package, every month. After that, everything else comes last.

    The kids in the nearest community also have to have internet access or they can't attend their district school.

    1st World poverty isn't the same as 3rd World poverty but it is no less important. This is about how some kids have privilege above others and how they are often treated terribly by teachers for not coming to the same conclusions or putting out the same level of work as the privileged students. They aren't stupid, they are just disadvantaged.

    I have friends on other sites that tell me they hate school because their teachers don't ever give them a chance. That they don't have constant access to internet or even a computer at home and to do any kind of report they have to go to a library over 20 miles away to read outdated books that no longer count because new information has rendered them useless. They end up with incorrect information that lowers their overall grades and teachers have a habit of treating children who don't get perfect grades, as idiots who aren't worth their time. They did that when I was in school and it's even worse now.

    That is why the moms are crying. Some kids are treated terribly and sectioned off into boxes of inadequacy, for reasons out of their control, and some teachers tend to get a bit high on their horses and don't do their jobs as they should.

  8. So what, did computers suddenly come out and everyone became smarter? Its not that you require a computer to do online homework assignments, it just can make lot easier depending on the assignment. However I've seen my brothers and sisters struggle on a homework assignment (right now I'm at college and their in high school) and I'll grab it and find the answer they were looking for in a text book. The problem isn't that students don't have access to internet, they don't know how to read anymore. I use to read all the time when I was younger, anything I that could get into my hands, but if you had placed me in front of a computer at that young age or had given me video games, I probably would not have made the grades I needed to go to college.

  9. I wonder what percentage of students who have access to high-speed internet, use to just to play games and go on social media……

  10. i am 100% homeschooled and my internet is to slow to handle all my classes and homework i try to tell my teacher about why i miss some homework but they think i am lieing

  11. Can someone explain what the shocking revalation was? I'm a dumbass so I don't get it. they pulled the curtain back and….?

  12. What pecentage of kids don't have internet but have a smart phones? You know it does things other than download cheap games and play music.

  13. This really isn’t an issue. Of course 50% of kids are gonna use an excuse why they don’t do their homework if they’re given one

  14. I failed an honors history class in high school because i couldn't use the internet and my family didn't own a car. They told me I could've done the work during my 25 minute lunch. Each assignment took over an hour with the internet. I would have still failed even with their advice. My final grade was a D minus because I scored an A plus on the final. The final was a 200 question test and a 3 page hand written essay.

  15. This video was interesting but it also pissed me off. The only advantage I saw with those laptops was speed. If those books surely had the answers within then why didn't the kids use the Index in the back? Table of Contents? The same exact answers can be found of you put in the time. Relying too much on't he internet will make you lazy. I am shocked when I see guests at the place I work not even know how to operate a crank papertowel dispenser. Rotate the thing on the side! Don't wave your hand expecting it to be automatic! LAZY and forgetful! What of our electronics all crashed suddenly? Can't use the web! Better turn to old fashioned books! Oh wait… aren't we trying to stop using libraries?…
    I want kids to have access to good internet too. It is pretty much an essential now, however PLEASE don't forget how to use your basics. 🙁

  16. The problem in America is not only this big gap but also given homework and having exams given to children. In Europe, especially is Scandivania, students don't have homework and they do not have exams like they do here in America. And yet, They are amongst the 10 better educated countries in the world but also smartest. Compared, the US does not even make it the 10 best educated country. The US is 23rd in science, 39th in math and 25th in reading. So yes, there is a gap but the biggest problem is the education in itself. All of the topics are outdated and bias. Students in other countries spends less time in school but have smarter kids. In other countries instead of stressing kids in exams and homework, they have vocations such as roboteries, engineering, culinary arts and other arts. They have lunch at home, have more time outside and have more freedom than the country who is supposed to represent freedom. We live in a fantasy world if we thing that we live in a great country.

  17. 815 million people starving all over the world, parents be like:😴
    5% of students in the U.S. don’t have internet, parents be like:😭

  18. LOL!!! Free wifi can be found all over the place. Why can't these kids go to a coffee shop, mcdonald's or public library for wifi if they can't afford it? Hell, most people on food stamps have fancier phones than I do anyway and have a better data plan too. This video is bullshit. Everyone has access to information today, it is what you make of it. I literally cringed throughout this video.

  19. I hope they realize that a lot of schools have computers that students can use. If that doesn't work the students can still go to a public library.

  20. So are you trying to tell me that we should be taught to use the internet over traditional textbooks because it’s easier and quick or that the people who can’t afford an electronic device are either to lazy to look stuff up in a textbook or too dumb?

  21. I cannot believe that we as a nation have become this reliable on the internet. Encyclopedias aren't some some of blank rock, they're a wealth of information, and we should be completely capable of finding answers to questions by using them.

  22. Unfortunately this video does nothing to address the fact that in order to solve this problem, it would require their full dedication to getting internet to the entirety of the U.S.
    Which, by the way without forcing them to, is impossible, and seeing as the only document putting internet under the "Utility" category, was completely removed by the FCC, there's no way to do that now.
    Which basically means: no internet for anyone who doesn't already have it.

  23. My school is an expiriment to maintain a 1:1 ratio, 1 computer for every 1 student. We have one school laptop for every student – I'm using it rn actually and I feel so sad for every kid who has homework like me but no good computer…

  24. As a former teacher, let me share some insight. Schools that perform higher are given greater funds to purchase technological equipment for each classroom. These schools now have technology in their classrooms for each student. Each may have a laptop or an ipad. Now, lower functioning schools, which are usually already at a socioeconomic disadvantage, are not given more funds. I had a classroom of 25 students with 6 computers, and that's if all 6 of those computers are functioning properly that day. My 8th grade students were expected to type out their FSA writes essays. They were never introduced to typing before. Now, if they are not capable of typing and typing their essays for the first time on testing day, how will they have enough time to edit and revise? Many do not even complete their essays. These are "grades" for the school. That is just some insight. Now, these students are capable of performing well, but they do not have the same advantages as these other schools. Why would these schools that truly need additional resources not receive the same funding as the schools that have all the funding they want and more? Think about that….

  25. there is the fact to consider that, even though a lot of independent work exists i.e. papers that require sources beyond the assigned text; a lot of what is shown here consists of trivia style questions, information that would not be asked outside of the context of the assigned text. In this respect, there is not that big of a gap in the ability of students to complete assignments if the teacher is willing to give 2 weeks on a 2.5 page report on some factual event using at least 3 outside references and accept written reports alongside typed ones. The main difference we see here is in the immediate accessibility that students with internet do not lack, but this can still be resolved by simply allotting more time to a larger assignment. The quality of work is then dependent on the student's own investment. I think.

  26. i'm shocked that team B hadn't been taught how to use a book to look up info in the first place.
    just as bad as not teaching kids math and just giving them a calculator.

  27. A slyly crafted lie of omission by Sprint.They leave out the fact there are computers in schools that kids have access to but that doesn't help Sprint sell service in homes which is the point of this ad. You knew this was completely staged and just an ad right?

  28. Lmao there's over 350 million people in the U.S., 5 million people without internet is really n it that big of a deal. Plus, the computer statement about 50% of students can't do their homework because they don't have a computer is probably outdated. Literally all the programs google has for computers like Google Slides, Drive, and Docs are on the phone now, so let's just say that 40% of them are really just lazy and 10% of them are actually without internet or a phone

  29. There are tons of resources that you can use if you don't have access to the internet. You can ask friends, go to the library, use a school computer, etc. Don't try to make excuses just because you think you can't solve an issue. There is always a solution, all it takes is a bit of thinking and planning.

  30. This video is dumb. I am 14 and just got a laptop this year when I got a project that required the internet I hauled ass and got into school early so that I could use the school computers then, I did work at lunch. My teachers were also very accommodating and did their best to help the students who couldn't make a PowerPoint or the like at home. This video is bullshit.

  31. I saw this and I was like whats this gay commercial, then I realize what its for, and then I realized before I knew what it was for that the kids in this were acting. But what I really realized is that I can find a word in the dictionary before you can find the correct definition online, and that the first definition you find wont be the right definition, which is usually taken from Wikipedia.

  32. Isn't this more of a problem that the school system isn't properly teaching/giving the proper resources to children rather than access to the internet? Not saying the internet is bad, but we shouldn't be teaching children to rely upon the internet for knowledge. Especially since the internet generally summarizing the information nor has everything available to you.

  33. Lol didn't have internet my first year of high school got it the next year my grades went from high C's to midrange A's this video is completely accurate

  34. This video was an ad on some actual quality entertainment I was trying to enjoy. I felt so strongly about this that I left that video and decided to take my time to search YouTube for this. 0/10 would dislike again.

    No doubt about it, things would be more difficult without internet access at home. It would probably take longer to do assignments. It would require much more effort on the students part…my response: so?

    Tell me just about every public school doesn't have free unlimited data internet access to students. "You'd have to do your homework during lunch while other kids are having fun!" So? Fine. Forget it. Scrap the public school internet.

    What percentage of teenagers do not own a cell phone? "No unlimited data!" So? Many restaurants or public establishments offer free WiFi.

    As a young adult who grew up in the public school system, I know there will always be excuses. I made countless excuses myself, but it always came down to the fact that I was too lazy to do whatever it took to get my work done. Don't be lazy. Put in effort. Get results.

  35. I save a little bit of money to purchase a second computer 🖥 for my son ,and get the cheapest internet I could get due to budget #single mom.#there is always a way ,if you want to do the best for your kids to succeed 😀.

  36. Alright, so some problems here with this video, that I have. About 95 percent of the US has access to a computer, phone, or any technology that allows for internet access, but only 75 percent have internet, so why can't students step up, and ask the teacher, if they can have a paper version of the assignment, or ask if they can go to the library or use someone else's computer or phone. We have the resources, but it's just students won't figure out ways to get around this issue.

  37. There is a very weak case for doing any homework before grade 10. Maybe teachers should just not assign HW (cf "The Homework Myth" by Alfie Kohn).

  38. True. A lot of people cannot answer the question as fast. However, Google isn’t always accurate.
    Have you ever googled up when Spanish won it’s independence?

  39. So we are not even going to mention the fact that teachers hand out homework that requires internet access to be completed. This world is done for.

  40. I get what this video is aiming for, however there are so many levels. While I understand the value of technology we cannot sit here and have kids using out-dated books that cannot help them. I am sure the kids on B team had to literally find the answer in the book before they could give an answer, that shows something.

  41. This is a pathetic example of education. If you want a good example go into a NAPA store and ask someone to look up a part then go to Autozone. If its not on the net they are lost. Is that really the way we want our children?? NOT IF but when the internet is lost your kids will be useless!! Education begins with reading real words from real people not what someone says on FB or what GOOGLE allows you to see

  42. Living in a small town, there was only one library that's either not open or always completely full. Being raised by parents stating that internet only brings negative effects has only brought my grades and learning opportunities down. Now, how can I turn in an online assignment, or do research online without access to the internet? The only school in that town has four computers in the student accessible library. I had no such opportunity to complete an essay that I'm typing online or finish a history guide online. I'm only left sitting at home and thinking of what I could be doing to finish my work. Let me ask again, how could I finish my online work without access to the internet?

    Most parents may put this off and state, "I didn't have internet when I was a student," or "Internet only makes a student more 'lazy'." But those who have experienced the hardships of not being able to adapt to modern society know, this just isn't fair.

  43. They should have known that stuff without looking it up before high school. The fact that they don't have Google to look up the answers isn't what's hurting them, it's the fact that they don't know how to use a book

  44. All of this meritocracy talk from a large majority of people posting in the comments is completely uninformed. You bought into that "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" idiocy that was designed to keep you in your place by people with better resources than you that have others take care of their bootstraps and now you want to sabotage everyone else by spreading that absolutely toxic idea of success.

    The quality of this video is not in question. The problem is that fully functional computers are being shredded to dust or sold for pennies on the dollar to resellers (then resold at a cost that reflects their value but not their initial purchased price) by companies that refresh their hardware ever couple of years. There is absolutely no reason a child should be even slightly disadvantaged by the lack of a computer. Internet access is a similar story that I won't comment on for brevity but there is no reason access can't be free. There are plenty of examples of cities doing this – that's BROADBAND WIFI for you meritocracy nuts out there.

    Why aren't these companies donating this hardware to children/schools? Depends on who you ask. The answer to the problem posed in this video is there. The reasons why it's still a problem are many and often sound like the naysayers in these comments.

  45. Extraterrestrial Composition 👽 🎶

  46. So Im supposed to be outraged at people being forced to do homework correctly by reading instead of googling something and then "control F" to search for the answer without even having to read so much as a sentence? lol wut. How do you expect to make it through any college level course work if you dont actually intend on teaching kids how to effectively sift thru information and pull out the correct answers? Quizlet/course hero/chegg will get you by when it comes to cheating on the generic/copy and pasted online quizes and homeworks you'll seee but it wont get you anywhere when it comes time for your exams worth 85-95% of your overall grade.

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