Introduction to EO Browser online HUB (subtitles CC: English)

Welcome everybody,, New GIS & Remote Sensing tutorial Today we’ll show interesting online data hub for search and visualize satellite imagery (EO Browser) Its provide complete archive of ESA sentinel (1,2,3&5), Landsat, Envisat, MODIS, Proba-V & GIBS data sources You need free registration to get full potential of this platform The search menu to choose available data sources and control search criteria The display window include OSM basemap to easily navigate to your AOI or use go to place search bottom Now choose any data source and you can manage advanced search to control your results For sentinel 1 you can choose the data location, Acquisition mode, Polarization & orbit direction Also you can search for specified time range Click search then check the results Navigate the results and click visualize to display desired scenes You’ll find preset visualize modes you can easily display what you looking for You’ll find ortho & non orthorectified for different polarization & some RGB composites Zoom in and wait to display the data Try another visualize mode If you are happy with your search result you can go to download image Basic menu to download quick screenshot Also you can download high resolution georefrenced images from analytical menu Choose image format as Tiff for georeference product Choose image resolution and coordinate system and any layer in visualization modes or raw data Back to search menu anytime and choose any other data sources Under sentinel 2 you’ll find 2 levels of processing and you can control cloud coverage percent And you can control time range also and click search Navigate results and check metadata then visualize desired scene Back to search menu and check other products Sentinel 5P provide different measurements Check Carbon Monoxide as example then click search Zoom out to display scene footprint as sentinel 5P is regional instrument You’ll find result displayed with legend Back to search menu you’ll find Landsat 5,7 & 8 archives You’ll find also archives for Envisat, MODIS and Proba-V include 3 different products And GIBS archive for Terra, Aqua …etc. Also you can compare different products and create timelapse animations Also you can define or upload search area as we’ll show in coming tutorials Enjoy,,,,
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