Ingenious Secret Devices The Police Use

Criminals are a menace to society, putting the lives of police officers, and the citizens they
protect, in great peril. Fortunately, significant
strides in modern technology have enabled law enforcers
to take on these criminals with little to no risk,
reminding them once again that crime does not pay, here
are the top ten ingenious secret devices cops use to
apprehend dangerous criminals. Number 10, The Alternative. Rubber bullets are very
useful non-lethal alternatives when it comes to disabling
fleeing criminals, but there are times when
they're quite ineffective, especially against larger
and more resilient criminals. For these cases, police
officers will need something that packs a more powerful
punch, enter The Alternative, developed by a Californian company called Alternative Ballistics,
The Alternative is an easy to install handgun
attachment that can help in subduing even the toughest
criminals, once installed, a hollow alloy is placed
directly in front of the gun's muzzle,
catching the fired bullet to form a sphere-shaped projectile. Said projectile can
incapacitate escaping criminals without causing lethal or
life-threatening injuries, making it easier for law
enforcers to arrest them. Although greatly effective,
The Alternative requires great precision and accuracy to
use, as it can only fire one projectile at a time,
still, it's quite handy to have as it can provide law
enforcers with a quick and simple to install non-lethal option whenever the need for it arises. Number nine, Stingray. Being able to gather
information discreetly from criminal masterminds is
imperative for law enforcers, allowing them to collect
evidence they need to implicate them, this
is where the Stingray tracking device comes into play, a device that can locate and gather data from mobile devices,
mimicking the functionalities of a cell phone tower,
any mobile phone within the Stingray's range
will be connected to it, allowing law enforcers to
freely browse the contents of these devices, this can
be especially useful for tracking down elusive criminals
hiding in populous areas. However, the use of the Stingray
is a controversial issue, as many people claim that
this can be used to overlook citizen's privacy rights,
such is the case when law enforcers in New
York City used the device without issuing search warrants. Currently, to use the device,
police departments must issue a warrant first or else they
will be punished severely by, ironically, the law they
themselves try to enact. Number eight, advanced vehicle traps. It's hard to catch a criminal on foot, especially when they have
a getaway vehicle to use. But fleeing criminals need to be wary, because police might have already set up road traps to thwart their escape plans. Police employs a host of
various vehicle traps, such as the PIT-BUL, which looks
like an ordinary speed bump from afar, but once a
vehicle passes through it, protruding spikes
connected to a web-like net attaches itself onto the wheel, inhibiting the movement of the vehicle. Police also use net barriers,
seemingly harmless nets that can actually stop, and
destroy, speeding vehicles trying to breach secure
locations like an embassy. And who could forget
good old Stinger spikes, which have been proven
to be an effective tool for stopping speeding vehicles
by making use of spikes that can puncture tires,
rendering vehicles immobile within a few seconds, these
vehicle traps are quite hard to see, so fleeing suspects
might be in for a big surprise when they come into
contact with these traps. Number seven, surveillance drones. Being able to gather information
as soon as a crime happens is vital for law enforcers,
which is why they are considering adopting many types
of technologies often seen in modern warfare, particularly,
surveillance drones. Often touted as the eye in
the sky, surveillance drones can be deployed to help police
officers in a number of ways, such as tracking fleeing
suspects, monitoring crowds to prevent riots from
happening, finding lost children and stolen properties, and
many other applications. Drones can also indirectly
decrease the likelihood of criminal activities, as
criminals are most likely to get deterred should they
see one flying overhead. But in the future, drones
may not just be deployed once a crime has occurred,
companies have already developed and tested drones that are
meant to stay in the sky indefinitely, mounted
with powerful cameras, they will record all ground
activity, enabling authorities to backtrack suspects from
potential crime scenes. The idea has already been
useful as far back as 2004 when the Angel Fire surveillance
system helped track down those who planted roadside
bombs back in Fallujah, Iraq. Then, within the first few
hours of being deployed in a hostile north Mexican
region, it witnessed two murders and helped police identify
a cartels headquarters by tracking back in time
the assailants vehicles from captured drone footage. It would definitely be an
invaluable tool for authorities if deployed over large cities
in developed countries, however, just like the
Stingray, surveillance drones have raised some privacy
concerns, many people aren't happy that they will be used to
perform surveillance on people without them knowing,
currently, only a few states and countries around the
world have clear laws governing the use of drones,
which is quite alarming. After all, it can be
quite terrifying to think that a drone may be
watching over you right now. Number six, handheld
fingerprinting devices. Gone are the days of messy fingerprinting, as modern technology replaced
the conventional ink style of fingerprinting to make
way for the MorphoRapID 2. Created by Crossmatch
Technologies, the MorphoRapID 2 is a handheld device that comes equipped with a fingerprint sensor,
allowing law enforcers to fingerprint suspects and check if they have criminal records while in the field. This can save police
officers a lot of time, as well as reduce the
number of wrongful arrests. Besides fingerprinting,
it also comes with other useful features such as face recognition and ID verification, both
of which can be helpful for clearing up mistaken identity issues. While this technology
is impressive by itself, some countries are already
looking to further improve this technology by
including DNA profiling. An exciting prospect, but
the police will have to wait five to ten years for this
technology to come into fruition. Number five, rumbler sirens. Police sirens are
necessary to alert traffic to the presence of police
and scare criminals off carrying out suspicious behavior. But if there's another thing
police sirens are good at, it's at breaking nearby people's eardrums. The Rumbler Siren aims to
correct that, allowing criminals and citizens alike to feel
that the cops are coming. Producing low-frequency
tones within the range of 180 to 360 hertz, the sound can
produce enough reverberation that can make your body
slightly tingle upon hearing it. This is especially
effective at clearing up busy intersections, as
motorists and people crossing the streets are more likely to
notice police cars therefore decreasing the likelihood of
traffic mishaps and accidents. While Rumbler sirens are
quieter compared to conventional police sirens, they may still
produce some unwanted effects the longer you're within its vicinity. After all, it's designed to
specifically keep you away from the vehicle, so it's
recommended that you do so. Number four, predictive policing software. Predicting crime and knowing
when and where it will happen? Sounds like a premise for
a sci-fi movie, right? But thanks to several
advancements in technology, this is entirely possible
thanks to predictive policing software such as
PredPol and ShotSpotter. PredPol is a self-learning
predictive policing software that enables law
enforcers to estimate when and where crimes may occur,
data is collected from various police departments' records and
fed into the software daily, allowing it to learn and
create possible crime scenarios based on the gathered data,
most law enforcers are satisfied with this software, as
after four months of use, it helped reduce petty crime
in Georgia by up to 30 percent. ShotSpotter is another example
of predictive software, assisting police officers
and crime scene investigators during shooting incidents, through the use of multiple sensors,
ShotSpotter can pinpoint the exact location where a shot was fired. Acoustic experts verify
these alerts, reporting and dispatching police
should there be an emergency. The whole process takes only
45 seconds, which can be vital considering that there
may be victims involved. Predictive software
like these have blurred the lines between reality and fiction, so you can expect some of the
more advanced technologies you see in sci-fi movies
in real life soon. Number three, Recon ThrowBot XT. Police officers put themselves
in life-or-death situations whenever they're tasked with
apprehending armed suspects. One wrong move, and they may
end up with a bullet lodged inside their body, Recon-Robotics
recognizes these dangers, which is why they developed
the Recon ThrowBot XT. Stealthy and versatile, the
Recon Throwbot XT serves as the police officers'
eyes during an operation, allowing them to observe their
targets from a safe distance. This allows them to gain crucial
information that they can use to apprehend their
targets while greatly reducing the risk of casualties from both sides. The device can also be
used for bomb detection, as it can fit in small spots easily, allowing law enforcers to check for bombs or any other dangerous armaments. Though the device is a bit
pricey, it can be deployed over and over again as long as it
isn't destroyed by its targets. And it's a pretty good trade
off, compared to sending in a police officer and risking
his life in the process. Number two, Dazzler Flashlight. Flashlights may serve as a
good tool for police officers to make their way into
the dark, but as a weapon, it will not do you any good,
except probably blind criminals for a good second or two, The
Dazzler flashlight, however, is not your ordinary
flashlight, as it is considered a non-lethal weapon
that can be a lifesaver when apprehending suspects
during night time. Unlike ordinary flashlights,
the Dazzler is fitted with ultra bright light emitting diodes, which can do more than just
blind someone temporarily. It rapidly emits out pulses of light, causing the target to become
disoriented and nauseous, allowing police to safely arrest
the now-disabled suspects. Of course, the Dazzler comes with a few glaring disadvantages, such
as not being able to use it during the day or being
ineffective to someone who wears glasses, but for
police officers patrolling during the night, the
Dazzler can be a godsend, especially when a crazed
suspect comes charging at you with a knife in hand. Before I reveal the most
outrageous example in this list, I'd like to remind you to
subscribe to be amazed, we upload amazing fact
filled videos every day, so don't miss out on learning
some amazing new information. Also hit that bell icon for notifications on more amazing fact filled videos. Number one, StarChase. High speed chases are very
costly, not only do they cause significant property damage,
they also endanger the lives of the responding police
officers, the suspects themselves, and the innocent people
who are caught in between. In the US alone, more than 400
people are killed each year because of high speed chases,
enough to prompt law enforcers to think of other solutions
to lessen this statistic. This led to the development of StarChase, a system that allows law
enforcers to track down fleeing vehicles without
resorting to high speed chases. The concept of StarChase
is simple, a StarChase car tags the suspect's vehicle
with a GPS-enabled dart, track the vehicle using
GPS, and then dispatches a police team to apprehend the suspect. With this technology, police
departments no longer have to resort to costly and
dangerous high speed chases. StarChase can also be used
in other scenarios such as tracking stolen vehicles or
pursuing suspected smugglers. While opting for StarChase
can be expensive, it can significantly reduce
pursuit-related deaths as well as cut down on property
damages, for the police, the benefits far outweigh
its cost, especially as their main goal is to protect
and serve citizens. Technology is constantly
evolving to suit policing needs, so you can expect to see more of these groundbreaking technologies
in use sometime in the future. Do you have any ideas for
a technology or device that can be of great help for law
enforcers around the world? Let me know in the comments
section down below. Thanks for watching.

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  1. I don't get it, if they want to arrest criminals in Mexico, they should just ask to the cia for their payroll and be over with it, they don't really need a drone for that.

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  4. It’s like “A Brave New World”, “Minority Report”, and “1984” all wrapped into one. Absolutely frightening. Big brother definitely IS watching. Most people are too comfortable and individualistic to band together and do anything about it. America = 80% sheeple blindly consuming and worshipping money and twits like Kanye, Kardashian, Hilton, and the like. I want to design and publish a manual entitled “So You’re Living In A Police State. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! Stop marching. Stop fighting about your differences. The rich oligarchs laugh at us while they rob us blind. They are using the oldest trick in the book, divide and conquer and spread disinformation. Fight with your dollars. Boycott Black Friday, boycott Walmart, boycott any corporation that’s doing evil greedy shit. The revolution will not be televised. I have a lot more to rant about but that will have to do for now.

  5. Actually, crime does pay or the Government would not exist!

    The "policy enforcers" exist primarily to protect the criminally insane who use our "legal bribery" system known as "lobbying" to create policies/laws that perpetuate modern day slavery. Most are oath breakers who simply follow orders even if the orders are LEGAL CRIMES themselves while the criminally insane who make decisions for the public go free. Many policy enforcers are still kidnapping, locking up and fining people for cannabis despite the evidence of its healing properties! THEY are more of a problem than a benefit to society at this point.

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  7. time to get my own body cam. already use police scanners, flight radars, front and rear dash cam, and a emergency identification app. im watching just as hard as they are. only thing I cant find is a cruiser locator. polk county sheriffs office is dirty! yall know shady grady judd


  9. Ladies and gentlemen. I have to say that the propaganda monster is truly at work. Criminals? Who is in charge to say one is a criminal or not. Oh yeah, the profiler. Who is to watch the police for corruption? I have yet to see those people working. As I have seen corruption all the way to the core of our highest level of government. I have an idea. We the people should take our country back while we are able or we will be powerless to do so soon. If you don't believe me. Then just sit there and do nothing. You will have a front row seat. Thank you.

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  14. "The Alternative" is an incredibly unsafe and impractical less lethal solution. For one, there are few situations that willow time and distance to mount a device like that. It is also too easy and dangerous to point firearm at own hand when installing. Also should any damage to device, mud or debris, it would be very easy to accidentally obstruct barrel and blow up gun.

    Idk about stopping power but accuracy must be negligible as it covers front sight and makes it impossible to aim.

    There are so many issues with this thing mechanically, much less doctornally and training wise.

    I challenge both poster and readers to find and link a single reputable agency that uses these potential tragedies.

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