INSANE Amount of Free Spins on Buffalo Grand Slot Machine! BONUS NICE WIN!

35 thoughts on “INSANE Amount of Free Spins on Buffalo Grand Slot Machine! BONUS NICE WIN!

  1. This particular buffalo game has a pitiful payout for a $3.75 bet! You are such a sweetheart much luck & fortune being wished for you!

  2. Nice bonuses! If you had that many spins on Buffalo Gold, you probably would have a signer, possibly the biggest of your life. It was a little weird seeing the back of your head for a lot of the video. I assume you did it because the machine is so big. Unfortunately, the 2nd one was a little worse

  3. Whew! Get me a shot of insulin, cuz that was very sweet!
    I don't know if Buffalo Grand has a maximum number of free games, but most slot machines do… though the max is usually pretty high at 128 or 255 (a half byte or a full byte in hexadecimal computer numbering)

  4. Wow… 130 games!!!! That was a lot! Thanx for the vid. Gosh there are soooo many iterations of the buffalo game 😊

  5. Took a while but great win👍 amazing camera work balancing the phone on your head and keeping it that still why filming, amazing lol

  6. Love the Buffalo slots, but $350 from 73 spins is sour. Buffalo gold would have been a handpay with that many spins

  7. Now that was working for the money. Kind of like the jackpots I get, light with lots of dead spins!

  8. I went the other day and played 5$ with a 75 cent bet and won 1300 in the bonus round hit the yellow major times ten

  9. I'm with you Sara, I hate the whispering kind of ASMR; it's annoying. I've found I like the "accidental" ASMR more. I've had ASMR experiences since I was a kid and never knew what it was called. I was thrilled when I found out what it was, that there were videos on YouTube and that others had the same experience.

  10. Confucius said one who receives 130 spins over two bonuses will receive more dead spins.  Its like paying more taxes because you made more money :o)  Grats on a nice run.

  11. At the beginning of this video you seem to be glowing. It could be the lighting, but I think you're in love with Buffalo Grand!!! Aw… sweet.

  12. Gesssus Damn that buffalo game is irritating it always takes my money and teases me at the same time I’m glad you got something from it that particular buffalo is irritating and a struggle like you say

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