iOS 13 Beta 4 Released – This is HUGE!

what's up guys my name is Brandon and today Apple released iOS 13 beta 4 to registered developers two weeks after the original release of beta 3 and one week after the re-release of developer beta 3 which is also the same day that the public beta 2 was released and ironically today is also national emoji day but of course we aren't going to be getting any of the new emojis just yet so of course in this video we're going to be discussing everything new in iOS 13 developer beta for all the new changes and features which there are a lot we're also going to talk about the performance the battery life connectivity and also a big security bug that has thankfully been patched here in beta 4 so let's not waste any time I did install iOS 13 beta 4 on my iPhone 10 are my iPhone 6s and my iPad pro you can see here the size of the update came in it varied from device to device but you can see here 650 1.2 megabytes on my iPhone 10 R it was a little bit bigger on my iPad pro is about a gigabyte but of course that size will vary for you let's check out the build number now if we go ahead over to Settings General about you can see the build number right there and it is 17 a 5 5 3 4 F and then if we scroll down a little bit inside up about you can see the first change here and the modem firmware we do have a new modem firmware update so it went from 1.50 2.0 4 to 1.53 0.02 so if you were having any kind of connectivity issues or anything like that on previous versions of iOS 13 those may be fixed here with that new modem firmware update so now let's talk about some of the other new features and changes here and iOS 13 beta 4 and the first one is a big one and that is that 3d touch is back once again on iOS 13 beta 4 so I say again because we've said i OS 13 is back before but it wasn't actually fully back but now it's looking like it is actually back for real so this is I phone 8 right here on the left iPhone 6s on the right both have 3d touch except for this one is on beta 4 this one is on beta 3 check out one our 3d touch on the home screen on the app store you can see I could keep holding down and that means that 3d touch was just triggered there on the iPhone 6s which is on beta 4 but until I let go here on beta 3 it doesn't show the Quick Menu option which means that it's using a haptic touch or a long press instead of a pressure sensitive press like with 3d touch so you can see it's working now like expect it as you all have known 3d touch through the years now on beta 4 so that is a really big relief for a lot of people I know a lot of people didn't even want to update to iOS 13 because of the issues with 3d touch but now it's looking like those are fully fixed now in beta for now not only is 3d touch back in iOS 13 beta 4 but there's also a lot of changes to the 3d touch menu so if we go in 3d touch on something here you can see the difference instantly so this is beta 4 right here this is beta 3 you can see we have a new option there that says rearrange apps and when you go ahead and tap on that you can see all it does is put your device all your applications into google mode so you can go ahead and delete applications or move them around so it's just another shortcut to go ahead and do that but to also notice that the whole menu has changed it looks a lot more refined it looks a lot more simplified the icons are smaller that text is a little bit smaller just looks a lot more unified and just better than it did on any version of iOS and you can see it's the same deal with the iPhone 10 or you can see that's what it looks like on the iPhone 10 are there of course we do have haptic touch on the iPhone 10 are so it is a little bit different and you can also see we have more of the 3d touch like features available on the iPhone 10 R as well so we don't have to actually let go of the application to pull up the menu like we did here on beta 3 over here on the left you can see we have to let go before we get the menu but even on haptic touch devices that is not the case anymore now another major change in iOS 13 beta 4 it's when we go into these settings take a look at settings do you notice a difference between these two this is beta 3 this is beta 4 do you notice the difference so it seems that these settings page is just a lot more refined and looks a lot better in my opinion so you can see the icons are a little bit smaller here on the left-hand side of the settings menu and also it seems to be more padding in between each element like notification sounds do not disturb screen time it seems to be more space in between those which makes for a much better and cleaner looking Settings panel in my opinion and if we go into the messages application you will notice a difference in the voice messages icon right there so in beta 3 you can see the little microphone right there beside where you type in your message to send a voice message but now I'm beta 4 you can see that is the new icon so it looks a little bit better than it did in beta 3 so now inside of the mail application we have a new and refined read animation so when we go ahead and mark an email as read or unread we now have a new animation for that so over here on beta 3 on the left hand side you can see we have at this unread email right here you go ahead and swipe over to make it read because you have to swipe over and it disappears right away but on iOS 13 beta 4 we swipe over all the way you can see it doesn't go away until the animation is done so it looks a lot more fluid a lot better you see here it's the same four unread versus on beta three it just shows up right away so a little bit more of a refined animation there with the read emails so if we go over to the widgets panel and go all the way down to the bottom you'll see that we now have a new edit button so instead of being circular like in beta 3 it's now more of a rounded rectangular button there for edit and if I bring over the iPad you can see it's the exact same on the iPad we do have that circular edit button down there at the bottom now and the whole widget panel on beta 4 just seems a lot more smooth and fluid on the iPad in my opinion than it did and beta 3 now speaking of the iPad you can see here that the floating keyboard actually looks a lot more round and more refined than it did in beta 3 so it looks more like it actually belongs now instead of being squared off it's more rounded off it's still functional still works the same but it just looks a little bit better here in beta 4 on the iPads and then also here in Safari you can tap and hold on a tab and you can see you can actually arrange the tabs by title and by website so that's really cool that's like something you can do on a desktop this does also work on iPhones so you can see here I have the same exact options on my iPhone 10 are so pretty cool little feature there inside of Safari if we go into the App Store and go to the arcade tab down here we do also have a new little splash screen here and a new notify me button if you want to get notified when apple arcade gets released and speaking of the App Store one problem that a lot of people faced early on in the first you know three betas was that they could not download iOS 13 specific applications that they accidentally deleted so for instance if he deleted like the new reminders application you wouldn't be able to go into the App Store and read download it but now you are able to you can see it shows up in search and you're also able to download and install it perfectly fine whereas you could not be for now another small change that I noticed here in iOS 13 beta 4 is that they little more icon doesn't have the red background anymore it's more of like a washed out like gradient look right there and when you go and tap on it you can see you get more options now for some reason it shows all of your shortcuts here as well whereas it didn't on iOS 13 beta 3 so just a small change there inside of the music application so those are just some of the new features and changes here in iOS 13 beta 4 I'm sure there are others and I will be covering more in my follow-up videos but now let's talk about some of the bugs let's talk about the performance the battery life all that good stuff so one of the top bugs one of the most complained about things of with iOS 13 has been the YouTube application now thankfully in iOS 13 beta 4 the YouTube application works perfectly fine it has not frozen up on me one time so I'm pretty sure that beta 4 and the latest updates from Google to the YouTube application on iOS have solved all of the issues which is a great thing because I'm sure most of you guys use the YouTube application a lot so if you're thinking about updating and you wanted to make sure that the YouTube application was fixed here's your confirmation the YouTube application is fixed no more freezing or glitching out for me and may do it sometimes for some of you but it has not happened to me one time since installing this update and I've also heard the same from others as well now another major bug that has been fixed here in iOS 13 beta 4 was the passwords and a count bug so basically when he went ahead and tapped if you kept tapping on website and app passwords you were able to get in and see all passwords without using face ID or your passcode and I will demonstrate that for you here on beta 3 over here on the left hand side so you can see here on beta 3 we have website and app passwords and if we were to tap on that we would have to put in our touch ID or face ID if you are on a face ID device and you would not be able to get in but in beta 3 if you repeatedly kept tapping that you were gonna be able to get in you actually aren't able to get in still to the password so you can see right there there we go I was able to get through that bypass the password and get straight in to the passwords for all of my websites right there but in beta 4 you can see that has been patched no my how many times we do it it still does ask for face ID or touch ID so you will not be able to get into those website and app passwords and be able to see all of the passwords on the device or on file for that iCloud account so that is a great patch here in beta for obviously it did need to happen ASAP it's not really a huge security risk because you do have to get into the phone to begin with but still it is a pretty big vulnerability and I'm glad that it was patched here in beta for now one bug that was actually introduced with beta 4 is in Safari and if we go ahead and tap and hold on a link you can see we can now no longer open up that link in a new tab so I'm not sure why that is that's one of my favorite things to do 3d touch or just press long on a link and open it up in a new tab and you can see now our options are limited here in beta 4 I'm hoping that does get fixed immediately with beta 5 but you can see that or even the public beta you can see there that is a bug in beta 4 so also the mail badge icons were messed up in beta 3 it would actually show the wrong number of unread emails but now in beta 4 it is showing up correctly so I did notice this on beta 3 on the iPhone 10 are where I do have a lot more emails but that has been fixed and now shows the proper amount of unread emails now carplay did also have a lot of issues on beta 1 and beta 2 but beta 3 seemed to fix a lot of the issues related to carplay and beta 4 I would imagine what helped fix even more of those so I don't have carplay to test it out but if you do test it on beta 4 and let me know how it's working out for you now another major bug that I saw people talking about with beta 3 was overheating so some people's phones with just overheat and one of the things I found on reddit and through testing myself is if you don't want to have your phone overheat turn off optimize battery charging this is the feature that is new in iOS 13 that only charged your phone up to 80% and if you turn that off apparently that will completely prevent all of the overheating issues that some of you have been facing so it's definitely worth trying out if you were having any kind of overheating issues on your iPhone now as for the performance the re-release of iOS 13 beta 3 did fix a lot of the performance issues that I had but there were still some minor bugs and times were my phone would just kind of freeze up for a second especially like in settings and when I'm multitasking through applications it would definitely be anything major it'd just be a very slight pickup that I would notice but I've not had that at all so far in beta 4 beta 4 seems extremely fluid it almost makes me feel like I'm not on beta software right now it feels really good animations are super fast the app switcher is really fast applications are fast I've not noticed any kind of hiccups with the keyboard whether that be the swype keyboard or the regular keyboard nothing at all so far even inside of the camera a lot of times with the camera when I'd go back and forth and do things like this and go to portrait and do the same it would freeze up and lag but none of that so far here in iOS 13 at beta 4 so I would go ahead and consider this a really good stability update from beta 3 and when it comes to the battery life battery life is also great and beta 3 was actually an improvement over beta 2 so I'm expecting beta 4 to be even more of an improvement over beta 3 so I would expect the battery life to be really good here on beta 4 especially now since we have better performance we have less apps crashing YouTube is performing a lot better I just feel like the battery life will only get better and me personally on my iPhone 10 are I was able to get at least seven hours of usage every single day without needing to charge and battery life hasn't really been great on older devices like my iPhone 6s over here has it been tremendous hasn't been bad but it's definitely not good compared to newer phones like the iPhone even the iPhone 8 and also my iPhone 10 are my iPad pro is kind of middle of the line it doesn't seem like much of a difference from iOS 12 which I guess could be looked at as a good thing but I was hoping to get even better battery life on my iPad pro but overall I would say battery life in general on iOS 13 is really good and beta 4 should only make battery life get better now when it comes to connectivity we're talking about LTE and Wi-Fi iOS 13 beta 4 should also fix that any kind of issues you were having with connectivity because of the new modem firmware update me personally I've not had any issues with LTE signal or Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or anything like that it's been super solid for me when I do use my iPhone 10 R as my daily driver when I swap my sim over from my tennis max to my 10 R I do not have any issues whatsoever so now I know a lot of you guys are probably asking should you update to beta 4 I know a lot of people probably have like PTSD from installing iOS there team beta 3 and it was just a nightmare until the re-release so you don't want that to happen again so should you install beta 4 and with me personally beta 4 is usually when I start loading up the betas on my daily driver and given how great this build seems so far in terms of performance that's too early for battery life but for performance and the 3d touch coming back and things like that I'm definitely gonna be loading this up on my daily driver my iPhone 10s max today now I say that but I would probably still recommend most of you to wait for public beta 3 to be released either later this week or next week it is going to be the same build number most likely as the developer beta here but just to prevent another you know beta 3 incident where there had to be a rerelease I would just hold off and wait for public beta 3 that way you just get the most stable build and you also give it time for other people to be the guinea pigs for you so you don't have any kind of major issues on your main phone now I know a lot of you guys wanted me to talk about iPad OS as well and the iPad is pretty much the exact same as the iPhone when I talk about the changes and features and things like that I will say that performance has been in and out here it's been really good on some betas and really just ok on other betas but beta 3 was actually fine for me on the iPad pro here beta 4 so far seems just about like beta 3 it doesn't seem like a huge improvement in terms of performance but I have not used this as much as the iPhone just yet so I will be talking about the iPad a lot more in my follow up video which will be coming later this week or next week so if you are interested in the iPad stuff just stay tuned to that video because most of the time I just cover iPhones because obviously most of you guys have iPhones and vs. iPads but anyways if you guys found any other features or changes here and iOS 13 beta 4 definitely let me know down in a comment below I won't cover a lot of those in my follow up video as well and also you know run a poll here on the channel and the community tab to see how this software is running for you so make sure you guys do partake in those polls over on the community tab I will post that up later on this week or early next week but anyways let me know down in a comment below how iOS 13 beta 4 is running for you and if you guys did enjoy this video I would appreciate it if you give it a thumbs up and of course make sure you guys do subscribe so you don't miss my follow-up video and all the future betas of iOS there so anyways guys thanks again for watching the video and I'll see you soon

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  1. Honestly: what is <HUGE> here, as the title suggests? You're such a click bait. Just stop this annoying shit. #unsubscribe

  2. It's definitely better but there's still a bunch of issues with it. My keyboard is broken currently. The predictions aren't displaying right now. Am forced to use a third-party option like SwiftKey right now

  3. (Using public beta 2) One problem I still have with my YouTube app is when watching videos in my “Watch Later” folder. If I choose any video that’s NOT the first one, I’m stuck with the thumbnail of the first video on the screen, instead of the footage of the actual video I chose to watch.

  4. I had to stop watching when you spent time telling is that a button changed from a circle to an elliptical shape. So what! And this was after you told us that the Un/Read dot on email now fades in and out. I care about functionality, not minor cosmetics. Sorry for being negative.

  5. So is this usable now? Was holding on downloading because early betas have ton of bugs and app compatibility issues.

  6. Brandon, I am now on beta 4 and it appears my car play now works in my vehicle. If you recall when I was on beta 2 and 3 it wasn't working at all.

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