Internet of Things | AT&T

  (music)  MALE NARRATOR: Everyday ordinary objects   are becoming extraordinary.   And AT&T is helping to make that possible.   In a world full of connected devices we’re building solutions   in nearly every industry – from every day objects   to specialized industrial equipment.   We provide the platforms the developers need   to rapidly create prototypes and finish solutions.   In the auto industry we’re working with manufacturers   to deliver a car more connected than ever,   providing on-the-go entertainment enhancing diagnostics   and improving safety.   In transportation we’re enabling companies   to monitor precious cargo for security,   quality, and on-time delivery –   increasing efficiency and productivity.   And in health care patients can monitor their conditions   and transmit data in real time to their doctors –   helping to improve the speed of diagnosis and care.   Connecting more devices to the Internet of Things   than any other provider in North America, and with   the global network that reaches over 200 countries and territories.   We’re helping companies to reach their market faster   and tap in to the power of the Internet of Things.   (sonic logo)       

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