Internet Heroes of Genius: Corporate Social Media Manager

Bud Light Presents: Internet Heroes of Genius ♪ Internet Heroes of Genius! ♪ Today we salute you, Corporate Social Media Manager. ♪ Corporate Social Media Manager! ♪ When corporate execs can’t handle the online bullying anymore, they hire you to clap back at the haters. ♪ Shutting down those mean trolls! ♪ Shakespeare. Tolstoy. Hemingway. Of history’s greatest writers, only you have mastered the brand voice of a Twitter account for almond milk. ♪ Sassy, but not too mean! ♪ It’s tough when everyone online thinks that if they complain in “all caps,” you’ll give them a free shirt. ♪ Sorry, that’s not how it works, Dad! ♪ So, crack open an ice cold Bud Light, oh Manager of Mentions. You’re the thankless artist of a 280-character canvas. ♪ Corporate Social Media Manager! ♪

11 thoughts on “Internet Heroes of Genius: Corporate Social Media Manager

  1. When I was in 8th grade I made a CD with all the Real Men of Genius clips. I am so happy you brought it back Bud Light!

  2. Thumb up. Well done. Great scripts, voice over work and vocals. Sans Pete Stacker and Dave Bickler…very disappointing. Homemade sounding music bed, no back up singers or bottle open sfx…can't help feel this could have been so much better yet happy a reboot was even considered. Thanks Bud Light. Crack open the bottle cap to the left for a taste of way past born on date Bud Light.

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