Intel IoT — What Does The Internet of Things Mean?

by now you may have heard the term Internet of Things sounds interesting but what does the Internet of Things actually mean IOT is an evolution of mobile home and embedded applications that are being connected to the Internet integrating greater compute capabilities and using data analytics to extract meaningful information billions of devices will be connected to the Internet and soon hundreds of billions of devices as related devices connect with each other they can become an intelligent system of systems and when these intelligent devices and systems of systems share data over the cloud and analyze it they can transform our businesses our lives and our world in countless ways whether it's improving medical outcomes creating better products faster with lower development costs making shopping more enjoyable or optimizing energy generation and consumption here's an example of the big picture imagine an intelligent device such as a smart traffic camera the camera can monitor the road for congestion accidents and weather conditions and communicate that status to a gateway that combines it with data from other cameras creating an intelligent citywide traffic system now imagine that intelligent traffic system connected to other citywide transportation systems which get data from their own intelligent devices creating an ever-larger intelligent system of systems the really big possibilities come from analyzing the end-to-end data across that system of systems for example let's say the city's intelligent traffic system detects massive congestion due to an accident that insight can be sent to the citywide transportation system which can analyze the accidents impact on other city systems recognizing the accident is near the airport and to city schools it could notify those systems so they can adjust flight and school schedules you can also analyze and derive optimal routes around the accident and send those instructions to the city's digital signage system to guide drivers around the accident and that's just one example of the potential benefits that can happen when intelligent devices share insight with other systems forming ever-expanding systems of systems but how do we get there regardless of the solution Intel processors are designed to help you get to market faster and easier you can scale solutions across a variety of performance power and price points with a single set of application code that runs on every Intel processor so what will you develop to help drive and accelerate the Internet of Things we'd love to help so please contact your local Intel representative or visit us on the web at WWE TLC om slash IOT to find out more you

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  2. IoT – battery powered devices, controlled by ARM cores, talking to other battery powered ARM devices, coordinated by ARM and EPYC powered servers.

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  4. worst example ever, but i get the point. u can do this without internet and this is being done without internet, people watching the cameras write whatever they need in those digital signs xD

  5. Does this remind anyone else of the Borg Collective? Will we be assimilated? Is resistance futile? Maybe, I've watched too much Star Trek over my lifetime. Lol

  6. I've played with home automation and smart home devices since the 90's. I've personally been a fan of the idea all these years. I have had some enlightening experiences as well, like purchasing a smart vacuum and then it running over DOG POOP….smearing it throughout the entire house! Right now I'm in the process of purchasing different products off of and, but am wondering if you guys know maybe where there is a better place to search??

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