iOS 13 Does NOT Support These Devices!

hey guys it's Jeff and today we are talking a little bit more about Iowa's 13 in our previous video we actually talked a little bit about the new features and changes that were coming within I was 13 and today we're actually talking about the full list of supported devices for iOS 13 so let's go ahead and take a look at what will be supported or not supported in iOS 13 okay so let's just jump right in here there's not too much to kind of finagle about we just need to get to those lists so let's talk about first the devices that will totally not receive support for iOS 13 and these are basically a for-sure deals so we'll have the lists on screen here we obviously have the iPhone 5s iPad Mini 2 iPad Mini 3 and the iPad air so those devices will totally not be supported whatsoever because they're just too old and iowa's 13 will require too much processing power too much graphics power to basically you know run on these devices and it's just not possible so let's move on to the next lists and these are actually devices that are kind of 50/50 we don't know if these devices will be supported or not and here it is we have the iPhone 6 the iPhone 6 plus the iPad air 2 the iPad Mini 4 and the iPod Touch 6th generation and of course I want to see the seventh generation hopefully that would include iOS 13 support but the sixth generation will not so those devices are kind of a if you guys you know have a device that is on that list you might want to think about upgrading because you know iowa's 13 will not be supported that is if you want iowa's 13 okay so now on to the list of totally supported devices and that will include the iphone SE and the iPhone 6s and higher so if you have any devices above the iPhone se or 6s those devices will work now for those of you who are kind of on the unknown list or maybe you're on the list where your device will totally not be supported in iOS 13 here are some reasonings of why your device may not be supported the first reason is speed and performance Apple does not really want to release an updated operating to run on an older device that will essentially slow it down and make it you know the experience of iOS just really poor so if your device is kind of older on the older side like the iPhone 5s you wouldn't really want Iowa's 13 running on that device iOS 12 did speed up a little bit but in the kind of later versions like iOS 12.1 12.2 and now Iowa's twelve point three betas the iPhone 5s has actually significantly slowed down to the point where it's just not really usable on a day to day basis so that is one reason why your device may not be supported simply because speed and performance would be absolute trash and you would not want that now the next reason is actually a very important one and that is one that Apple has kind of referred to in the past and that is battery life so in iOS 11 there was a huge scandal where you know people's battery life was just not doing well at all and Apple was accused of slowing down basically speed and performance to get better battery life on specific devices well that turned out to be true and Apple really was just trying to preserve a battery life but they kind of removed that feature because they didn't want any lawsuits and now there's an option to kind of toggle whether you want that better battery life or better speed and performance well Apple is likely not going to go ahead and do that in the future they're probably just going to cut the support for older devices just a little bit sooner so battery life is a huge issue now on the iPhone 5s here that I'm running Iowa's 12 on battery life is actually not that great you know it's the original battery so there's that but I don't want to be spending any more money on replacing the battery for a much older device so guys if you have an older device battery life may not be that great if you were to get iOS 13 so it's kind of time to think about upgrading so guys that was the latest report on Iowa certein basically talking about the supported devices and then the unsupported devices if you're one who really wants Iowa's 13 on your device and you just cannot wait and you are on the unsupported device list you may want to think about upgrading your iDevice to get support for 13 now if you guys have any comments or questions or anything like that please comment those down below and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible so guys thank you for watching this video of iOS 13 if you want to get any updated content about iOS Apple or any other tech related products make sure to go ahead and get subscribed and also hit the bell button to get updates as soon as that content is released again thank you guys for watching and hope to see you in our next video peace

42 thoughts on “iOS 13 Does NOT Support These Devices!

  1. The overall performance of older hardware might take a significant hit with IOS 13. This has been the pattern regarding recent history with IOS software updates. My older hardware that is currently supported is performing great on IOS 12.3 and I will not risk it being subjected to bugs, freezing or any other forms of lagging performance. I believe in purchasing new hardware in order for the devices to take full advantage of IOS 13. Newer hardware can easily adapt to future software updates regarding potential IOS 13 bugs. That scenario might prove too great a challenge for older hardware.

  2. I don't understand why people are still using 5s or SE a.k.a calculator phones… I know, many people don't have budget to newer iPhones, but for example 6s or 7 are pretty affordable and you notaibly gain performance and other specs.

  3. the reason why i think iphone SE and iphone 6s will get ios 13 is that they have 2gb ram and is super fast 👍

  4. I have recently found my old iPhone 6s In a closet. I hope it can get the upgrade because I use it as my secondary work phone. Some Channels like Tallosive Tech say it won't get the upgrade while You (Techreview) say it can. It is hard to know which is true.

  5. I saw another review saying the SE won’t get iOS 13 as the screen resolution? I think it’s utter bollocks but could you confirm?

  6. I’am the only one who hopes for a feature in ios 13 that let you control the sound of individual apps? For example, I want to listen to Spotify and play a game which I don't want to mute the sound just to lower it …

  7. This is getting confusing right now.. many said ipSE will not get ios 13 and in thisnit will get… wtf? Maybe i should wait the official

  8. I’ve been seeing many people saying the SE and 6s will not get it but also seeing a lot of people saying they will get it. Interesting to see what happens

  9. iPhone se will get ios13,because iPhone se/6s are pretty much similar to iPhone 7(ram and processor) So why would apple support iPhone 7 but not se/6s if it is almost the same?!?!

  10. Have you heard anything about watchOS 6? I have the Apple Watch Series 2. Do you think WatchOS 6 will support the Series 2 model released in 2016?

  11. I came across a report (well several actually) that mentioned that the iPhone 6s and up will be supported BUT not including the SE 6 and 6+ and 5s but my problem is that the SE has the same specs as the 6s so it doesn't make any sense at all for the SE to be cut off

  12. I really hope my iPad mini 4 gets the update but if it doesn’t then I guess I’ll have to go with jailbreak to at least get some new features

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