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(music)I told you to stop
and you didn’t stop.
(shaking, spraying)I know what it feels like
to be the new girl in town.
But Henry, you have to find
other outlets.
Your father is not the person
that you think he is.
What you just told me you can never say
to anyone else. Let go of me!Something happened,
something really strange,
like I lost time.Henry! (music) (music) (music)

100 thoughts on “Impulse | Official Teaser Trailer – YouTube Originals

  1. This show was honestly so good. Everything about it was wonderful. Everyone doubting it should give the first episode a watch.

  2. More about rape culture than super cool ability. It should be focused on her powers. Explore more of that aspect.

  3. Broooo … when the girl jumps from the hill/mountain whatever…. that same hill/mountain it’s from “IT”

  4. 1:16 Stranger things? the other girl even looked over the edge and screamed her name like Dustin did to Mike!!

  5. Once I knew the girl's name was Henry, I dropped it from my to-watch list. Tired of this "gender fluid" bullshit.

  6. Everyone saying they remade Jumper, Impulse is the third novel apart of the "Jumper" series. They take place in the same universe.

  7. So it's a Jumper series, but centers astound a female rape victim released around the height of the #metoo moral panic. We're supposed to believe that this is pure coincidence!

  8. Seems good that they might address trauma. The traumatic atmosphere of the trailer makes me worry about the series potentially being a disturbing trigger more than an empowerment / healing experience for the viewer who has experienced trauma. Apart from that it seems to be done in a similar choreography style as twilight but less romanticism. Not sure if I’ll watch the series. It does look well done though. All praise new artistic content!! 🎉🤪

  9. Okay so when is szn 2 coming out?? Bc I literally been waiting for hella long lol I been watching this same season over & over again 😭😭😭

  10. A little disappointed that it took me SWITCHING TO MY ALTERNATE YOUTUBE that i never use for this to be recommended to me. 8 months late. I LOVED the movie Jumper. Smh well atleast its something to binge during spring break.

  11. It started good, then turned into poop with the constant anti groping campaign. I get it! You don't have to repeat the same message for 2 straight episodes, let alone the entire season. I stopped watching after episode 7, as it became unbearable to watch. I thought I was watching a sci-fi series, and instead got an anti groping show, wrapped in a bit of sci-fi. Between this show,13 reasons why, and handmaid's tail I'm starting to get sick of this bullshit. I just don't feel like being parented, I want to be entertained.

  12. I've just finished Season 01, apart from the foul-mouthed lead girl, the show is brilliant – it has all the things you want in a TV Show, but could do with a lot less swearing from her, I'm sure people don't really talk like that all the time.
    I've tried several of the YouTube shows and given up after a few episodes but this had me gripped, when is S02 coming out? 🙂

  13. me gustan mucho la serie impulse solo he visto del 1 al 10 , pregunta, hay mas capitulos? en español o solo es en ingles ? no entiendo el ingles que alguien me responda en español para saber mas sobre la serie impulse gracia


  15. Thank god for my brother told me about this amazing show. The show is not illegal to watch because I'm living in middle east and nothing called legal in middle east.

  16. I just finished season 2. Oh my God!! I can't wait to see next season. Seriously gets more and more intense with edge of your seat story lines and awesome, believable and sometimes dark character development that keeps you hooked with twists and turns galore.

  17. Essa Série é uma verdadeira obra de arte, elenco maravilhoso, trilha sonora UM ESPETÁCULO, a história totalmente surpreendente e imprevisível, por favor 3 temporada Já!!!

  18. Do you know when S3 will be released??? I'm waiting for it !!!😊😊♥️♥️👍👍👍 Great series!!!!!♥️♥️♥️

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