Internet Safety Tips for Teens – Helpful AND Funny

this is Josh it is the Internet really dangerous I mean aren't your parents and teachers is overreacting to the dangers that lurk on the interwebs did you know the Internet is a series of tubes Internet it's not something that you just dump something on it's not a big truck it's a series of tows truthfully these adult folks in your life have a point online threats are real and that's why today I'm going to show you how to be safe online think of me as your online bodyguard with really puny biceps don't judge me alright look there are three main threats for teens online so let's deal with the biggest threat first shall we the biggest threat to you online do you know what it is it's a you you are your biggest threat actually let me be more clear about that the biggest online threat to you is you posting or uploading something stupid but the Internet is like a it's like a spider web I mean why do you think you caught they call it the World Wide Web it catches everything and once it's online it can be there for years so that picture of you kissing your dog there forever that Facebook update about how much you enjoy the music and Miley Cyrus sir there forever butterflies fly away Noddin my head like yeah movin em so look being smart about what you say and do online is frankly more than just a good idea teenage Burger King employee from Cleveland took a picture of him with his feet in the bin of lettuce they use for burgers first of all that's freakin disgusting he posted it online you know thinking anonymously right safe now wrong Burger King found out about it traced the photo back to this dude's phone not only was he fired but BK corporate fired the entire crew he worked with every single one of them I bet that guy's pretty popular now now I know I just sayin their thing you thinking Josh I mean I don't even work at Burger King and secondly I would never ever put my feet in a bin of lettuce that is disgusting and bad for the environment alright fair enough but think about this we're saying how much drama is started when people like say and post idiotic stuff online that they would never ever in a you say to your face yeah how many times have you seen your friends say your post something online that they now regret exactly so to help you protect yourself against yourself here's a general rule of thumb that might help you before you post or upload something ask yourself this would I be cool with my grandma saying this you know would you be cool with your grandma seeing you threatened to beat up that kid you don't like to be cool with your grandma saying you request the answers for mrs. Fox's Spanish fun would you be cool with your grandma seeing you upload that picture of you and from the bathroom mirror only wearing a sports bra hmm honey put some damn clothes on good load that's my um mmm grandma impersonation sorry so here's a rule if it passes the grandma filter of approval then you're good to go if it doesn't you probably want to reconsider it the second thing you need to protect yourself against online are online predators I mean the word predator even like sounds you know it's just hmm so if you're chatting online with someone you need to make sure that you for sure like hunter percent know who they are and never ever give out personal information if you're going to buy something online make sure it's legit site right here's a little saying I've made up for you to help you remember this let me see if I can remember if it looks scam me protect your family that's if it looks legit it's probably full of get at it um if you give out the wrong information is it's like a kick it to the cojones that's racist all right here it is for real avoid the temptation to give information you better tweet that right now because there are weirdos and stalkers and crazy people out there that you need to protect your self from and your friends from please do not share your personal information with anyone unless you know for sure they are safe or a legitimate business or organization don't take candy from strangers avoid windowless vans and remember only you can prevent forest fires only you can prevent forest fires now the last threat is not very popular to talk about but the fact is is that it's true so I'm going to talk to you about it did you know this is crazy that 12% of internet websites are pornographic in nature 12% I mean that is messed up you need to protect yourself from this stuff that causes serious psychological and relational harm the Kaiser Family Foundation did a survey of 1,200 teens and 70% of them said that they had accidentally stumbled on to porn online and in a recent survey of college freshmen 82% they had been exposed to porn by the time they were just 14 years old so the point is an unlocked computer is like a loaded gun sitting in your bedroom you need to protect yourself or eventually you will get shot it's inevitable now get some filtering software on your computer to protect yourself I use something called safe eyes there's also something out there called content barrier and other programs out there that work for both Mac and PC now I know what you're thinking I know this you know filtering software it cost money look it cost like 50 bucks a year and here's how you here's how you make this happen go to your parents and tell them dearest mother and father the world wide web is filled with vile stuff like pornography this filtering software protects me a young child innocent in nature from all of this horrible stuff could you buy it for me so I may live a virtuous life be an upstanding citizen of the interwebs if your parents say no to that your parents are crazy all right so there you have it three straightforward boundaries that you can enact in your life to save yourself a lot of heartache and awkward questions in a future job interview now I have a question for you I'm thinking about making a series of videos for living an awesome life what does the number one thing that you would like to learn about leave your answer in the comments below porfavor that means a please and Spanish I'm bilingual did you know the Internet is a series of tubes

21 thoughts on “Internet Safety Tips for Teens – Helpful AND Funny

  1. (Half original comment)
    Funny? not really
    Candy? Sure thing thank you very much!
    Grandma? dead
    Burger King? FOOT LETTUCE!!

  2. Lol I know it wasn't a meme back then but Burger King foot lettuce is possibly the worst example they could possibly use, especially cause now that guy is probably famous

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