iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 Speed Test!

Hey guys, this is Austin and today I’m here
with a speed test between the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3. As arguably
the two best phones out there right now let’s see which is fastest. My
first test is of the iPhone 5 on Verizon LTE. As the big new addition you can expect
speeds of over 13Mbps down and 4Mbps up and generally much higher. Unfortunately
I can’t demo the Galaxy S3 for you but both phones are fully capable
of awesome speeds. Next up we have Geekbench which takes a look at the overall
performance of each phone. One interesting note, while both are
dual core the Galaxy S3 typically runs at 1.5GHz the iPhone 5 fluctuated between
800MHz and 1.2GHz depending on the load. The Geekbench scores
were fairly close with the Galaxy S3 pulling in a total of 1422 points
and the iPhone 5 with 1648. Still, a win is a win. Moving on we have Sunspider
which is a Javascript test for the browsers. This will give you an idea of the
CPU performance as well as how some heavier sites are handled. Safari is
improved in iOS 6 and does quite well here against Chrome although neither
are half bad at all. The lower the score the better and the iPhone 5 is the clear
winner with less than half the time taken compared to the Galaxy S3. Now
we have GLBenchmark. This is all about testing the graphical performance in
games with a complex run through the Egypt benchmark and as you can see there’s
really no contest. The iPhone 5 is able to consistently run it smoother
and bumps against the VSync quite often where the Galaxy S3 struggles a bit.
As the iPhone has fewer pixels to push I reran the test in the offscreen mode
with both phones rendering at 1080p and the iPhone managed almost double
the frame rate with a score rivaling the iPad 3. Even with Jellybean which
most Galaxy S3 models are lacking right now there’s no denying that
the iPhone 5 has some serious firepower. Of course specs aren’t everything
so let me know in the comments below which you would pick and why! If you
enjoyed be sure to leave this video a thumbs up and if you’re interested
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100 thoughts on “iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 Speed Test!

  1. I am guessing you are unaware of the Snapdragon 600,800 or Exynos 5 Octa or Tegra 4 which are far far greater than what iphone's processor has to offer 😛

  2. The S3's processor should be a lot better than the iPhone's processor, and the iPhone beat the crap out of it. 😛

  3. Trust me, I thought so too when I replaced my iPhone 5.

    I'm staying with the S3 for sure, I'm just surprised on how well the iPhone 5 worked.

  4. the 1,4 quad core exynos is alot faster than the 1,5 ghz dual core S4 snapdragon and the S4 is used in this test which means this is is not a valid test for comparing 2 devices because he is not using the international (official) version of the galaxy s3.

  5. I love how the one time an apple product come out the winner of something. Apple fanboys lose there shit and act like the s3 is a blackberry.

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  7. True…i had an samsung galaxy tab 2 meanwhile i had an ipad 2.my galaxy tab is blocking often.The ipad 2 is working smooth

  8. Why would he use the Quad Core version against the iPhone 5? The iPhone 5 is only a dual core. Dual core vs dual core is the most fair. And by the looks of it, the S3 got owned.

  9. First off, it's "You're" and "wouldn't" you moron.

    And second off, the point of the video is to compare phones of the SAME specs. That means Dual Core vs Dual Core not Dual Core vs Quad Core you moron.

    Work on your grammar and spelling before you try to call someone an idiot, idiot.

  10. no the S3 is better by a long shot the iphone is a piece of crap like all apple products and androids will dominate, this info is false

  11. You bitched about him not comparing the quad core vs dual core. I just gave you a video. Same results, there you go. Why are you still talking? LOL Clearly, the S3 is the better phone but when it comes down to speed it's shit compared to the iPhone 5. Accept it.

  12. Based on benchmark scores and speed comparisons from various videos, the international S3 with a quad core processor was on par with the iPhone 5. As hard as it is for you android fanboys to admit it, the iPhone 5 actually did beat the international S3 in all of the speed tests and benchmark tests. So international and iPhone 5 are basically on par, with the iPhone 5 being a little, if not, better based on these tests. It's quite impressive seeing that it's only a dual core. Deal with it.

  13. Every time I see the iPhone wins over an Android phone, there are so many dislikes. Seriously fandroids? This is your mentality? Pathetic.

  14. Hey kid, the crap you're talking about uses an up to date ARM Cortex A15 CPU architecture, and the Galaxy S3 uses ARM Cortex A9 which is from 2011. Your Galaxy S3's thin polycarbonate plastic and CPU architecture is the piece of crap. Re-watch the video again and try your best to accept reality.

  15. Though I have the Galaxy SIII and knowing this I still prefer it over the iPhone 5…I respect that the iPhone 5 may have better specs but think about it the SIII has been out for a while compared to the iPhone 5. Also the S4 is coming so but I personally don't want it due to the fact that they didn't change much. I'll wait for the Galaxy Note 5 c:

    I love your videos by the way, keep up the great work!

  16. id prefer the S3 WAY more features the i phone 5 may be faster but not when u r using the s3 it doesn't really make a difference but personally i like the s3 more

  17. Samsung Galaxy is the best apple sucks that's why apple is falling behind Samsung # fuck y'all apple fans boys your trash just like apple products

  18. Не надо вводить людей в заблуждение-эта модель sch-i535 Samsung Galaxy S III Verizon(показано на видео) имеет два ядра и графический чип Adreno 225 вмесо Mali-400MP.Четырёхядерник S3 легко делает А5.

  19. Stop crying, scamsung fan baby. You make no sense. And apple is not falling behind samsung. Samsung just makes hundreds of phones and apple just have iPhone. Samsung phones cost relatively way less, and they earn a LOT of less money with it. Yeah, Samsung sells more phones, but Apple still earns the most money!

  20. I prefer the S3(or S4) BUT i gotta Say the iphone is much snappier…Samsung really are silly when it comes to optimization…HTC ONE optimized well…and is pretty much the android Iphone

  21. i really don't like these iphone 5 vs S3 videos. Of course the iphone 5 would be better. It came out a long time after the S3. I want to see it compared to the S4 not an old phone.

  22. Everyone has an iPhone now, and I prefer the larger size and feel of the S3. That, and I'm an Android person, so that's the one I would choose.

  23. In Sweden when you get the 4g version of s3 you still get the 1.4 ghz quad core preocessor..
    You should have used that for comparrison in this video.

  24. I just have to say this..
    Iphone is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… Overrated!

  25. People complain they hate iPhones, well then go use your androids, this is like the PC VS Mac, or PS3 VS Xbox.. No one wins by posting rude comments to the other party. "You use an iPhone yer a feg" This is why I hate being human, I live with retards who don't believe in opinion.

  26. Oh really? What I see in Apple videos' comments section are fandroids trying to make flame war. I find more fandroid assholes in Apple videos than Apple fanboys in Android videos. Just in case you didn't notice, Apple had changed the way we see and use things. Without it, I won't be using Nexus 4 as my daily driver right now. I'm against fanboyism, but blaming fans is ridiculous. Samsung ripped off many things from Apple and still has people worshiping the hell out of it.

  27. iPhone 5 is definitely better. I'm a huge fan of Android devices, and I own an HTC One myself, but the iPhone 5 is better than the S3.

  28. Compare the price and limitation on the phones, there is no winner in this stupid war. Buy the phone you want or can afford.

  29. I have a Galaxy S3 and while the iPhone 5 performs better, I have no problems in my day-to-day use. I prefer the features I get in the UI but that is of course my opinion.

    Read this comment in Evans' voice ^.^

  30. Rubbish. This is coming from a Nexus 4 and iPod Touch user. I use both devices EVERY DAY. The only thing Android's better at is its customization out of the box. It feels like an unfinished and unpolished cheap OS that lacks so many small details which people actually appreciate, that are present on iOS. You can keep adding unlimited features on a jailbroken iOS without losing any, while on Android, once you install custom ROM, you get different set of features.

  31. how?200 more points in geekbench and only reason it is so much better in gl benchmark is that this is galaxy s3 with s4 pro which has adreno 225 which is not that good

  32. my GS3 which is quad core version with mali 400 scores 1900 on geekbench and it has 19 fps on Egypt HD 1080P ofscreen which still isnt as ip5 but it is better than US version of GS3

  33. You used the dual core S3? Is that like the Ethiopian version? every S3 in US is a quad core, this test was BS. Only small wireless carriers and their odd branded S3's are using dual core. 80% of the S3's used are the quad core model. 

  34. I had a Galaxy s3 and really liked it ,, now I have an iPhone 5.. I miss the bigger screen of my Android and on top of that now I'm having several problems with the iPhone (gets hot, and battery dies fast to name a few) … This is my first and deffently last iPhone!

  35. This moment when he is testing the slower dual core variant of the S3 and not the international GT-I9300 model of the Samsung Galaxy S3

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