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The following video contains stunts performed by trained professionals on a closed course under strict supervision. Any attempt to recreate these activities could result in injury, death and significant damages to personal property. And you would forever be known as the person who died trying to imitate something from the internet. Don’t try this at home. You know, the guys here at Rooster Teeth play a lot of video games. And one of my favorite kinds of games to play are third-person action games Like Grand Theft Auto four here. I realized I always kind of take it for granted that when you drive a car in these kind of games you drive from a third-person perspective. You can switch to first-person like in the real world, but you never do because it is kind of inconvenient to drive a video game car like it’s a real world car. And then I thought, it’d be kind of fun to drive a real world car like a video game car. But you can’t really do that. Or can you? And so I thought, I’ve got some spare time, I have some spare money I have a car that I hate. So I asked my good friend Griffon Hello! To help me run a little experiment. Today we are going to be trying to make a real life video game car. Come on and let me show you what we did with the vehicle. Alright. So what have we got here? Well the main challenge was suspending a camera above and behind the vehicle in a stable fashion. Right. So we custom built this steel z-bar to fit into a two inch trailer hitch. Okay. And we cut an opening for the tripod to fit into. And then on top of that we have a canon 5D mark II with a dslr that can take full-frame HD video with a 17mm lens, that way we can see a lot of the truck, in front of it, and on the sides. Without getting any kind of distortion or anything like that. It’s basically about $2500 worth of camera equipment sitting on top of what looks like duct tape and zip ties. Well that’s exactly what it is. Behind a truck that’s going to be moving at 40 miles an hour. Right, but don’t worry about it, we’ve got this. Alright, well let’s go see where this video cable goes. Watch your head. So we’ve secured a 15 inch monitor behind the steering wheel. Run by the HDMI cable from the camera, and powered by a 120 volt battery. Alright, so, in theory the way this is going to work is that everything the camera back there sees, is going to be projected on the monitor in front of them. Yeah. And just so that there’s no cheating, and they don’t look past the monitor to the road in front of them we’ve blacked out all the windows, including the windshield and the drivers’ side window. So they won’t be able to see anything at all, besides the monitor. Safety first, kids. Alright, and finally, we have here our test subjects. Number one and number two. Here’s all you need to know guys, over here we have set up a vehicle for you. All you have to do: get in the vehicle and drive the course that we have prepared out here on the runway. Think you can handle that? Yeah, it’s easy. What are Monty and Frank doing over there? Yeah they’re like greeters.. Think of it as valets. Why do the valets need bats? Go! [Geoff getting hit by valets] [loud thuds] [valets grunting] Oh fuck, that’s hard dude. Okay, so all Geoff has to do now is he has to navigate to the finish line using the course that we’ve laid out here. Without running over any cones or any of our blow-up pedestrians on the side. Yeah, too late already. Not that cone. The rest of the cones he has to stay in the middle of. Alright, what do you say, do you want to make this interesting? Yeah, let’s do it. Competition between them, competition between us? Well how much? I don’t know. How much have you got? – 50? 50 bucks, sure. – Alright. Who am I taking? – Oh you’re gonna have Geoff, please take Geoff. You don’t want 50 bucks on your own husband? – No. Alright, a halfway decent horrible ride by Geoff. That was about thirteen cones knocked over, and two pedestrians. Am I going to have to do this? Yep, you’re on deck buddy, get ready. Wow! That’s super- super hard. Go! [Gus getting hit by valet] This is just like Gus’ normal walk to school. He had years of training. Except he didn’t have a car at the end of it. Please don’t kill anyone, we’re not wearing a seatbelt. [Gus laughs] [laughs] Yeah, he’s gonna die. I’m gonna fucking die! Is that a blow-up doll? Where the fuck am I? That’s Brandon. Hey Brandon, what’s up. Are we like going sideways? [Jack laughing] You’ve gone through the course. This might be close! I think Geoff might actually beat him on time. That hairpin turn is impossible. Okay, there’s the guys with the cameras, don’t kill them. I don’t even know which way straight is. I think the steering wheel is like fucking crooked or something. Photo finish. Luckily we have eighteen cameras out here. How do you think you did? I think I did awesome! Until i got to the hairpin turn. We’ll see. Alright, he made it. There you go, you win. Good job, buddy! Well, I have to say that you did not hit any civilians. Which is good. I did. – You hit all civilians. You’re like a genocide. [laughs] You hit 3.. 4.. how many cones? He hit 7 cones, and you hit 13 cones. So, Gus, you’re the champion. – I win science! Congratulations buddy. What did you guys learn? I learned that foam baseball bats hurt about as much as real ones. That can’t possibly be true. You guys are babies, this is for science! [loud thud] Oh fucker!

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  1. Although what I would like to see out of this series, is Breath of the Wild being not only simulated in combat, but the puzzles as,well. Rooster teeth kinda style. Any body second that?

  2. I couldn't help but hear Grif during Geoff's mad dash into the car and imagining him getting kicked in the nuts.

  3. Man I'm like to Immersion just watched the newest episode but I never thought It would go back sooo much xD I mean I never heard of Immersion and it started 2010

  4. Heheh at the end where Geoff hits Burnie with the foam bat.
    Also, ouch. Gus took a flying side kick to the back hahaha

  5. Oh my god! That was Frank with Monty!? Was this Frank's first appearance in a Live-Action RT video too?

  6. I think that it is time to revisit this idea now that we have GoPro cameras and much faster processing speeds. This should get rid of the lag between image capture and display.


    Pls make quake irl it would be great

  8. Yeah am I the only one who wants them to do this again because they legit put the camera in a horrible position?

  9. That's a Houston Oilers helmet, before the Titans were in Nashville and before they were called the Titans

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