Inventorying Computers in an Active Directory Domain

you hi I'm Derek melber technical evangelist for the ad solutions team here at manage engine in this video I want to give you a little bit of insight into the granularity that ad manager Plus has into active directory that can make what used to be very difficult tasks very easy with just a couple of clicks now in this particular report what we want to look at is we want to look at how to find accounts in Active Directory computer accounts that are running certain operating systems now you can actually do this with a script or you could do this with you know different types of things maybe even PowerShell but you have to create the script and you'd really have to get into detail do regression testing and stuff like that when you use ad manager plus it becomes extremely easy all you do is you pick the operating system that you want to look for and notice we go back to Windows 2000 through windows XP Windows Vista all of the servers are here and of course here we have windows seven ultimate let's assume that maybe we will just want to do a count of computers running os's or maybe we want to find older operating systems that we want to upgrade and instead of buying another tool for this to kind of do triage and trying to do all of the information gathering we're just going to use ad manager plus to get the information for us so with windows 7 ultimate would generate a report and the report tells us that we have one computer that's running windows 7 ultimate if you want to get more information about this computer you simply click on it and now you have the properties of the computer including where the computer is located within active directory so by using ad manager plus we can get good insight into the operating systems that are running on our computers in our Windows Active Directory environment so then we can perform additional tasks on those computers this has been Derek melber thanks for watching you

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