Install & Use the APOC Utilities in Neo4j Desktop & Sandbox (#2)

today's installment of the epic video series I want to show you how to get up and running with a how to install it in a Fuji desktop and Denis so chase that box so let's switch to an effigy desktop after you started near Fuji desktop you should see your project view and what basically you will probably have have not so many project as I do but something that's important is that if you did desktops online so just should be green and you should check that offline mode is this a vote so let's create a new project that we want to call a pork and in this new project and we create a new local graph that we call a pork test give a password to selectively this new version and after doing that all you have basically two variants of installing a pork idea is install it globally for all your graphs in the project or what I mostly do is I go to the manage button here and under plugins can just see that it can find and download a pork and if I click install here the download and install a poke into Europe to your database what it basically does it's putting at the epoch jar into your plugins directory and also adds the config settings for a pork into enter your configure the end o so and after you start University instance here then we can open if you're awesome it's running now these are different ports I don't know if we can open your browser and you need a browser we can see is it because installed most easily it's you can do that 50 epic help procedure you just do call a port on top you also see already in type completion that it completes the procedure names and you see also the parameters and the result columns which is important later so we say epic help and ambach for instance say met her so any keyword from the epoch functions or procedures as possible and if I call this then I see all the metadata procedures for April clearly we have no data in the graph but this will change this one you can also call epic help without any keyword and you see that it's all live one and fifty procedures and functions are returned here and for each procedure function you see what it is a name description and the and the signature so the name of parameters and return types click on columns as well which you didn't get your yield okay um if you want to do this same in safer shower we can do this so we can for instance go here to settings and call bins have shout and provide a username neo4j or password that we gave and then we can do call a pocket help and say Oh Francis met again don't forget a semicolon and then you see here T results and in this texture of you which can be useful sometimes especially if you import data or do longer running things and selfish well might be more useful okay cool if I want to do the same in Indonesia sandbox I can just look into the Indian Fuji left box go to and if you Jake calm slash sandbox so I can just log in and then if I start Mari ah any sandbox it he comes with a pocket installed and so for instance we can find the paradise paper sandbox and say launch sandbox and it asks me about my company and after a few seconds the sandbox is available and we can check if a book is talking dear I'll be waiting for that I can show you des ST an apposite or e so you can raise issues here for instance or send us poor requests that are always welcome there are different projects from the differently 4j versions and as you can see here it's also linking Denis which is a pop Docs which are here and it has a lot of information with a lot of details what we go over most of this in this video series only something that's quite useful is similar to a poke help there's and searchable table in here that you can use so you can basically quickly find something also on the webpage when you look for something that you that you want to do like respect or create data or books of collections or drift map maps or so okay so sandbox is ready and we go to new feature browser so this should be the Panama papers data and we see if we call a pork help it has all the epic procedures interactions installed and while we can go over the Panama papers data here I can show you some of the meta function so for instance a pork met graph which returns us an graph schema of this database so it's similar to DB schema but it fixes some issues at DB schema Haas so you don't get like additional relationships leave you if you want to ask questions around epic join or select channel otherwise for the repository you'll go to a bit Lisa in Fiji display pork and for more videos you can join our YouTube channel thank you

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