Insta360 One R: GoPro Hero 8 meets the GoPro Max

(upbeat music) – This is Insta360’s One R. And yes it is a 360 degree camera, but it’s also a 4K action camera too. So for someone who’s on the fence about buying a 360 degree camera, this might be the perfect gateway. Let’s get into it. But, oh, one more thing, this is a pre-production model which means that it’s near final hardware, but they’re still tweaking the software. So think of this as an extended hands on rather than a full-fledged review. Now let’s get into it. (upbeat music) The Insta360 One R is made
up of three components. The core, which houses the screen, power, and record buttons, USB-C
port, and microSD card slot. And then the battery
base and the lens mods. There are two ports on the core that coincide with the
prongs of the lens mods. And the battery just
snaps onto the bottom. Once built it all feels
really solid and compact. As a unit the One R is
waterproof up to five meters. Now on my unit you’ll
notice there is a gap between the battery grip
and the rest of the camera. Insta360 tells me that does
not affect waterproofing. Now in the final versions of this camera that will be there at all. They’re getting rid of it for
aesthetic reasons they say. The One R also comes with a
plastic housing for mounting and there are two very familiar prongs on the bottom of that which connect to pretty much any amount
you could possibly want. Let’s talk the 360 mod first. Because it was by far my favorite to use. It shoots 5.7K, up to
30FPS spherical video. If you’re coming from the 1X, the footage on the One R
looks almost identical. They’ve really only updated
nighttime stabilization and then they’ve added HDR video. But the real difference is having a screen built right onto the camera. It is a very lo-res screen at that, but you can change frame
rates, view playback, and scroll around your frame. If you double tap on the screen it will change between lenses. I found the screen to
be extremely responsive. It’s biggest downfall though is its size. I have small fingers so this
wasn’t a total dealbreaker but I could see how someone with gloves or anyone with bigger hands really could find the small screen frustrating. During my test I was switching between the GoPro Max and the One R
and going back to the GoPro Max felt like a relief because the screen is almost twice its size. All right now this 4K sensor. It’s best quality is that the screen can be both a rear facing screen and a front facing screen. Because you can just flip it
around and put it back on. It’s kinda cool. The 4K mod shoots at up to
60 frames per second in 4K and up to 200 frames per second in 1080 P. As a typical action camera it’s fine. If it didn’t come with a 360 mod this definitely would
not be my first choice for an action camera though. First, I just prefer the color that a GoPro puts out
way more than a One R. GoPro isn’t afraid of the
blacks and the shadows and it will really let that pop creating a nice contrasting image. And second, flow state just
isn’t as good as hyper smooth. You can really see it here
in this clip of me running. In the One R’s frame look
at the building on the left. You can see it just jittering around. Whereas in the GoPro
keeps it extremely stable all throughout the image. I found myself using the 4K mod mostly just to take photos though. I found there was a lot
of smoothing happening especially in the backgrounds. And Insta360 is evening out
the low and high lights. I also thought the auto
mode was a bit slow often leading to blurry
subjects, even in daylight. Overall the 4K mod is fine but it’s definitely not the
star feature of the One R. Insta360 is coming out with a 1 inch 5.3K Leica branded sensor. I mean that’s huge for an action camera. But we’ll have to test it
out and see how it holds up. Honestly what people don’t know is that Vegas is actually beautiful. I mean come on. The audio is pretty
crisp and it definitely prioritizes voices over everything else. You just have to be super cautious of the sounds of say,
extending the selfie stick or hitting record on the camera. Those are really loud. The editing workflow really
hasn’t changed since the 1X. The desktop app is still not intuitive but it does have added Pro
Rez and H265 export options. And the app is still super easy to use with a few added tricks. There is Deep Track active tracking, auto framing, and CineShots which are like fun storytelling tools. I was most impressed
by the tracking though. It really holds people or objects right in the center of the frame without having to lay keyframes. And then the other big new feature is being able to edit your footage without having to first
download it onto your phone. You can use Deep Track and set keyframes all without having to wait
for the file to download. It’s all super snappy
with no noticeable lag and it didn’t kill the cameras
battery in the process. The One R’s battery is
right on par with the 1X. You can definitely get
a full day out of it if you’re careful to shut it down when you’re not using it. But the One R also supports fast charging. So if you do get low you
can use a two amp charger and charge it up to
80% in just 30 minutes. I’ll take that. The twin addition of Insta360’s One R is on sale today starting
at $480 US dollars. And it comes with one core, one battery, a 360 camera mod, and a 4K camera mod. And then the one inch addition
which will be coming out hopefully later this spring will retail for $550 US dollars. So that’s Insta360’s One R. I mean for someone who’s curious about 360 but not sure they’re
ready to take the leap into having two lenses constantly
sticking off their camera, well this might be the
perfect form factor for you. Let’s just see if it’s as
durable as, well, it feels. Keep it locked to The Verge. That’s all I gotta say about that. I’m a go climb a rock,
this one right here. Actually, oh shoot, oh shoot, oh, it’s been a long week and it hasn’t even started (laughs). Okay I’m getting down.

100 thoughts on “Insta360 One R: GoPro Hero 8 meets the GoPro Max

  1. GoPro's Board of directors be like : Where's the CTO?
    CTO:* Whistling and driving back home as if nothing happened *

  2. Having sold my (scratched lens) One X. I can't really make up my mind on this vs the hero max + gopro I already have.
    I really like the Leica 1inch sensor. and the audio input is way better vs a gopro. Hmm

  3. My question though is if it’s going to fall into the trappings of other modular devices where by buying individual pieces of the device it actually costs more than just buying an all-in-one device

  4. I love The Verge, but the presenters tend to be a little robotic. She, however was great. Hope to see more videos from her.

  5. Vegas really is beautiful tho XD……..The orange rocks made me nostalgic about the time I was watching a movie called Casino…😂😂

  6. Been shooting my own content since 1993. Although never released to the public for restrictive subject media, this could come in handy still. Ty.

  7. Flowstate vs Hypersmooth Boost?
    Of course, the stabilization works better in Hypersmooth Boost, but the footage is cropped alot, a comparison with Hypermooth Low or at least High would make more sense here.

  8. Hey Becca, thanks for the awesome video! As for the stabilization comparison, the firmware here wasn't fully optimized yet, which affected the results. It is now and we can't wait for you to put FlowState head to head with the competition when you try out the 1-inch mod.

  9. MKBHD said “Cheap phones are getting good and good phones are getting cheap.” I feel this is true for action cams as well.

  10. I just wish the audio didn't sound like a potato. After all that, ALL THAT- Engineering, software development, etc… Not one person was like "Yeah, let's bump that 5 cent mic to a 50 cent mic. We don't want to sound like a Flip camera from ten years ago"… -.-
    Also, the reviewer here barely sampled the audio- go to AuthenTech where he compares it to the GoPro Max along with many more samples and you'll see what I mean.

  11. I think it would have been better if they atached one of the lenses to the screenmodule. It would made it possible to shoot VR footage if turned the lens around.

  12. Good video yo! I'm one of those people still on the fence. I want to get one today, but I need to see how the workflow is.

  13. Clicked in to congratulate the team/designer on the thumbnail. Great use of floating technique to show off the product. Very cool

  14. Still tweaking? It/s Jan 14. They started selling this to consumers a week ago. You all got a pre-production model…a week ago?

  15. Becca's personality is great! loving watching her videos. always covering interesting points. Keep it up Verge.

  16. I don’t know which one is better, but the dark shadows on the GoPro could also be from the lack of dynamic range, which isn’t a good thing. You can always add more contrast in post, however, I do understand most action camera users don’t do any post production.

  17. I want a 360 camera that could double as an action, POV cam. Would this or the GoPro Max be a better choice? Resolution is not a big deal for me, but video quality and then sound would count. Thank you.

  18. I won't buy this camera because it still has a lot of problems with the stitching of the lenses and the selfie stick is seen on many recordings. It seems that the camera is too thick and has the same problems as the Max. I'm going to wait because they may not be able to fix that in the software. Also… the big problem of editing with the APP: why can't I choose the final rendering quality of the video? Really? The video exported from the app is much worse than the one from the desktop application, that's terrible

  19. Do not forget that the One R is new while Hero8 been out a long time for now, so the firmware will be updater and the colors and the stabilisation can become better, and it looks for me that Hero8 is crushing some dark areas, so I had performed the camere that had flatter colors so it give me more room edit the color range.

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